It’s packing a turbocharged Ford 4.0L inline six-cylinder engine that produces 362 horsepower and 393 pound-feet of torque, which is mated to a fortified FoMoCo six-speed manual transmission and limited-slip rear differential. The Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo is also surprisingly quicker than its V8 counterpart, the XR8.

Thereof Is Ford XR6 a good car? It handles beautifully, has a great amount of power and a lovely smooth transmission. The brakes are top notch, too. On 550km of highway driving plus 40km of town driving a week, I average 8.6L/100km, which I think is great for a large car.

How much HP does a Ford Falcon XR6? The high-performance turbocharged version of the in-line-six produces 270 kW (362 hp) at 5250 rpm and 533 Nu22c5m (393 lbu22c5ft) of torque from 1950 rpm; this engine is available in the XR6 Turbo and G6 E Turbo. The Turbo variant makes as much as 480 Nu22c5m (350 lbu22c5ft) of torque at just 1500 rpm.

Similarly, Are Ford Falcons worth anything?

The Ford Falcon was a six-passenger, front-engine, rear-drive compact car that Ford manufactured between 1960 and 1970. Its asking price for a classic model can range from $4,000 to $21,800, depending on condition, but the median price for an average-condition classic model is $13,800.

Are BA and FG motors the same?

BA-Early BF Turbos have very weak, thin beam rods, they are basically the same as an AU single cam engine. From June 2006 BF-FG turbo rods have a thicker beam than the previous models, and have full floating gudgen. BF-FG LPG conrods are very similar to turbo rods but have a press fit gudgen.

What does XR6 mean? The first XR’s were the XR6, S-XR6 and XR8 (these names were applied to the more performance oriented Ford Falcons) and the XR2 (Ford Capri). The number after the “XR” is used on Falcons to designate the amount of cylinders the cars engine has.

What is the best Barra engine?

At the top of the Barra, the range was the turbocharged 325T FGX Sprint. With a much more impressive output of 420bhp, this engine was placed in the Falcon FGX XR6 Turbo Sprint that was capable of reaching 60mph in 4.5 seconds thanks to a 10-second overboost system.

What makes the Barra engine so good? Featuring a larger turbocharger and intercooler, different pistons to reduce compression, and larger injectors than its less powerful sibling (the FG Barra 270T), it was the first engine manufactured in Australia to produce more than 100 hp (75 kW) per litre, producing 310 kW at the flywheel.

How much power can a stock XR6 Turbo make?

By the introduction of the FG range Ford had pushed power of the XR6 Turbo’s Barra up to 270kW using many minor updates.

How many FG XR6 were made? In November 1972 Ford added Australia’s first production four-wheel drive utility to the Falcon range based on the XY. It was the first four-wheel drive passenger vehicle to be designed and built in Australia. Only 432 were ever built.

What does XR mean in Ford? XR means performance in Ford speak… 2011 is the 20th anniversary of the badge that’s now become enshrined in local Blue Oval folklore….

What does XR stand for on a car? What do the different Toyota model letter acronyms mean?

CE Classic Edition
XLS Executive Luxury Sport
XR Extreme Rally
XRS Extreme Rally Sport
XSE Extreme Sport Edition

Are BA Falcons reliable?

The Ford Falcon BA is a great overall family sedan, a highly reliable 4.0L inline 6 fuel injected petrol engine. the car performs well at speed and with a stock exhaust it is very quiet. it has a well designed dashboard with many button functions.

How much HP can a Ford Barra engine handle?

The Barra engine will initially be force-fed 40 pounds of boost by a BorgWarner 80mm S400 SX-E turbocharger. After initial testing, that might change, but Bowling says that the engine should be able to handle 1,500-plus horsepower with ease.

How much HP can a Ford Barra handle? How Much Hp Can A Ford Barra Handle?

Ford Barra engine
Oil system Wet sump
Cooling system Water-cooled
Power output 156–198 kW (209–266 hp) (autogas) 182–195 kW (244–261 hp) (petrol) 240–325 kW (322–436 hp) (turbocharged petrol)

Nov 30, 2021

What engine does an AU Falcon have?

Ford Falcon (AU)
Engine 4.0 L Intech I6 (petrol) 4.0 L Intech E-Gas I6 (LPG) 4.0 L Intech HP I6 (petrol) 4.0 L Intech VCT I6 (petrol) 5.0 L Windsor V8 (petrol) 5.0 L Synergy 5000 V8 (petrol) 5.6 L Windsor V8 (petrol)
Transmission 4-speed M93LE automatic (I6) 4-speed M97LE automatic (V8) 5-speed manual

What is PCMTec?

PCMTec is the leading tuning package for the Australian Ford BA/BF/FG Falcon providing PCM/TCM tuning capabilities that rivals what the OEM uses. Windows Platform. Works on all Windows 10 PCs including Tablets. System Specs. No proprietary hardware required.

What Turbo is on a BF XR6 Turbo? This genuine GT3582RL Garrett turbocharger is a brand new direct fit replacement for the factory unit to suit the 2002-2008 Ford Falcon BA-BF XR6 with a Barra 4.0 litre petrol engine.

When was the last V8 Falcon Ute made?

1978: In April 1978 the last Falcon ute is built at Eagle Farm as Ford shifted all ute production to Broadmeadows.

Are FG Falcons reliable? Reliable, affordable and has power. Use this car as my daily. Not much mechanical issues and cost is cheap to get fix. Can’t get a better Aussie vehicle than the falcon!

What was the last Ford Falcon model?

The final Ford Falcon, a blue XR6, rolled off the production line on 7 October 2016.

Did the Ford Falcon come with a V8? The only time a V8 option was available in a first-generation Falcon was the 1963½ model, and these cars were produced in very limited numbers (Sprint two-door hardtop (bucket seats) 10,479 produced and Sprint convertible (bucket seats) 4,602 produced).

What year is XF Falcon ute?

Ford Falcon (XF)

Ford XF Falcon
Also called Ford Fairmont
Production October 1984 – February 1988 (sedan, wagon) October 1984 – March 1993 (utility, panel van)
Body and chassis
Class Full-size

What does RS Ford stand for? It also helps if your company has an illustrious motorsport heritage – and Ford certainly has. 15. It also has the legendary RS badge. These famous initials – which stand for Rally Sport – were first seen on cars intended for one purpose only: to dominate rally stages.

What’s the R in iPhone XR?

So the “R” could stand for “rally,” or “type R,” or “road and track,” or anything really — there are a lot of cars that use “R” in their branding. Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief.

When did iPhone XR come out? The iPhone XR, introduced on September 12, 2018, was sold alongside more expensive iPhones up until 2021, when it was discontinued by Apple.

How much did an iPhone XR cost in 2019? Apple has continued selling the ‌iPhone‌ XR alongside the ‌iPhone 11‌ and the ‌iPhone 11‌ Pro as a lower cost option, priced starting at $599. The ‌iPhone‌ XR is $100 cheaper than the $699 starting price point of the ‌iPhone 11‌.

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