The iconic Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim is back in 2021, bigger and better than ever. … Join more than 2,400 competitors from across the globe as swimmers take over the Bosphorus waters and one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world is temporarily closed to traffic.

Then, Why is it called the Bosphorus?

Bosphorus comes from a Tracian word of unknown origin, interpreted in Greek as meaning “Ford of the Cow”, from the legend of “Io”, one of the many lovers of Zeus, who swam across the sea here as a cow chased and continuously disturbed by flies sent by Hera.

Is the Bosphorus dirty? The Bosphorus is too dirty, its currents are too unpredictable, the giant tankers and freighters that traverse it are too dangerous. On top of all that, it is illegal to swim anywhere but along the shore. … This is the only city that straddles two continents — and the Bosphorus is what divides and unites it.

Keeping this in consideration, Is the Bosphorus clean?

Nine boats designed by the Istanbul municipality regularly clean the Bosphorus – one of the world’s most strategic waterways, connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and dividing Istanbul into two continents. … The boats collect on average 110 cubic meters of garbage a day, in the sea and off the coast.

Is Bosphorus a international water?

Thus, the Bosporus allows maritime connections from the Black Sea all the way to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean via Gibraltar, and the Indian Ocean through the Suez Canal, making it a crucial international waterway, in particular for the passage of goods coming in from Russia.

How many ships go through the Bosphorus?

Over 41,000 vessels pass through Bosphorus in 2019.

Is the Bosphorus salt water?

Bosphorus or Bosporus (Βόσπορος) is the narrow strait between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Because rivers and rainfall continue to feed the Black Sea, the surface water of the Bosphorus is not very salty, and the surface current is north-south. …

Is Bosphorus polluted?

The Bosphorus – which divides Istanbul into the European and Asian side – is one of the most active and most polluted sea-straits in the world.

Are there sharks in the Bosphorus?

In the eastern Mediterranean, white sharks have been recorded in Libya (Galaz and De Maddalena 2004), in the Marmara and Aegean Sea, as well as in the Bosphorus Strait (Kabasakal 2003(Kabasakal , 2008(Kabasakal , 2011 (Kabasakal , 2014 Kabasakal and Gedikoglu 2008;Kabasakal et al.

Which is the busiest strait in the world?

The Dover Strait is the world’s busiest shipping lane. 500-600 ships a day pass through the narrow strait between the UK and France. Cargoes include oil from the Middle-East to European ports, and various commodities from North and South America to European customers.

Are there sharks in Black Sea?

The Black Sea is home to world’s biggest, most productive spiny dogfish sharks, but this remarkable, global species is in danger of extinction. CITES action is needed to curb unsustainable trade … before it’s too late. What is a spiny dogfish?

Is there a dark sea?

The Black Sea, also known as the Euxine Sea, is one of the major water bodies and a famous inland sea of the world. This marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean, located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, has become legendary for a long period of time.

Which is the narrowest strait in the world?

It is the world’s narrowest strait used for international navigation. The Bosporus connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara, and, by extension via the Dardanelles, the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, and by the Kerch Strait, the sea of Azov.

Is there sharks in Black Sea?

The Black Sea is home to world’s biggest, most productive spiny dogfish sharks, but this remarkable, global species is in danger of extinction. CITES action is needed to curb unsustainable trade … before it’s too late. What is a spiny dogfish?

What is Turkey country famous for?

Turkey is famous for a diverse set of both oriental and European elements — from the traditional Turkish tea to the majestic Hagia Sophia. It’s also famous for its carpets, hammam and bazaars, destinations like Istanbul and Cappadocia, and sweet treats like Turkish delights and baklava.

What happened Turkey sea?

But the water has been taken over by a sticky web of “sea snot” caused by rising sea temperatures and ineffective waste management, and if something is not done soon he cannot see a way he can carry on. …

Does Turkey have water pollution?

The water resources Turkey does have are not dispersed evenly across the country. Because of this, effective and integrated control over water resources is crucial for Turkey. In addition to poor air quality and emissions, overfishing and water pollution have led to a significant decline in fisheries.

Is it safe to swim in the Mediterranean sea?

Is it safe to swim in the Mediterranean Sea? Generally speaking – yes! The Mediterranean Sea is actually up there with the safest seas in the world. Calmer waters and protected bays mean the currents are rarely what they are with the open Atlantic Ocean over in Portugal or on France’s west coast.

Is it safe to swim in Turkey?

ISTANBUL-Anadolu Agency

Health authorities have declared 81 beaches in Turkey’s biggest city Istanbul safe and hygienic for swimming. The Provincial Health Directorate declared the beaches suitable for swimming after analyzing samples of sea water taken.

Are sharks in Greece?

While there are sharks in Greece, most species are harmless. Sightings are extremely rare and, in general, shark attacks in the Mediterranean are also rarely reported. Given the vast number of people spending time in the warm and often shallow waters along the shores of Greece, encounters with sharks are few.

Which is the longest sea route in the world?

Traversing from southern Pakistan to northeastern Russia has been declared the longest boat ride in the world without any rudder, according to Science Magazine. Five years ago, a reddit user had proposed that the trip would yield of 32,090 kilometres.

Which is the busiest sea route in the world?

The English Channel

Each day, more than 500 vessels cross the 350-mile-long English Channel — widely considered the busiest shipping lane in the world and a critical route in the European shipping network.

What is the most used sea lane in the world?

The English Channel (between the UK and France)

The busiest sea route in the world, it connects the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. More than 500 ships pass through this channel daily. It also has the world’s busiest shipping lane: The Dover’s Strait.

How dangerous is the Black Sea?

“It’s a very rough sea, with strong winds blowing in from Russia, whipping up waves that are several metres high. It’s a lot more dangerous than the Mediterranean.” With winter approaching, Mocanu warns that already by November, “the water will be very cold. Taking the Black Sea route will be ludicrous”.

Are there any dangerous animals in the Black Sea?

A few species that can be annoying are listed below. Rhizostome jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo can sting your skin with its thread-cells located on the lacy peristomal tentacles. … Moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita is another Scyphozoan medusa common in the Black Sea.

What predators are in the Black Sea?

Predators. Larger fish such as bluefish, weakfish and striped bass feed on black sea bass, as well as sharks such as dusky sharks.