What is the most subscribed YouTube channel? Indian music network T-Series had the most YouTube subscribers in the world as of September 2021, with 194 million users following the channel. YouTube Movies ranked second with roughly 142 million subscribers.

Similarly, What is the monthly income of T-Series?

According to Social Blade, T-Series’ YouTube earnings could be in the range of Rs 14.4 lakh to Rs 2.4 crore per day (the upper limit being Rs 72 crore per month), while PewDiePie’s earnings range between Rs 2.4 lakh and Rs 37.5 lakh (a maximum of Rs 11.2 crore per month).

Additionally, Is T-Series the most famous YouTuber? T-Series has held the title of most-viewed YouTube channel since February 2017, and PewDiePie had been the most-subscribed YouTube channel since August 2013. … T-Series temporarily overtook PewDiePie in subscribers on numerous occasions in 2019.

Who was the first YouTuber to hit 1 million?

YouTube’s Fred Figglehorn, the screechy, chipmunk-voiced Internet star, has become the first person in the history of online video to amass 1 million subscribers.

Which is the most viewed video of T-Series?

Historical most-viewed videos

Video name Uploader / artist / movie Language

Laung Laachi

(Title Song)
Mannat Noor via T-Series Apna Punjab Punjabi

What is the income of Mr Beast?

Mr. Beast Earnings as a YouTuber

The main MrBeast channel has 54 million subscribers generating an average daily audience of 11 million viewers from unique sources, according to MrBeast. Ads running on the videos can bring in $55,000 per day ($20 million per year).

Who is CEO of T-Series?

Bhushan Kumar Dua

(born 27 November 1977) is an Indian film producer and music producer.

Bhushan Kumar
Occupation Film producer music producer
Years active 1998–present
Title Chairman and managing director of T-Series
Spouse(s) Divya Khosla Kumar

What is the income of Desi gamers?

According to Gamingf website, Desi Gamers’ monthly income is somewhere around 6 lakhs. His net worth is also estimated to be somewhere around 1.2 crores. This is certainly a huge step up for this Indian gamer since he started his channel in 2015.

Who is the No 1 YouTuber in world?

PewDiePie (110m subscribers)

By far the most famous YouTuber in the world, in part thanks to a number of controversies and his rivalry with another channel, T-Series, he’s also one of the highest earners on the platform. PewDiePie’s main focus is gaming, including livestreams of him playing.

Who is more popular PewDiePie or T-Series?

#1 T-Series is now two million subscribers ahead of PewDiePie, and are well on the way to 100 million subscribers. As of time of this recording, they collectively have 193 million subscribers.

Who is the most famous YouTuber 2021?

The Most Popular YouTubers of 2021

  • PewDiePie. 110M subscribers. …
  • ✿ Kids Diana Show. 81.4M subscribers. …
  • Like Nastya. 75.6M subscribers. …
  • MrBeast. 65.2M subscribers. …
  • Dude Perfect. 56.5M subscribers. …
  • HolaSoyGerman/JuegaGerman. 43.9M subscribers. …
  • Whinderssonnunes. 42.7M subscribers. …
  • Felipe Neto. 42.6M subscribers.

Who was the fastest person to hit 1 million subscribers?

The world’s FASTEST BOWLER, Shoaib Akhtar, has made another record of getting the fastest ONE MILLION subscribers on YouTube.

Who is the fastest YouTuber in 1 million 2021?


Record Name Record Channel
Fastest Video to hit 1 Million Likes BANGTANTV
First video to hit 1 Million Dislikes Justin Bieber
Longest time as most liked video 1,444 days Officialpsy
Longest streak as most disliked video 2,737 days Justin Bieber

Who is the 1st YouTuber?

The first youtuber was Jawed Karim who was also a founder of YouTube.

What is the most viewed T-Series video on YouTube?


The 10 Most Viewed Songs On T-Series’ YouTube Channel Proves Why Bollywood Music Sucks

  • Guru Randhawa – Lahore – 630 million views.
  • Guru Randhawa – High Rated Gabru – 532 million views.
  • Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya – Badri Ki Dulhaniya – 490 million views.

Which is the No 1 song in India?

Wonder what are the most viewed Indian Music videos on YouTube?

# Title and Link Views
Hanuman Chalisa

with Subtitles [Full Song] Gulshan Kumar, Hariharan – Shree Hanuman Chalisa
2 Laung Laachi Title Song Mannat Noor | Ammy Virk, Neeru Bajwa,Amberdeep | Latest Punjabi Movie 2018 1,346,349,418

Which Indian song is famous in South Korea?

Seori isn’t the only South Korean singer who has spoken about the song. In an interview with Rolling Stones India 2017, BTS leader RM had said, “I could say that the most famous Indian song in Korea is Tunak Tunak Tun. It’s really famous. I sang it when I was a middle school student when I was 14.”

Who is the owner of T Series in 2021?

Since then, T-Series has been led by

his son Bhushan Kumar and younger brother Krishan Kumar

. On YouTube, T-Series has a multi-channel network, with 30 channels (including Lahari Music) that have over 360.9 million subscribers as of June 14, 2021.

T-Series (company)

Trade name T-Series
Updated: 2 November 2021


Is Krishan Kumar owner of T Series?

Krishan Kumar Dua

is an Indian film actor and producer. He is best known for Bewafa Sanam (1995) and owning the largest music producing company in India, T-Series.

Krishan Kumar (actor)

Krishan Kumar Aman Kumar
Years active 1982–present
Known for Bewafa Sanam (1995), T-Series
Spouse(s) Tanya Singh (actress)
Children 1

Who is the owner of Desi gamers?

Q. What is the real name of Desi Gamers? A: My real name is Amit Sharma.

In which state do desi gamers live?

Desi Gamers Wiki

Real Name Amit Sharma
Siliguri, West Bengal
Hometown Siliguri, West Bengal
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality Indian

20 sept. 2020

Who is richest noob in free fire?

Lokesh Gamer is called the Richest Noob in Free Fire by his fans in the Indian gaming community. He owns a YouTube channel named after himself and it has more than 12.4 Million subscribers.

Who is the No 2 YouTuber in world?

Carry Minati is the most popular YouTuber in India with 21.3 million subscribers followed by Amit Bhadana who has 20.5 million subscribers and Ashish Chanchlani who has 18.6 million subscribers.

Who is the No 1 roaster in India?

Ajay Nagar Carryminati the most trending successful YouTube roaster in India. He was born in Faridabad, Haryana, India on 12 June 1999. Recently his channel crossed the 25.3 Million subscribes with 14,214,360 views.

Who is the most famous YouTuber in the world?

1. PewDiePie – 102 Million Subscribers. Of course, at the top of our list is Swedish YouTuber, PewDiePie. Reaching the 100 million subscriber mark in August this year, PewDiePie reigns as the most subscribed individual creator on YouTube.