All fourteen North American stops completely sold out, prompting the addition of a fifteenth and final stop of the North American leg at New York’s Citi Field. The concert sold out in under ten minutes, making BTS the first Korean artist to headline a stadium show in the United States.

Similarly, How much are BTS general admission tickets?

General sale opens up on October 9! Thanks to some kind ARMY’s out there, here’s the full breakdown of the ticket prices: The seats start anywhere from $60 to $450 aka Rs 4.4k to Rs 33.5k.

Additionally, How fast do Kpop concert tickets sell out? 2017 Concert (South Korea) — EXO Planet #3 – The ElyXion at Gocheok Sky Dome sold out (66000 tickets) in 0.2 seconds. Beating EXO own previous record of 0.4 seconds (67,040 tickets) from their second tour and being the fastest sold-out tour in the world.

How many seats did BTS sell out?

And not a single ticket was even offered to the general public, as the entire quantity of nearly 400,000 tickets was sold out before that day came.

Who sold out Wembley the fastest?

In March, BTS sold out its June 1 concert at Wembley Stadium — which can hold 90,000 people — in just 90 minutes.

What is the price of BTS fan meeting ticket?

Purchasing tickets for BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo:

– Since it is a two-day event, fans can purchase two types of passes: A ticket for a single view costs around $45 (around Rs 3200) Or you can purchase a two-day pass which will cost around $81 (around Rs 6,000).

What is the cost of BTS Fansign?

Tickets price went upto 75000 INR. Given BTS’s popularity, if they ever hold a concert in india, it would presumably be in Mumbai.

How much does it cost for a BTS meet and greet?

Thus BTS meet and greet ticket prices may be between $1,000 – $5,000 per ticket due to the exclusivity and limited nature of the product. Check BTS meet and greet prices with the click of a button. BTS Meet and greet prices rarely decrease in price like normal tickets due to their limited and exclusive nature.

How fast do Taylor Swift tickets sell out?

Tickets to four of country singer Taylor Swift’s 2010 tour dates sold out in two minutes after going on sale on Friday, her publicists said. All tickets released on Friday for 15 U.S. shows in the 19 year-old singer’s 2010 Fearless tour sold “within minutes”.

Who has sold out the O2 Arena the fastest?

Nigerian singer-songwriter Wizkid has had his second and third concert dates in London sell out today in an incredibly short amount of time. The show scheduled for 29th November at the O2 Arena in London for Wizkid’s Made in Lagos tour was sold out in just two minutes.

How fast did Michael Jackson sell out Wembley?

LONDON, England (CNN) — Tickets for Michael Jackson’s 50 “final curtain call” concerts in London sold out in little over four hours Friday. Michael Jackson has sold out 50 concerts at London’s O2 Arena. The tickets went on sale at 7 a.m., with fans queuing since Wednesday.

What stadiums did BTS sell?

New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium and Live Nation Chicago — Chicago’s Soldier Field would tweet later in the day — each shared the news two and a half hours after tickets went on sale and also hinted to further information coming Saturday.

Are all BTS concerts sold out?

“Due to overwhelming past purchaser & Verified Fan presale demand for BTS Permission to Dance on Stage – LA, all shows are sold out & tickets are not available for the public on sale.” … The question was being asked by those who had been hoping to join BTS at the return of their live events.

What was the largest BTS concert?

BTS performing during the Love Yourself World Tour in 2019, the band’s biggest tour to date.

How long did One Direction sell out Wembley?

Following last week’s announcement by the band, fans were desperate to get their hands on tickets for the stadium tour when they went on sale at 10am – and a spokesman for ticket website viagogo predicted the 2014 tour “could sell out in as little as 10 minutes“.

Has anyone sold out Wembley Stadium?

Michael Jackson

MJ sold out Wembley Stadium as part of his Bad World Tour in 1988. The King of Pop not only performed for thousands of screaming fans, he also had royalty in the crowd. Diana Princess of Wales and Charles were in attendance!

Is BTS fan meeting free?

But BTS Fan Meeting 2021 can happen only via Fansigns and we have seen the difficulty in getting into a fansign and the costs of getting into a fansign. Thus so far there is no BTS Fan Meeting Ticket Price In India.

How much do kpop fan meets cost?

Ticket Cost

Moreover, since fan meeting venue is usually smaller than concert venue, the cost is either flat across all seats or there is a very minimal difference, if any. The ticket price ranges from 40,000 to 100,000 Korean won.

How do you get BTS in Fansign?

So login to your daum cafe and go to BTS OFFICIAL FANCAFE. This will lead you to a page that contains a list of announcements from concerts, fanmeet and fansign events. Look for the link that has 팬 사인 (fan sign) and click on it. You will see the details of the event.

What is the cost of BTS Fansign tickets in India?

But BTS Fan Meeting 2021 can happen only via Fansigns and we have seen the difficulty in getting into a fansign and the costs of getting into a fansign. Thus so far there is no BTS Fan Meeting Ticket Price In India.

How much BTS tickets cost in rupees?

For a premium BTS floor seat, one has to pay as high as $7875 which is approximately Rs Rs. 5,85,856 (Yes, it is over Rs 5 Lakh). However, $1388 or Rs 1,03,259 is the average price one will have to pay to attend a BTS SoFi Stadium concert.

Does BTS still do meet and greets?

Does BTS do meet-and-greet events? If you’ve been one of the lucky fans to meet this K-pop group, chances are it’s been at a “fan sign” event. … Unfortunately for international fans, the group doesn’t do fan meet-and-greets outside of Korea — not yet anyway.

How can I meet BTS without money?

Guide: 6 ways to see BTS in real life

  1. Go to a concert. …
  2. Attend a fan meeting/signing. …
  3. Get a spot in music award shows/interviews. …
  4. Be at the airport. …
  5. Move to Korea. …