Wire Size and Amp Ratings

Wire Size 75°C (167°F)
AWG (mm²) Copper
1 (42.4) 130
1/0 (53.5)
2/0 (67.4) 175

Similarly, What size aluminum wire do I need for 100 amp service?

Generally speaking, you should be able to use 1 AWG aluminum or 3 AWG copper for 100 ampere circuits. Power quality can be impacted depending on what you choose, so make sure to increase your conductor size to prevent or reduce any potential voltage drop.

Additionally, What is the difference between 1 0 and 1 AWG? But looking at the title of this thread, are you referring the difference between #1 AWG and 1/O AWG? There is a difference, 1/O is one wire size larger.

What size wire is good for 100 amps?

When it comes to the lines connecting master and secondary panels, where the line will carry as much as a full 100 amps, use a 2-gauge non-metallic sheathed electrical cable. The cable must contain one or two hot wires depending on your needs, one neutral wire, and one ground wire. Each wire should be 2-gauge in size.

What size wire do I need for a 200 amp service?

Wire Sizes For 200 Amp Service

Wiring 200 amp service requires either #2/0 copper wiring or #4/0 aluminum or aluminum clad wiring. Which wire used is determined by the voltage drop and length of the wiring. Many electrical contractors opt to use #4/0 aluminum or copper-clad wire.

Can you use #2 aluminum wire for 100 amp service?

I’ve done plenty of sub panels with #2 aluminum conductors feeding them. Some inspectors don’t care that it’s on a 100 amp breaker, and some will make you put in a 90 amp breaker feeding the #2. For what it’s worth, I’d either use #1 aluminium, or just put in a 90 amp breaker for the #2.

What size wire should I use for a 100 amp subpanel?

The cable must have a wire gauge sufficient to the amperage of the subpanel—a 100-amp subpanel requires #4 copper wires or, more commonly, #2 aluminum wires, for example.

How many amps will #2 aluminum wire carry?

Allowable Ampacities of Insulated Aluminum or CopperClad Aluminum Conductors

Conductor Size (AWG/KCMIL) 60°C/140°F TW, UF 90°C/194°F TBS, SA, SIS, FEP, FEPB, MI, RHH, RHW-2, THHN, THHW, THW-2, THWN-2, XHH, XHHW, XHHW-2, USE-2, ZW
4 55 75
3 65 85
2 75 100
1 85

What is the diameter of 1 AWG wire?

AWG Metric Conversion Chart (AWG to mm)

American Wire Gauge (AWG) Diameter (in) Diameter (mm)
0 (1/0) 0.325 8.25

2 0.258 6.54
3 0.229 5.83

What AWG 1?

Breaking Force for Copper Wire

AWG gauge Conductor Diameter Inches Ohms per 1000 ft.
0 0.3249 0.0983
2 0.2576 0.1563
3 0.2294 0.197

23 avr. 2021

What is the difference between 2 0 AWG and 2 AWG?

2 AWG will handle around 94 Amps, while 2/0 AWG will handle around 190 Amps. The length of the wire must be considered as well as the % voltage drop in order for this to be true. For a 3% drop where the load is less than 20 feet from the battery and you are drawing 100 Amps, you would need 2/0.

What size wire do I need to run 100 Amp Service 150 feet?

What is the right wire size for 100 Amp service 150 feet distance? You should get 2/0 AWG Copper wire or 4/0 AWG Aluminum wire for single-phase circuits. And, 1/0 AWG Copper wire or 3/0 AWG Aluminum wire if you have three-phase circuits. For these wires, the average voltage drop should be 3%.

What size copper wire is rated for 100 amps?

Service or Feeder Rating Copper Conductors Aluminum or Copper-Clad Aluminum
100 Amps
#4 AWG

#2 AWG
125 Amps #2 AWG #1/0 AWG
150 Amps #1 AWG #2/0 AWG

Can you use 6 gauge wire for 100 amp service?

You can feed as many 100A subpanels as you want with #6 wire, as long as the wire is supplied from 60A breakers. Breakers protect wires.

What size wire goes from meter to panel?

For that you will need #4 copper or #2 aluminum. Cable will be 4-4-4-6 copper or 2-2-2-4 aluminum. Since your panel will not be “as close as possible” to the meter, you will need to install a 100 fused disconnect on the outside of the house, or a meter/panel combo with a 100 amp main breaker.

What size wire goes from pole to house?

In terms of home electrical wire, you’ll usually be working with 12 or 14-gauge wire. But for appliances, you’ll be using 10, 8, or 6 gauge.

What size wire do I need to run 300 feet?

for 300 feet for 100 amp rated service I would use Aluminum direct burial 1/0-1/0-1/0-1/0, the forth can be as low as #4 for the ground (but also in conduit, even if in conduit must still be rated underground wire and required by code also) Also note the size wire the breaker can handle, cannot cut strands to make fit, …

Will 1 0 aluminum wire fit in a 100 amp breaker?

It is important that the breaker will be correctly sized, for the feeding of sub-panel. Depending on the requirements, up to 100 amps a 100 amp subpanel is connected by the breaker. 100 amps wire is actually a three- wire cable. … I would use Aluminum direct burial 1/0-1/0-1/0-1/0 for 300 feet for 100 amps rated service.

How do you determine AWG wire size?

Look at the insulation on the cable. Search for text written on the insulation. The last numbers in each string of text represent the AWG of the wire.

How do you convert AWG to mm?

Example: This means for AWG = 1: The metric wire outside diameter is 0.127 * 92(321)/39 = 7.348 mm. The metric wire cross-section is 0.012668 mm2 * 92(361)/19.5 = 42.409 mm2.

What is AWG in MM?

Wire Gauge Conversion

Wire Number (Gauge) A.W.G. or B&S (Inches) A.W.G. Metric (MM)
15 0.0571″ 1.45mm
16 0.0508″ 1.291mm

18 0.0403″ 1.024mm

How big is 1 ought wire?

AWG Copper Wire Size and Data Table Chart @ 100 Degrees F

AWG Diameter
000 (3/0) 0.4096 10.405
00 (2/0) 0.3648 9.266
0 (1/0) 0.3249 8.251




What does AWG mean in wire?

American wire gauges (AWG) are a standard set of sizes for wire conductors — the smaller the wire gauge, the larger the diameter in inches or millimeters, and vice versa.

How do you determine AWG wire size?

Look at the insulation on the cable. Search for text written on the insulation. The last numbers in each string of text represent the AWG of the wire.