For those holding an NCC credential, you can send a verification of your certification or certificate of added qualification via the email option to your state board, employer or to anyone that requires primary source verification – meaning the entity that is requesting the verification from you wants the verification …

Besides, How can I check my NSS certificate online?

Here is how. Visit , navigate to the “Verify your NSS Number below” text box and enter your national service number (eg NSSGEW123456) and click on the “start here” button to proceed.

Keeping this in mind, Is NCC certificate useful for police? NCC ‘C’ certification offers you 10–15 bonus marks in paramilitary forces recruitment i.e. BSF, CISF, CRPF, SSB etc. If you have NCC ‘C’ certificates then your written exam will be waived off for the post of Soldier GD.

What is NCC C certificate no?

The National Cadet Corps in India is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and Universities all over India. … Indian Armed Force Branches – Air Force, Navy and Army give special entries for the NCC C Certificate holders.

How long does it take to get NCC results?

Official results, with the score report, will be mailed from NCC within 15 business days of computer exam administration (date of certification is based on the date on the official results, not the exam date). 21 business days for paper/pencil exams.

How do I find my NSS certificate number?

Contact us on WhatsApp for issues with your request or system on ‭(054 448 6683)‬, talk to Greater Accra Certificate Room on (0299011417), talk to the Ashanti Certificate Room on (0299011413), talk to Upper West Certificate Room on (0299011414), talk to the Brong Ahafo Certificate Room on (0299011420) or our live chat …

Is there any certificate for NSS?

NSS volunteers from PU and colleges affiliated to it will now get certificates with three grades–A, B and C. Grade ‘A’ certificates will be awarded to volunteers who completing two years and 240 hours of service and will carry two marks. … A student with this grade is entitled to three marks.

How do I get an NSS certificate?

A Volunteer who has completed 240hrs (120hrs X 2yrs) regular activities and seven days special camp in adopted village is entitle to get NSS Certificate duly signed by Programme Officer, Principal of the College, Programme Co-ordinator and Vice Chancellor of the University where the college/institution is affiliated to …

Is NCC C certificate useful for SI exam?

The NCC ‘A’ certificate holders will get bonus marks in the upcoming CAPF recruitment exams for the posts of Sub Inspector and Constable (G.D.).

What is the benefit of NCC a certificate?

NCC ‘A’ certificate holders will be given 2% of the maximum marks of the examination as bonus marks. This scheme of awarding bonus marks to NCC ‘A’ certificate holders in CAPF recruitment will be applicable in the upcoming direct recruitment examination for the posts of sub inspector and constable (GD).

Does NCC help in SSC?

The Indian Army has invited online applications from eligible candidates for NCC Special Entry scheme of Short Service Commission (SSC). … Short Service Commission will be granted to Male and Female in the regular Army for 14 years i.e. for an initial period of 10 years extendable by a further period of 4 years.

How can I get NCC certificate?

  1. The cadet must be in possession of Certificate B.
  2. The cadet must be in third year of Senior Division/Senior Wing NCC Training.
  3. The cadet must have attended a minimum of 75% of the periods of 3rdyear syllabus during the academic session.

Is NCC C certificate useful for CDS exam?

NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders in age group 19-25 years are required to compete in UPSC examination for commission though IMA (Indian Military Academy) or OTA (Officers Training Academy). … The Cadets are exempted from CDS examination conducted by UPSC. The Cadets should have ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade in ‘C’ certificate examination.

How do I know if I passed my NCE?

Your NCE or NCMHCE scores will not automatically be sent to your state board if you took the exam as a part of your NCC application. To order an official copy of your scores for state licensure or a third-party agency. You can login to your ProCounselor account to request a score verification from the online store.

How long does it take to get RNC Nic results?

When new forms of an exam or new test grids are developed official results can take up to 21 BUSINESS days.

What is a passing score on the NCE 2021?

NCE Scores

A passing score is usually between 98 and 105, fluctuating slightly with each test administration. Scores take eight weeks to get back. While the pass rate for first-time takers is 84.8%, the test can become very overwhelming without proper preparation and knowledge of how the test is administered.

How do I access my NSS dashboard?

NSS portal login

  1. Visit
  2. Go to the top green icon and click “Sign In“
  3. Select the option “Sign In As Personnel“
  4. On the login page, enter your username (the email you used during registration)
  5. Enter your PIN CODE as your password.
  6. Click on the green “Log In” button to access your dashboard.

Is NSS allowance paid?

The National Service Secretariat (NSS) has duly paid the July National Service Allowance of service personnel. This was made known with the following statement.

Is NSS 2021 posting out?

The Management of the National Service Scheme (NSS) has today, March 20, 2020, released postings of Nine Thousand and Sixty-Three (9,063) nurses for the 2021/2022 service year to various health facilities in all the sixteen (16) regions across the country to undertake their mandatory one-year national service.

Is NSS certificate useful in government jobs?

It might get you a job in some government approved NGO. NSS certificate might help you only in the interviews. It won’t help you to qualify the entrance exam. It might get you a job in some government approved NGO.

What is the benefit of NSS certificate?

NSS helps the student to grow individually and also as a group. It makes the students confident, develop leadership skills, and gain knowledge about different people from different walks of life. Students also learn other skills that help them lead a better life in various situations.

Which is better NSS or NCC?

NSS helps in personality development of the students through community service. … Whereas NCC helps in personality development of students through different physical activities that helps in building stamina of the students.

Is NSS certificate useful?

National Service Scheme (NSS) is beneficial to both students as well as the society in various different means. NSS helps the student to grow individually and also as a group. It makes the students confident, develop leadership skills, and gain knowledge about different people from different walks of life.

How can I apply for NSS online?

For Applying to NSS Application form candidates have to click on the link (Click to Register for NSS) . After clicking this link an application form will open in new tab . Candidates are requested to fill the Application for upload their recent passport size photograph less than or equal to 1 MB.