Reading Ticket Prices (NZ)

Adult $10.00 – $11.00
Senior $10.00 – $11.00
Student/Concession $10.00 – $11.00
Premium Movie/3D Premium Movie

Thereof What is a family of 3 at HOYTS? You’ll be able to enter those details in the Payment Section. Surcharges apply for all 3D sessions.

Adult $24.00 0
Family of 3 A family of three is one adult + two children OR two adults + a child $42.00 0

What is the difference between HOYTS Lux and normal? HOYTS LUX. Wanting to treat your colleagues and clients to something special? HOYTS LUX is the ultimate premium cinema experience, with a bespoke luxury menu, a premium wine selection and comfort with cutting edge sounds and visuals.

Similarly, What do Lux tickets include?

In-cinema service u2013 enjoy in seat purchase and delivery, from a selection of gourmet delights and a fully-stocked bar, including a renowned international wine list a comprehensive range of top-shelf spirits and cocktails.

What does M mean in movies NZ?

M – suitable for mature audiences 16 years of age and over

The Film and Video Labelling Body will forward any material which may require restriction or be objectionable to the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

What does M mean in movies? Mature (M)

Films and computer games classified M (Mature) contain content of a moderate impact. M-rated films and computer games are not recommended for children under the age of 15. They include portrayals of elements such as violence and themes that require a mature outlook.

What does PG-13 movies mean?

The M category was eventually changed to PG (parental guidance suggested), the R age limit was raised to 17 and on July 1, 1984, the PG-13 category was added to indicate film content with a “higher level of intensity.” According to the MPAA, the content of a PG-13 film “may be inappropriate for a children under 13 …

What does rated N mean? Nudity. N : Minimal covering. Content rated N may contain individuals who are minimally clothed (e.g., low cut tops, underwear or revealing bathing suits). Content rated N should not contain any fleeting or prolonged nudity, including exposed buttocks, genitalia, or areola. N+ : Some nudity.

What does rated D mean?

The Content Labels. TV Parental Guidelines may have one or more letters added to the basic rating to let parents know when a show may contain violence, sex, adult language, or suggestive dialogue. D – suggestive dialogue (usually means talks about sex) L – coarse or crude language.

What does P mean in movie ratings? L: Strong language. N: Nudity. P: Prejudice with regards to ethnicity, race, gender etc. S: Sexual conduct. V: Violence.

What does G mean in movies? Except for some movies, preschool children will not be admitted. These are categories classified by EIRIN (Film Classification and Rating Committee) to restrict viewers’ ages. G: Appropriate for people of all ages. PG 12: Parental guidance is required for children under the age of 12.

Is TV MA worse than R? Although the TV-MA rating is technically made for 17-year-olds, programs with this rating happen to become more graphic and severe than what R-rated movies would typically allow.

What does K+ mean in fanfiction?

K+: Some content may not be suitable for young children, usually those below nine years of age. There may be minor violence without serious injury, mild suggestive material, or minor coarse language that is justified by context. Equivalent to PG.

Whats worse rated R or NR?

Is NR worse than R? NR (Not Rated) is for movies with added scenes that theaters won’t allow. UR (Un-rated) is for movies with added scenes that theaters won’t allow, that also contain penetration. NC-17 isn’t a lighter version of R, it’s harder.

Is TV-MA worse than R? Although the TV-MA rating is technically made for 17-year-olds, programs with this rating happen to become more graphic and severe than what R-rated movies would typically allow.

What does TV-MA V mean? V: Violence. TV-PG: Moderate; TV-14: Intense; TV-MA: Graphic. S: Sexuality. TV-PG: Some; TV-14: Intense; TV-MA: Explicit.

Can you say the F word in TV-14?

multiple F-bombs) is not allowed at a TV-14 rating.

What is rated T? Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.

What does DLSV mean?

Acronym. Definition. DLSV. Dialogue, Language, Sex, Violence (TV program content indication)

What does VL mean in a movie? Community » Famous & Celebs. Rate it: VL. Very Loud. Community » Theater.

Can a PG-13 movies say the F word?

The restrictions set by the Us ratings board mean the F-word can only be used once in a PG-13 movie.

What does PG-13 mean in South Africa? 13. Not suitable for persons under the age of 13. 16.

What does 12+ mean in movies?

Films rated 12A are suitable for children aged 12 and over. However, people younger than 12 may see a 12A so long as they are accompanied by an adult. In such circumstances, responsibility for allowing a child under 12 to view lies with the accompanying adult. The 12 rating is only found on videos and DVDs.

What does R12 mean in cinema? What are your prices?

R18 The following content is prohibited for viewers below the age of 18 (movie might contain horrific or violent scenes)
R12 The following content is prohibited for viewers below the age of 12
PG12 Parental guidance is required for viewers under the age of 12

Is PG worse than PG-13?

Rated PG: Parental guidance suggested – Some material may not be suitable for children. Rated PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

What does NR stand for in movies? If a film has not been submitted for a rating or is an uncut version of a film that was submitted, the labels Not Rated (NR) or Unrated (UR) are often used.

What does rated TV y mean? TV-Y: suitable for all children. TV-Y7: directed toward kids 7 years and older (kids who are able to distinguish between make-believe and reality); may contain “mild fantasy violence or comedic violence” that may scare younger kids.

What do pg mean in movies?

PG: Parental Guidance Suggested, Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children. The film should be investigated further by parents. There may be some content such as language, violence or brief nudity, but they aren’t so intense that more than guidance is suggested.

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