An official John Wick comic book mini-series developed by Dynamite Comics was announced in June 2016. It was written by film director and comic book writer Greg Pak while illustration was provided by both Giovanni Valletta and Matt Gaudio, the first issue was released in September 2017.

Besides, What is John Wick based off of?

Derek Kolstad’s grandfather, 88-year-old John Wick, served as an inspiration for the movie’s title and character name. According to a directors’ interview, Chad Stahelski and David Leitch re-used quite a few of the stunt men several times throughout the film.

Keeping this in mind, Is John Wick comic canon? Greg Pak (Marvel’s The Totally Awesome Hulk, DC’s Action Comics) will write John Wick, the comic book series by Dynamite Entertainment that flashes all the way back to the start of Wick’s career, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And yes, before you ask, it’s canon in the movie universe.

How many John Wick comics are there?

John Wick (5 book series) Kindle Edition.

Is John Wick a book?

It was written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Giovanni Valletta (issues 1 and 2) and Matt Gaudio (issues 3–5). The five-book series chronicles a young John Wick after his release from prison and his first vendetta.

Who is John Wick in real life?

John Wick (character)

John Wick
Created by Derek Kolstad
Portrayed by
Keanu Reeves
In-universe information
Full name Johnathan Wick

Is John Wick based on a game?

John Wick Hex is a neo-noir action strategy video game based on the John Wick franchise. It was released on 8 October 2019 for Microsoft Windows and macOS. The PlayStation 4 port of the game released on 5 May 2020. The Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ports of the game were released on 4 December 2020.

Is John Wick a secret agent?

Wick is a legendary hitman who had retired until a gang invades his house, steals his car, and kills the puppy that his late wife Helen had given him.

Where is the dog from John Wick now?

Andy is alive and well a friend of mine took him to live in their home and his name was changed to Wick by their kids.” “He did come to visit everyone on set during the filming of JW3 [John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum] in New York City.”

Was John Wick in the military?

“John Wick, prior to being a hitman, served in the United States Marine Corps.”

Will there be a John Wick Chapter 4?

“John Wick: Chapter 4” finally began production at the end of June 2021. Because of that, as Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer announced, “John Wick: Chapter 4” is now set to be released on May 27, 2022.

Will John Wick have 5?

The plan is to film the fourth and fifth John Wick features back-to-back. John Wick 4 is now scheduled for a Memorial Day weekend release on May 27, 2022, after being pushed back a year from May 21, 2021, due to the pandemic.

What should I read if I liked John Wick?

More Dark Action-Thriller Movies like John Wick

  • Jack Reacher (2012)
  • Deadpool (2016)
  • American Sniper (2014)
  • Commando (1985)
  • Oldboy (American Version: 2003)
  • Mad Max (1979)
  • Kill Bill 2 (2004)
  • I Saw The Devil (2010)

What is the code in John Wick?

The most important thing about the Continental is that absolutely no business can be conducted on hotel grounds. In other words, no assassin is allowed to kill another assassin inside the hotel. It’s the No. 1 rule of the underworld, and if broken, it’s punishable by death or being labeled as “excommunicado.”

What is John Wick real name?

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) was born Jardani Jovonovich in Belarus. He was an orphan, and was taken in by the Tarasov Russian Mafia where he was raised as an assassin.

Is John Wick evil or good?

John Wick may be the protaganist of those movies, but he is definitely not a good person. … This has made his existence problematic in his movie world; smarter and craftier people have manipulated him into doing bad things. Other times, John just doesn’t care about the consequences at all and acts out of impunity.

Why is John Wick famous?

During his time with the Tarasov Mob, he completed a task deemed impossible by Viggo Tarasov, with the prolific amount of people he killed having laid the foundation of the organization. Wick is famous for once killing three men in a bar with just a pencil, much to the amazement of the Tarasov brothers.

Did John Wick start as a video game?

The first video game based on the hit John Wick movie franchise, John Wick Hex, is now available to play on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles. The game is a fusion of the action and strategy genres featuring time-based gameplay and a story set before the events of the first film.

Is the red circle a real club?

The Red Circle is a large nightclub situated on the east end of Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan. … The club’s logo, a red circle as the name would suggest, can be found in numerous places around the club, including the private bathroom and in the center arch just above the main entrance.

Is Keanu Reeves in a game?

CHANG: Keanu Reeves lends his talents to the new video game, Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a first-person game set in a dangerous city of the future. You play as the character V, who’s an outlaw in search of a computer chip that’s the key to immortality.

Does John Wick have super powers?

Video Games. John Wick has made several appearances, in video games such as PayDay 2 and Fortnite. In PayDay 2 he has special abilities, such as extra health and more accuracy with handguns.

Who is above the high table John Wick?


The Elder is the mysterious head of the High Table, a mystical man who resides in the desert, and the overarching antagonist of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

Does Keanu Reeves own the dog from John Wick?

In fact, one of the most memorable action set pieces in John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum prominently features Halle Berry and a pair of dogs. But does Reeves share his character’s appreciation for dogs? According to, the actor actually does not have any pets at all.

What happened to John Wicks dog in Chapter 2?

The new dog that John Wick adopts, receives no injury. It is mentioned the dog that was killed in Chapter 1, but is not shown. Someone gets stabbed in the ear with a pencil and it goes all the way in.

Who played the dog in John Wick?

We set up the empathy for John Wick by going all out.” As Animal Actors International dog trainer Kim Krafsky told USA Today, Andy, the male beagle pup who eventually won the role, had a “rock star” quality: “He melts you with his eyes. He also has the right temperament. He and Keanu hit it off right away.