Who Made What

Who Made What is about being able to take credit for the work you've done. It's a website where anyone can submit any type of project and add their names to existing projects.


Movies and video games have their list of credits at the end, but what about websites, apps, and everything else? Who Made What aims to solve that problem by giving everyone a central place to find out who are the people behind these projects.

How does it work?

After signing up you can begin submitting your projects and include other people that worked with you. If you find a project that you've worked on that's been submitted by someone else, you can attach your name as credit on to that project. Your name will then show up on the project after the project owner has approved your credit.

Who made this website?

Easy enough to find out, just use this website and search for the project "Who Made What"!

Asset Specs

aspect ratio:
16 : 9

Project Screenshots

minimum recommended size
1024px x 576px
2mb file size limit.