Open Dota 2 and the recording software on your computer. Choose “Record video and audio” mode to record the screen. If you don’t want to capture the audio from the system and the microphone, you can tap on the corresponding icon to turn off them.

Similarly, How do I open a .DEM file?

To play a Counter-Strike DEM file in Windows, first place it in the cstrike installation directory. Next, start Counter-Strike and open the console window. From the console window, type viewdemo demoname, where “demoname” is the filename without the “. dem” extension.

Additionally, How do you record your screen?
Record your phone screen

  1. Swipe down twice from the top of your screen.
  2. Tap Screen record . You might need to swipe right to find it. …
  3. Choose what you want to record and tap Start. The recording begins after the countdown.
  4. To stop recording, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Screen recorder notification .

How do you record your screen on Windows 10?

How to record your screen in Windows 10

  1. Open the app you want to record. …
  2. Press the Windows key + G at the same time to open the Game Bar dialog.
  3. Check the “Yes, this is a game” checkbox to load the Game Bar. …
  4. Click on the Start Recording button (or Win + Alt + R) to begin capturing video.

What can play DEM files?

Programs that support DEM file

  • Counter-Strike.
  • Half-Life.
  • Half-Life: Counter Strike.
  • Hexen.
  • Quake.
  • VirtualDub.

What is DEM file format?

DEMs are files that contain either points (vector) or pixels (raster), with each point or pixel having an elevation value. They come in a variety of file formats, from . dem to . … txt, and you can derive lots of other information – like contours or 3D surface models – from them.

How do I add a Dem in Qgis?

To work with DEMs, you should use QGIS’ all-in-one DEM (Terrain models) analysis tool.

  1. Click on the menu item Raster ‣ Analysis ‣ DEM (Terrain models).
  2. In the dialog that appears, ensure that the Input file is the DEM layer.
  3. Set the Output file to hillshade. …
  4. Also make sure that the Mode option has Hillshade selected.

How do I record my screen on my laptop?

How to Screen Record on Android

  1. Go to Quick Settings (or search for) “Screen recorder”
  2. Tap the app to open it.
  3. Choose your sound and video quality settings and click Done.

How do I record my screen and audio?

Here’s how to record your computer screen and audio with ShareX.

  1. Step 1: Download and Install ShareX.
  2. Step 2: Start the app.
  3. Step 3: Record your computer audio and microphone. …
  4. Step 4: Select video capture area. …
  5. Step 5: Share your screen captures. …
  6. Step 6: Manage your screen captures.

Does Windows 10 have a screen recorder?

Windows 10 has a built-in tool called Game Bar to help you record your screen during PC and Xbox gaming sessions. … Screen activity that you record is automatically saved as an MP4 video file. If you want to use Game Bar, you will have to meet certain system requirements, including the right type of graphics card.

How do I record my screen on windows with sound?

You can record your screen on Windows 10 using the Game Bar, or a third-party app like OBS Studio. The Windows Game Bar comes pre-installed on all PCs, and can be opened by pressing the Windows Key + G. OBS Studio is a free app that lets you record your screen, the audio from your computer, and more.

How do I record my screen on Windows 10 without the game bar?

Turn On Screen Recording

Tap “Yes, this is a game” if prompted. Now, tap the Record button to start recording. Alternatively, you can press Windows Key + Alt + R to start recording your computer’s screen. Use the same button or key combination to stop the screen recording.

How do I record my computer screen with sound?

Navigate to the screen you wish to record and press Win + G to open Game Bar. Several Game Bar widgets appear on the screen with controls for capturing screenshots, recording video and audio, and broadcasting your screen activity.

How do I edit a .DEM file?

Opening the DEM Editing window

  1. In Focus, open the file containing the DEM you want to modify. Tip: When editing a DEM, consider opening some reference data to help you identify areas in the DEM to edit. …
  2. On the Maps tab, click the DEM layer you want to edit.
  3. On the Layer menu, click DEM Editing.

What data format is a DEM stored as?

A DEM dataset is a single file comprising 1024-byte ASCII-encoded (text) blocks that fall into three record categories called A, B, and C. There is no cross-platform ambiguity since line ending control codes are not used, and all data, including numbers, is represented in readable text form.

What is DEM file in GIS?

Digital elevation models (DEMs) are geospatial datasets that contain elevation values sampled according to a regularly spaced rectangular grid. They can be used in terrain analysis, 3D visualizations, and hydrological modelling, among other applications.

What is DEM image?

A digital elevation model (DEM) is a 3D computer graphics representation of elevation data to represent terrain, commonly of a planet, moon, or asteroid. … DEMs are used often in geographic information systems, and are the most common basis for digitally produced relief maps.

How do I download a DEM file in Qgis?

Download SRTM Elevation Data

  1. Open SRTM-Downloader plugin in the plugins menu. See figure 4.
  2. The SRTM-Downloader plugin window will open as in Figure 5. Then click Set canvas extent to get the location extent. …
  3. If you want to add the SRTM downloaded data when finished. …
  4. Click Download. …
  5. Click OK button.

How do I create a digital elevation model in Qgis?


Create 3D Map View

  1. In QGIS, go to View menu >> New 3D Map View.
  2. In the 3D Map 1 window: click the Configure button. Elevation: select your DEM or the hillshade. Make any changes to the other settings if you want.
  3. In the 3D Map 1 window: hold down the shift key and the left mouse button to zoom in/out and rotate.

How do I create an elevation profile in Qgis?

How to Create Elevation Profile in QGIS

  1. Open Profile tool plugin. …
  2. Add the DEM layer using Add Layer button. …
  3. Next, just draw a polyline on the QGIS map canvas where you want to create elevation profile as in figure 7. …
  4. When finished the elevation profile will be appeared in the Profile tool window as in figure 8.

How can I record my laptop screen for free?

8 Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10 in 2021- Free & Paid

  1. ActivePresenter. ActivePresenter by Atomi Systems is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. …
  2. Windows 10’s built-in Game bar. …
  3. OBS Studio. …
  4. Flashback Express. …
  5. Camtasia. …
  6. Bandicam. …
  7. Screencast-O-Matic. …
  8. Icecream Screen Recorder.

How do I record my screen on my HP laptop?

Press Shift+PrtSc to start or stop screen recording. The video will be saved to your computer automatically. You can find it in the file folder the software shows you.

How do I record my screen and audio on Android?

Swipe down from the top of your screen to see the quick settings tiles and tap the screen recorder button. A floating bubble will appear with a record and microphone button. If the latter is crossed out, you’re recording internal audio, and if it’s not, you get sound straight from your phone’s mic.

Why when I screen record there’s no sound?

If the system volume is too low, or the volume is too low during screen recording by a third-party app, the recorded video may play no sound. In either of these cases, press the volume button to increase the system or third-party app volume during screen recording.