These tours include official guide and tickets to the Alhambra. Some of them also include return transportation to and from your hotel in the centre of Granada. If you prefer a tour with an exclusive guide for your family or friends, we recommend you to book a private guided tour to the Alhambra and Generalife.

Then, Which ticket is best for Alhambra?

The Justice Gate is the recommended Alhambra entrance if you buy an early morning ticket as it’s closest to the Nasrid Palaces and will save you a walk within the complex.

How much does it cost to go to the Alhambra Palace? General Alhambra Entrance: 14 euros. It is the most popular entrance and the most complete, includes everything: the Nasrid Palaces, Generalife and Alcazaba. Generalife Gardens and Alcazaba: 7 euros.

Keeping this in consideration, How long does it take to visit Alhambra Granada?

Most people will take about 4 hours to visit the Alhambra but some people see it in less time while others spend the whole day there. There is plenty to see and do.

Is Alhambra worth visiting?

Your ticket will be timed, and if you miss your entry time to the palaces, they won’t let you in. And, as you can probably guess, the Alhambra can get CROWDED. At times you have to get creative if you want to take photos without people in them. BUT, with all of that said, the Alhambra definitely IS worth visiting.

Can you go inside the Alhambra?

Admission to the Charles V Palace, the Alhambra Museum and the Mosque baths is free. The visit includes those places that have been designated as “area of the month” (areas which are not normally accessible by the public), as long as these areas are included in the itineraries allowed in your ticket.

Is the Alhambra open to visitors?

The Alhambra is open every day of the year except 31st December and 1st January. For the day visit, you must choose a time to visit the Nazrid Palaces. There is no night garden visit between 15th November and 31st March. … You are given a window of half an hour to enter the Nazrid Palaces.

How do I get from Malaga to Granada?

There are direct buses from Málaga airport to Granada bus station. The journey takes 2 hours 15/30 minutes and a one-way ticket costs 11.57€/13.86€. If you arrive at another time, it is faster to catch a bus from Málaga airport to Málaga bus station and then catch a bus to Granada.

What time should I go to Alhambra?

When to Visit the Alhambra: By Season

From April to June as well as in October and November, the weather is comfortably warm without the overwhelming heat that blankets Andalusia in the summer. Spring is an especially wonderful time to see the Generalife gardens in full bloom!

What is Granada famous for?

The Alhambra, an ancient Nasrid citadel and palace, is located in Granada. It is the most renowned building of the Islamic historical legacy with its many cultural attractions and architectural elements that make Granada a popular destination among the tourist cities of Spain.

How long do you need to visit Alhambra?

Recommended Itinerary for visiting the Alhambra. The recommended tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours and has a length of 3.5 km. The order of visiting the different parts of the monument has to be carried out according to the time slot shown on the ticket to access the Nasrid Palaces.

Is the Alhambra a mosque?

Early Alhambra Development

Mohammed I laid the foundations for Alhambra by fortifying the royal site. … The latter ruler also constructed the Grand Mosque of the Alhambra and public baths. Most of the well-known structures of the Alhambra complex known today were constructed by Yusuf I and Mohammed V.

Are Alhambra tickets refundable?

Although it is theoretically possible to cancel your tickets, refunds are not always given and cancellation is at the discretion of the Alhambra. … You must collect your Alhambra tickets at least an hour before you are due to visit the Nasrid Palaces.

Is there a dress code for Alhambra?

Attending a show at the Alhambra Theatre is an occasion to get dressed up. We would describe our dress code as smart casual. Sports jackets are encouraged, but ties are not required. We ask that you, please refrain from wearing overly-casual attire such as jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops.

Can you take photos in the Alhambra?

The Board of the Alhambra and Generalife have a free service for loaning porta-baby backpacks. Consult the Services section for more information. Do not drink, eat or smoke (except in in designated areas). No photography with tripods or flash (not even for night time visits), without authorized permission.

Can you eat at the Alhambra?

There are no Nasrid times, and we found a lovely cafe inside a hotel located on the premises for our tea and coffee with food available. … You have a timed ticket to visit the Alhambra (can be ordered over the internet) There is a small cafe inside the Alhambra, where you can get drinks etc.

How do I get to Alhambra Granada?

Here are five tips for visiting the Alhambra to help you make the most of your trip !

  1. Buy Alhambra tickets well in advance. In order to enter the Alhambra , you’ll need to buy a ticket well ahead of time. …
  2. Do your research. …
  3. Be patient and prepared. …
  4. Explore the rest of the city for context. …
  5. Enjoy Granada’s unique culture.

Which is better Granada or Malaga?

Granada is better known as a city break destination but, IMO, Malaga has more to offer and without the crowds!

Is Granada worth visiting?

If you want an easy city break but want more chilled out vibes, iconic monuments, and a fascinating multicultural history, then Granada is the choice for you! … However, if you have 10 days or more to devote to Andalucía, it is well worth spending a few nights in each city in order to truly get a feel for them all.

How many days do you need in Granada Spain?

Bare Minimum Time In Granada

So if you are wondering how many days to spend in Granada, here’s the quick answer: two full days. Because of its location, it takes a few hours to get to Granada from the main Spanish destinations.

What is the best time to visit nasrid palaces?

  • Time slot between 11:30 a.m and 2:00 p.m for Nasrid Palace is ideal. …
  • Afternoon slot to visit Nasrid Palaces, if you are in for only for a day. …
  • Book tickets to Alhambra well in advance. …
  • Take your time to admire Nasrid Palace Complex.

How many days do you need in Granada?

Bare Minimum Time In Granada

So if you are wondering how many days to spend in Granada, here’s the quick answer: two full days. Because of its location, it takes a few hours to get to Granada from the main Spanish destinations.

Do you need passport for Alhambra?

Bookings can also be done by ID card or passport. Each visitor must have his ticket although it is possible to acquire it by a third party. Children under 12 do not need ID. However, adults buying tickets must his/hers to as an identification for him/her and the child.

Is Granada Spain safe for tourists?

Granada is a fairly safe city and there are hardly any worries of violent or major crime. Petty theft is the general proble, if there is one. As with most cities you should be more careful in train and bus stations and around toursit attractions.