This means that if your injury and surgery is accepted by ACC, then the costs of your care and recovery will be covered by ACC, regardless of whether you have health insurance. There are a number of important steps in the ACC process to consider.

Thereof Does ACC pay for xrays? Yes, there is a minimal surcharge on x-rays going funded by ACC with Mercy Radiology. Please view pricing at the button of this page.

Does ACC pay for MRI? Working With ACC

If you have an ACC covered injury, the cost of your specialist assessment is fully covered, as is any high-tech imaging (MRI and CT scans for example). If surgery is required, a further approval is required from ACC to fund your surgery. You will receive an approval letter from ACC.

Similarly, Does ACC cover chronic pain?

ACC’s Pain Management Services have been designed for Clients who have experienced pain for at least three months from the date of their injury or who have a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) diagnosis. Persistent pain is defined as recurrent or chronic pain that continues beyond the expected injury healing time.

Does ACC cover carpal tunnel?

ACC can only cover CTS if it’s been caused by features of the tasks you do at work. Your doctor can make a claim for you. ACC will then contact you for more information – such as your work and medical history – to help us make a decision on your claim.

What is not covered by ACC? We don’t cover: illness, sickness, or contagious diseases, eg measles. stress, hurt feelings or other emotional issues. This is unless they’re linked to an injury we already cover.

Is massage covered by ACC?

Is massage therapy covered by ACC or medical insurance? Unfortunately massage therapy is not covered by ACC.

How long does it take for ACC to approve surgery? ACC will then examine your case more closely before approving funding for the surgery. This approval process can take from 2-8 weeks, depending on the complexity of your case. Once ACC have approved the surgery, a date can be scheduled with Mr Young.

Does ACC cover Covid?

FAQs. Am I covered for COVID-19 by ACC? Cover for the COVID-19 virus may be available if you’re diagnosed with the virus and you meet the criteria for a work-related gradual process, disease or infection under section 30 of the Accident Compensation Act 2001.

Is fibromyalgia covered by ACC? After medical review, their condition has been redefined as fibromyalgia, or chronic generalised pain syndrome, a condition excluded from ACC cover.

What ACC does not cover? Your injury must be because of an accident

. We don’t cover: illness, sickness, or contagious diseases, eg measles. stress, hurt feelings or other emotional issues.

Is sciatica covered by ACC? If you have recently been hurt in an accident, you may be eligible for reduced treatment fees under the cover of ACC. Chiropractic treatment is covered for a number of injuries including sprains, disc injuries, whiplash, sciatica and knee injuries.

Is plantar fasciitis covered by ACC?

The number of cases in which the ACC has accepted, either initially or following a review or court decision, a claim for plantar fasciitis as either (i) a traumatic injury or (ii) a gradual process injury. 2.

Does ACC pay for acupuncture?

1.2 Acupuncture modalities currently funded by ACC

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) includes acupuncture within the suite of allied health treatment modalities.

Is physio covered by ACC? ACC only pays physiotherapists a small portion of the full cost of treatment, therefore a surcharge is required to cover the shortfall paid from ACC. Surcharges may vary according to clinic location and the qualifications and expertise of the physiotherapist.

Is depression covered by ACC? When you’re covered by ACC, and when you’re not

Rape and sexual abuse – ACC covers mental harm like depression and anxiety disorders resulting from rape or sexual abuse.

Does ACC pay for glasses?

ACC agrees to pay for glasses after high-speed crash.

Is physio free in New Zealand? Specialist services funded by the Government through your District Health Board (DHB) are free. You cannot choose the specialist and you may have to go on a waiting list first.

Is acupuncture covered by ACC?

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) includes acupuncture within the suite of allied health treatment modalities.

What happens after ACC claim is accepted? If we approve your patient’s claim

Once we approve your patient’s claim, we’ll send them a letter confirming our decision and the ways we can help.

What does it mean when ACC accepts your claim?

We approve these claims without the need for further information or investigation. We’re using the system to identify and fast-track the acceptance of straightforward claims. These are claims where it’s clear an accident has caused the injury. It helps us to make decisions faster so that you can get help quicker.

Does ACC cover drunk accidents? We provide cover for injuries by virtue of someone having suffered a personal injury. Therefore, the full circumstances of how an injury occurred are not relevant to our decisions on whether we can cover the claim. For example, whether or not the person was affected by alcohol when they became injured.

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