AT Park can be used to pay for parking anywhere in Auckland where there are AT Park area IDs.

Find area ID numbers using the AT Park app

  1. Open the AT Park app and go to the map.
  2. Zoom in to a street or car park.
  3. Click on a ‘P’ symbol and the Area ID number, street name and tariff will be displayed.

Thereof How do you use at parking app? Simply enter the Area ID number found on signs and stickers on machines, and the vehicle number plate into the app and then start your session. When you get back to your car you can stop your session and only pay for the time you have used. You can set a fixed time period if you prefer and reminders are also optional.

What is the best parking app? The 11 Best Parking Apps for Your City

  1. BestParking. BestParking is a top parking app, and has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Forbes, ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC. …
  2. Parker. …
  3. SpotHero. …
  4. ParkMe. …
  5. Parking Mate. …
  6. Parking Panda. …
  7. ParkWhiz. …
  8. City Specific Apps.

Similarly, How do I report illegal parking in NZ?

If you request is regarding obstruction of an entry or dangerous parking please call Police on 105. If the vehicle is on a state highway please contact Waka Kotahi (NZTA) on 0800 444 449.

How does PayMyPark work?

PayMyPark is a service provided to help you pay for parking in certain locations. PayMyPark uses data provided by councils to provide you with the option to park however, All signs and directions at the parking space override PayMyPark.

How does pay by phone parking app work? How it works — Parking

  1. Download the PayByPhone app. Download the app now from the Google Play and iOS App Store.
  2. Enter your location code. Enter the location code you wish to park in as advertised on street signage.
  3. Enter your parking duration. Add the time duration you wish to park for. …
  4. Extend your parking anytime*

Is parking free on public holidays in Auckland?

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, 8am to 10pm: $2.50 per hour for the first 2 hours, then $5 per hour for every subsequent hour.

What is the best free parking app? The best free parking apps

  • AppyParking (4 stars) Let’s just get the apologies out of the way early for the cringe-inducing names of some of these apps. …
  • Parkmobile (3 stars) …
  • JustPark (3 stars) …
  • RingGo (4 stars) …
  • Parkopedia (4 stars) …
  • PayByPhone (2 stars)

Is there an app for finding your car in a parking lot?

Find My Car is a handy and free app that helps you locate your car in a parking lot. Uses your devices GPS radios to tag and retrieve your vehicle location in a parking lot.

What is the cheapest parking app? Try it for yourself!

  • SpotHero offers daily and monthly rates for garage and parking lot spaces in cities and airports.
  • ParkWhiz is best for short-term parking in a garage or lot. …
  • is a directory of parking garages and lots in cities and airports.

How do I report a parking Offence? Alternatively, you can call our Parking Enforcement Hotline at 1800-338-6622 to report illegal parking.

How do I report a car blocking my driveway NZ? 0800 367 222

  1. Back.
  2. Travel and Transport.

How do I contact Nzta?

If you still haven’t received your label after 10 working days, and you urgently need it, give us a call on 0800 108 809 .

Call us.

Contact centre Freephone number
Motor vehicle licensing and registrations 0800 108 809
Driver licensing 0800 822 422
Tolling 0800 40 20 20

Is parking still free in Dunedin?

Free parking is continuing at DCC on and off street car parks and car parking buildings until further notice. This is to help support our local economy. You still need to stick to time limits and other restrictions or infringements may be issued.

How do you pay for parking in New Zealand?

How much is parking in Dunedin? Pay and Display car parks

Main Street (30 minutes maximum stay) $2.00
Core Zone (one hour maximum stay) $4.00
Inner Zone (variable maximum stay) $3.00
Outer Zone (four hours maximum stay) $1.50

• Jun 22, 2021

Which parking app is best?

If you just want one parking app to rule them all, AppyParking is slick and packed with features. Parkopedia Parking is close behind, but you won’t be able to pay for spaces within the app. RingGo rules if you want to do that, but has a bit of a clunky interface. Read on for our list of the best parking apps…

Is just park app free? The app can be installed on tablets and smartphones and works the same no matter if the user is using Android or Apple. JustPark is a free to use app and can be found in both the Google Play store and the Apple App store.

How do I pay parking by SMS?

Apply Non registered user

  1. Send a SMS message in the following format: < Plate No.><space> <Zone No.><space><Duration> to the number 7275 (PARK)
  2. Example 1: A00000 123A.
  3. Example 2: A00000 123A 1/2.
  4. Example 3: A00000 123A 2.

Where can I park overnight in Auckland? The SkyCity Grand Hotel, Victoria Street and Federal Street, Auckland . The SkyCity Hotel – Victoria Street and Federal Street, Auckland.

Overnight Parking – Single Night.

  • Hotel DeBrett – High Street, Auckland.
  • The Pullman Hotel – Waterloo Crescent, Auckland.
  • CityLife Hotel – Queen Street, Auckland.

Where can I park in Auckland Domain?

  • Auckland War Memorial Museum. 48 spaces. 8 min.
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum. 200 spaces. 10 min. …
  • Auckland City Hospital – Car Park A. 310 spaces. 13 min.
  • Starship Children’s Hospital – Car Park B. Visitors only. 13 min.
  • Parnell Train Station. 200 spaces. …
  • Gateway Carpark. 738 spaces. …
  • Tennis Auckland. 94 spaces. …
  • 290 Parnell Rd. 50 spaces.

Where can I park for free in Ponsonby? In any of the side streets. Most of the streets on the other side than Picton St, are free parking with unlimited time. Try Richmond Rd, then all the side streets on the same side.

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