To play a Counter-Strike DEM file in Windows, first place it in the cstrike installation directory. Next, start Counter-Strike and open the console window. From the console window, type viewdemo demoname, where “demoname” is the filename without the “. dem” extension.

Similarly, How can I see my match history Dota 2?

Open the Dota 2 game client and click the Settings icon. Navigate to “Options” Check the box of “Expose Public Match Data”

Additionally, What can play DEM files?
Programs that support DEM file

  • Counter-Strike.
  • Half-Life.
  • Half-Life: Counter Strike.
  • Hexen.
  • Quake.
  • VirtualDub.

Where do I put dem files CSGO?

Demos should be placed in your SteamsteamappscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensivecsgo folder. If you place them in your “replays” folder, you need to specify “replays/” before the demo name.

What is a DEM file?

DEMs are files that contain either points (vector) or pixels (raster), with each point or pixel having an elevation value. They come in a variety of file formats, from . csv to . dem to . … DEMs: digital elevation models represent the land or “bare earth” (no trees, buildings, etc.)

How do I check my MMR Dota 2?

To see check your MMR rating in Dota 2 there are few ways to do it.

  1. Click on your Dota 2 Profile then navigate to the tab called stats and there you can see your rating.
  2. The second option is once you’re on your profile you can click the 2 big boxes to always display your MMR or how many games you won played etc.

How do I enable Dotabuff?

To allow Dotabuff to keep track of your matches, you need to activate this inside Dota 2:

  1. Run Dota 2 and open the settings.
  2. Click on “options” and then on “advanced options”.
  3. Check the box “Expose Public Match Data.”
  4. Done! Now you are giving authority to the third-party tools like Dotabuff to track your progress.

How do I open a file in CS GO?

  1. Open Steam, right-click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and click “Manage”
  2. Click on “BROWSE LOCAL FILES”
  3. In the new window explorer folder, you’ll see a list of files.

How do I edit a .DEM file?

Opening the DEM Editing window

  1. In Focus, open the file containing the DEM you want to modify. Tip: When editing a DEM, consider opening some reference data to help you identify areas in the DEM to edit. …
  2. On the Maps tab, click the DEM layer you want to edit.
  3. On the Layer menu, click DEM Editing.

How do I upload a CSGO demo?

1: Click on “Matches” in the left menu. 2: Click on “Add match”. 3a: To upload a demo that you have locally on your computer, click the area saying “Drag files or click here”, then select a demo file and press the button “Submit file(s)”.

Where do I put my Faceit demo?

Open your CS:GO and press ‘Shift & F2‘ to open up the demo player. Press the ‘Load’ button. Find the demo from the list, select it and press open to load the match and watch the demo.

What data format is a DEM stored as?

A DEM dataset is a single file comprising 1024-byte ASCII-encoded (text) blocks that fall into three record categories called A, B, and C. There is no cross-platform ambiguity since line ending control codes are not used, and all data, including numbers, is represented in readable text form.

What does DEM stand for in GIS?

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a representation of the bare ground (bare earth) topographic surface of the Earth excluding trees, buildings, and any other surface objects. DEMs are created from a variety of sources. USGS DEMs used to be derived primarily from topographic maps.

Where can I find DEM files?

5 Free Global DEM Data Sources – Digital Elevation Models

  • Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) …
  • ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model. …
  • JAXA’s Global ALOS 3D World. …
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) …
  • Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA)

How do u check ur MMR?


  1. Go to the OP.GG.
  2. Input your Summoner Name (your ingame nickname) in search.
  3. Press “Solo MMR” button.
  4. Get an aproximate result.

How can I find my MMR?

A summoner’s MMR is determined by their performance in the game, and although there’s no certain way to know how it’s calculated, players with a stable winning streak have seen an improvement in their MMR. The MMR also determines the levels of the player’s teammates and how strong their opponents will be.

What is the average Dota 2 MMR?

According to these Valve stats, the average Match Making Rating is 2250. 50% of the DotA 2 population is below that rating, and 50% is above it. While Leaderboard ranking starts around 6000 (top 200 players of each continent), the top 1% begins at 4100.

How do I find my Dotabuff?

You can find your Dota 2 player profile by signing in with Steam or searching for your name or Steam ID. Hardcore players can upgrade their account to Dotabuff Plus for even more in depth statistics and additional features.

How do you enable Expose Public Match data?

How to enable “Public Match Data”:

  1. Open the Dota 2 game client and click on the “Settings” icon.
  2. Navigate to “Options”
  3. Check the box to “Expose Public Match Data”

What is Dotabuff?

Dotabuff is the place where millions of Dota 2 players get in depth statistics, share games, their profiles, and better understand the game they all love. They turn raw statistical data from billions of public matches into actionable information that you can use to learn and improve.

How do I run a CFG file in CS GO?

How to Run CS:GO Settings from Your Autoexec File

  1. In the Steam Library, right click CS:GO.
  2. Choose Properties in the menu.
  3. Press the Set the Launch Options button.
  4. Enter the command +exec autoexec.cfg.

How do I open demo viewer cs go?

Anytime while playing back a demo file, the Demo Playback window can be brought up by pressing ⇧ Shift-F2 or the demoui command. The Demo Playback window allows to pause and resume, change playback speed or move your camera viewpoint.

How do I make a CSGO config file?

Making and using a cfg/autoexec file

  1. Access the CSGO cfg on your computer. …
  2. Right-click anywhere in the window and click “New” > “Text Document.” This will create a blank file; title your new file “autoexec. …
  3. Double-click your new autoexec file and fill it with your preferred commands.