Answer: The author has described his father as a man following austerity, but giving due care to all needs of his family.

Similarly, What does yellow stand for in the line standing among silent commuters in the yellow light?

What does ‘yellow’ stand for in the line ‘Standing among silent commuters in the yellow light’? Answer: ‘Yellow’ stand for ‘fright’ and ‘fear’ here. The poet here focuses on the sense of insecurity developing among our old generations who are being ignored and neglected by their youngsters.

Additionally, What is the poet of the poem father to son? The poem ‘Father to Son’ is by the author Elizabeth Jennings. The Father to Son summary deals with the anguish of a father who lacks a good relationship with his son.

What qualities of the poet’s father is revealed through the poem?

The poet’s father did everything he could to get the mother out of trouble. He tried every possible remedy and antidote against the scorpion bite but to no avail. So he also called the holy-man thinking he might cure the mother in pain.

How does AK Ramanujan describe his life after his father?

Ramanujan describes the aftermath of a father’s death and all the things he left behind, physical and emotional. … When he died, he left behind a lot. There are unless and meaningless things, like dust and old papers. But there are also memories and rituals which are going to last a lifetime.

What do the words silent commuters signify?

A monotone atmosphere, furthermore, is created in Line 2 because the “father” is “among silent commuters,” meaning there is no will, desire, or energy to carry a conversation.

What made Arjuna lose his nerve?

Answer: When Krishna placed his chariot between the two armies Arjuna looked around and saw his kith and kin, near and dear ones arrayed on both the sides. … Arjuna saw his kith and kin., near and dear ones arrayed on both the sides in the battlefield. This made him lose his nerve.

Why does the poet refer to the father thinking of nomads entering a subcontinent through a narrow pass?

The poet refers to the father thinking of nomads entering a subcontinent through a narrow pass because the old man is hurt by the behaviour of his children in his own family. … The poet refers to the attitude and approach of the younger generation which does not give the older generation due respect.

Who is the poet of the poem childhood?

Childhood is from the poet Marcus Natten. In the Childhood summary, the poet discusses the loss of his childhood. The poet talks about that very moment where this innocence was lost. He talks about the various instances when he could have lost his childhood.

When was a father to his son written?

Father and Son (1907) is a memoir by poet and critic Edmund Gosse, which he subtitled “a study of two temperaments.” Edmund had previously published a biography of his father, originally published anonymously.

Father and Son (book)

Author Edmund Gosse
Genre memoir
Set in London and Devon, 1849–64
Publisher Heinemann
Publication date

What is the central idea of the poem father to son?

Father To Son Central Idea of the Poem

The central idea of the poem is the generation gap which occurs when the communication link between two generations breaks due to a mutual lack of understanding, tolerance and acceptance.

What was the qualities of poets father in Night of the scorpion?

The speaker’s father who was sceptic and rationalist, tried to save his wife by using powder, mixture, herbs, hybrid and even by pouring a little paraffin upon the bitten toe and put a match to it, this reflects to one of the village peasant saying, “May the sins of your previous birth be burned away tonight.” Which …

What qualities of the poet’s mother is revealed through the poem?

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Poet’s mother displayed immense patience and inner strength. Though she bore the pain of the scorpion bite long, yet she was happy. The mother was thankful to God for sparing her children from the scorpion’s bite. She did not blame Him for letting the scorpion bite her.

What are the qualities the poet talks about in the poem If?

The qualities needed to be a “perfect” man include: self- worth, compassion for mankind, a strong work ethic, the ability to interact with those from all walks of life while not stooping to the pettiness of others, and to care about others while maintaining self-dignity.

What does homecoming mean in the poem?

Robert Lowell’s poem “Homecoming” describes the feeling of loss experienced by the aging speaker, who is returning to his hometown after a long absence.

When did AK Ramanujan died?

A. K. Ramanujan died in Chicago on 13 July 1993 as result of an adverse reaction to anaesthesia during preparation for surgery.

What is the meaning of the word estrangement in the poem?

Solution. The poem deals with the theme of the poet’s father’s estrangement from a man-made world. The remark implies that the man finds himself as a no-one in the midst of many people around him, who do not care for him at all.

What does drinking weak tea and eating stale chapati indicate?

In Dilip Chitre’s heart touching account of his father’s monotonous life, ‘stale chapati’ and ‘weak tea’ are indications of the lack of care and compassion for the man. This is an image of isolation of a man in his own home where nobody takes care of him at the old age.

Which of the following poems does draw a portrait of a suburban commuter?

XII – 2.5 – Father Returning Home ( ICE BREAKERS & BRAINSTORMING ) – It is an autobiographical poem. – Poet draws a portrait of a suburban commuter. – The poem consists of two stanzas of 12 lines each.

Why does the Speaker invoke the gods asvins?

Why does the speaker invoke the gods-Asvins? Answer: Asvins are the dual gods (devas) who symbolise perfect unity of the natives and the strangers; The poet here, while making invocation for unity, invokes the gods Asvins in order to establish perfect concord and harmony between our countrymen and the foreigners.

Why is Gita beyond the more intellect?

Answer: The Gita has sung the praises of knowledge, but it is beyond the mere intellect; it is essentially addressed to the heart and capable of being understood by the heart. Therefore the Gita is not for those who have no faith.

Why was Skvortsov angry with the beggar?

Answer: Skvortsov was angry with the beggar because the beggar was begging in the name of a schoolmaster to earn more sympathy from people. According to Skvortsov, the beggar couldn’t be a house porter or a factory hand.

Why is the father thinking of nomads?

Answer: father is thinking that the nomads wander one place to another place in search of food.

Which of the following is the difficulty faced by the father in the poem father returning home?

His eyes dimmed by age, his shirts and pants are soggy, he is heading towards home. Coming back home again he drinks weak tea and eats stale chapati. He is deprived of good food. His ill-mannered children refuse to talk to him and dont share their jokes and secrets with him.

Why does the poet in the poem money does not want to speak to this fake world?

A2. 1) The poet wanted to become poor because poor people enjoy their lives thoroughly. They have true and real friends. 2) The poet doesn’t want to speak to this fake world because now he is happier with a few true friends around him.