MicroCotton is a trademarked brand for a unique cotton yarn developed by HomeSource. The yarn is made from a very high grade of cotton and is 100% All Natural cotton.

Also Is microfiber better than cotton for hair?

Being just around 100 times finer than a human hair, a square inch on a microfiber towel holds close to 200,000 fibers, which creates a larger surface area in which to absorb moisture. … As microfiber lasts longer than cotton, these towels provide better value for money, withstanding up to around 500 washes.

Subsequently, What is HygroCotton made of? HygroCotton is made with a patented process that involves creating a hollow core within 100% cotton yarn used to make quality sheets and towels. It is blended with a small percentage of polyester. This cotton blend material has excellent breathability, wicking away moisture into the air where it quickly evaporates.

Are hygro cotton towels good? The Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels are nice and soft (after a few washes), highly absorbent, and quick to dry. At $10 per towel, they’re reasonably priced.

What is micro cotton blanket?

Product Glossary

In a blanket or throw, a low GSM indicates lightweight. … The Micro CottonĀ® technology is basically proprietary spinning techniques using a good long staple that results in products that are soft, durable, and do not lint or pill.

Is microfiber better for your hair?

Since microfiber towels absorb water with ease, this requires less tugging and pulling at your hair. The most significant selling point for microfiber towels is that they don’t damage hair. The smaller fibers don’t snag or tangle hair strands, resulting in less friction and less breakage.

Are microfiber sheets good for hair?

Certain fibers can grab and hold hair, causing it to twist and break, but smoother surfaces, such as silk, satin, and microfibers are all good choices due to their naturally strong, smooth fiber choices that allow your hair to move against it freely.

Why is a microfiber towel good for hair?

Because microfiber towel fibers are more densely packed than fibers in a standard towel, they cut down on dry time. In a hair towel, they’re designed with a split feature to wick water and make your hair dry faster. Microfiber towel wraps also eliminate the need for rubbing your hair.

What is Hygro fabric?

Hygrocomfort towels are made with patented spinning technology using a hollow core cotton yarn(Hygro). … Makes them highly absorbent. Drying is quicker than any other towel. The towel becomes loftier & softer wash- after-wash.

What is Hygro yarn?

The Hygro cotton yarn is a new proprietary spinning technology for yarn and has already been patented internationally. … Welspun’s unique hollow core 100% Hygro comfort yarn works on two basic principles: It ensures that your towels bloom, get softer and loftier after 3 washes and dry you faster too.

What does hygro mean in towels?

Hollow: Also sometimes seen as hygro, this means that the cotton yarns have a hollow core, make them extra-thirsty. That hollowness also enhances airflow for faster drying. As an added bonus, hollow yarns make the fabric feel extra-fluffy after laundering.

What are Hygro towels?

Hygrocomfort towels are made with patented spinning technology using a hollow core cotton yarn(Hygro). … Makes towels ultra-soft. Makes them highly absorbent. Drying is quicker than any other towel. The towel becomes loftier & softer wash- after-wash.

Is hygro cotton cool?

HygroCotton is crafted with proprietary spinning technology, producing yarn with a revolutionary hollow core. That means our sheets keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and actually get softer and more comfortable over time.

What are hydro cotton towels?

Hydrocotton. HydrocottonĀ® towels are produced through an advanced weaving technique that creates low-twist loops. This translates into a surface that is significantly more absorbent, with superior softness that some say rivals Egyptian cotton. These quick-drying towels will gain a more luxurious hand over time.

What are the benefits of microfiber?

Benefits of Microfiber

  • Better Cleaning. Microfiber towels contain more than 200,000 fibers per inch of fabric and can absorb more than seven times their weight in water, making them much more effective than traditional cleaning cloths. …
  • Environmentally Friendly. …
  • Cost Savings. …
  • Improved Safety. …
  • Better Health.

Is microfiber bad for curly hair?

The humble, inexpensive microfiber towel is perhaps one of the best tools to ensure perfect curly wash-day results. A microfiber towel absorbs excess water from curls and waves without leaving them dull or frizzy.

Can I sleep with my hair in a microfiber towel?

Place your microfiber towel over your hair and gently wrap the towel around your head. … You can sleep with the microfiber towel on your head, and fluff your hair in the morning for an effortless, healthy look! Put your favorite styling cream on before wrapping your hair, especially if you have textured hair.

What are the benefits of microfiber sheets?


  • Easy to clean, justtoss them into the washing machine and they will stand high heat dry due to the man made materials.
  • It’s soft.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • Low cost, wrinkle resistance. …
  • Withstand repeated use without lose their shapes.

Is microfiber as good as silk?

Microfiber wicks moisture and is resistant to stains compared to silk, which stains easily. Polyester is also stain resistant, but can absorb odors that are then near impossible to get out.

What kind of pillowcase is best for hair?

Cotton pillowcases generate too much friction, which can cause your hair to get all tangled and even break more easily. The silky-smooth fabric of either silk or satin pillowcases allows your hair to slide across the surface more easily. This also helps cut down on the frizz for those of you with curly locks.

How long do you keep a microfiber towel on hair?

(via Sephora) Then, wrap your hair up in the microfiber towel for 10 ā€“ 15 minutes to get the rest of the water out of your mane. This process causes the least amount of friction and allows the hair to dry quickly without damaging the shaft or the cuticle.

Do microfiber towels help frizz?

The microfiber material is super absorbent and helps to prevent frizz. It dries hair faster than other towels I’ve used.

What is hygro cotton and Tencel?

Hygro Cotton = Quality Performance

Each towel in Welhome’s Madison is woven with Hygro Cotton and Tencel. These towels are specially loomed with proprietary hollow-core technology, making them the ultimate in softness and performance; more absorbent and more durable than standard cotton.

Is Egyptian cotton better than regular cotton?

Great Egyptian cotton bedding is finer,more durable, softer and smoother than regular cotton, making it more luxurious. … Egyptian cotton is also hand picked rather than being collected by machine, meaning that the fibres are straighter and less likely to be broken which also contributes to the softness of the yarns.