First up, visit Shaxx at the Tower and grab the “Forging the Broadsword” quest from him. It is a multiple part quest that will require you to spend a lot of time in the Crucible, so get ready to go toe-to-toe with your fellow Guardians.

Similarly, Is Redrix Broadsword getting sunset?

Is Redrix’s Broadsword getting Sunset? Yes, it was sunset on November 10, 2020, with the release of Beyond Light.

Additionally, What is the difference between Redrix Claymore and broadsword? The Broadsword you get for completing the quest IS the Claymore. It has the same fixed perks and all. Only difference is you can put a mod on it.

When did Redrix Claymore come out?

The next season of Destiny 2 is schedule to start when Destiny 2: Forsaken releases, which is September 4 – you’ve got one month to unlock Redrix’s Claymore. Keep in mind that players who manage to reach the max rank will also unlock a unique weapon ornament for Redrix’s Claymore.

Will Sunset weapons come back?

Sunsetting was phased out for new weapons in February 2021. In short, sunsetting worked as follows: … Weapons can always be used once they have been sunset – meaning they are viable in modes where Power doesn’t matter – they just can’t reach the level cap.

Are they sunsetting Luna’s howl?

Luna’s Howl is the second Pinnacle weapon introduced to Destiny 2 during the Forsaken expansion. … Even with weapon sunsetting around the corner, Luna’s Howl will still be one of the best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 for Power disabled activities like Competitive.

Is Drang being sunset?

Drang is not being sunset, and Sturm just got better with this buff so yeah, keep an eye on this one.

How do you get the bad juju?

To get Bad Juju, you need to unlock any 18 Tributes as part of the Golden Hero quest step. These have multiple stages, each one unlocking a War Beast that is added to the centre of the Tribute Hall. Upon the 18th statue you’ll get the final War Beast, and then are able to complete the Golden Hero step.

How do you get the Lunas howl?

How to get the Luna’s Howl

  1. Finish 10 matches in the Competitive playlist. You don’t have to win, losses still count.
  2. Get 150 Hand Cannon kills in Competitive matches.
  3. Get 200 Solar kills in competitive matches. …
  4. Complete 3 Rumble matches. …
  5. Reach the rank of Fabled in the Glory (Competitive) playlist.

Does Iron banner bounties count as crucible bounties?

Crucible Bounties can be completed in the Crucible, including in the Iron Banner tournament, whereas Iron Banner Bounties can only be completed in the Iron Banner tournament, as are Trials of Osiris. … A player must be Level 4 before embarking on Bounties.

What is the most powerful weapon in Destiny 2?

The list’s second Grenade Launcher, Anarchy is arguably the best Power weapon in all of Destiny 2 — especially when it comes to PvE.

What was the Redrix Claymore quest?

The quest to unlock Redrix’s Broadsword is called Forging the Broadsword. This quest tasks players with completing Crucible matches, getting kills with Pulse Rifles, and resetting the Valor rank. These are the names and the steps to unlock the Broadsword: Orientation: Defeat 200 opponents with Pulse Rifles.

What is the hardest exotic to get in Destiny 2?

Hardest exotic to obtain

  • First curse. …
  • Thorn. …
  • Touch of malice. …
  • Black spindle.
  • Chaperone. …
  • Swords. …
  • Outbreak prime. 112.

Are the Moon weapons still sunset?

As announced two weeks ago, Bungie has decided that yes, it’s lame that paid Destiny 2 expansions have weapons that are still sunset, so that’s changing. In short, almost all the Moon and Dreaming City weapons are now being un-sunset, as opposed to just a small handful before this.

Is sunsetting going away Destiny 2?

In a new blog post, Destiny 2 developer Bungie has announced that sunsetting is being removed from Destiny 2. … Players should expect some more significant balance tweaks from season to season now that sunsetting is gone, as Bungie wants to keep the game’s metagame fresh.

How do you get every waking moment in 2021?

How to get the Every Waking Moment SMG in Destiny 2

  1. Kill 50 enemies with an SMG.
  2. Complete 50 activities on the moon (Patrols, Lost Sectors and Public Events all count).
  3. Collect the Withered Plumes from the Circle of Bones.

Is Luna’s howl quest going away?

The good news is that the Luna’s Howl quest, the Not Forgotten quest, and the Redrix’s Broadsword quest are not going away with the end of Season 4. Moreover, most of the steps in the quest will not reset if players have already completed them.

Is Bungie sunsetting Pinnacle weapons?

Back in Destiny 2: Forsaken Bungie created a new tier of weapon called ‘Pinnacle’. … These were simply the best legendary weapons in the game. They were so good, that many of them dominated the meta in Destiny 2 for years, only to have been irrelevant in the endgame by sunsetting.

How do you get spare rations 2021?

The best two ways to farm spare rations is by running Gambit Prime or The Reckoning. With the drop rate buffed in update 2.5. 2.2, it is now much easier to get your hands on this weapon as compared to last year. However, you’ll need to play a fair share of matches before the drops start happening for you.

Is Thorn still good beyond light?

Ace of Spades, post Beyond Light buff, is extremely popular right now but Thorn, Crimson, Sunshot, The Last Word, and even Sturm (especially when paired with Drang) are all viable options. … That’s all for our best hand cannons in Destiny 2 for PvE, PvP, & Gambit as of Beyond Light and Season of the Chosen.

Is the recluse still good 2021?

However, Destiny 2’s Recluse may be an old weapon, but it can still hold its own. Today, many players still speak highly of it despite having newer weapon options. Have you wondered how to get this venerable submachine gun for yourself? Thankfully, it’s still available in 2021 through a quest.

Is Bungie going to remove sunsetting?

In a surprising twist, the studio announced that it was abandoning its sunsetting plans entirely, mere months after first instituting it. The reveal came as part of Bungie’s anticipated State of Destiny 2 blog post from assistant game director Joe Blackburn.

How do I start the Bad Juju quest?

To begin the Bad Juju quest, you’ll need to unlock the new Tribute Hall first. To access the hall, climb aboard the barge on Nessus (located near the Watcher’s Grave fast travel point). Here, you’ll find Werner 99-40 and a chest next to him. Unlock the chest for 5,000 glimmer to receive an Invitation From The Emperor.