DEA Special Agents: A force in the field

Gather and prepare evidence to help prosecute major violators of U.S. drug laws. Partner with other law enforcement agencies to target violent drug offenders in local communities. Arrest subjects and seize assets connected to illicit drug trafficking.

Similarly, What is the difference between DEA and FBI?

The FBI is a primary law enforcement agency for the U.S. government, charged with enforcement of more than 200 categories of federal laws. The DEA is a single-mission agency charged with enforcing drug laws. The ATF primarily enforces federal firearms statutes and investigates arsons and bombings.

Additionally, Do DEA agents carry guns? DEA agents’ primary service weapons are the Glock 17 and Glock 19, Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun, and Rock River Arms LAR-15 semi-automatic carbine in 5.56×45mm NATO. Agents may also qualify to carry a firearm listed on an authorized carry list maintained and updated by the Firearms Training Unit (FTU), Quantico, VA.

Is a DEA agent a good career?

A career at the DEA as a Special Agent will make great demands on both you and your family, however, also offers very rewarding work and a very good salary. If you are looking for a 9-5 job, look elsewhere. This job demands a lot.

Is DEA hard to get into?

Special Agents also need to be willing and able to handle and carry firearms, and willing to relocate anywhere in the U.S. Our rigorous hiring process can take up to 12 months or more, and includes the following steps: Qualifications review.

Does the DEA report to the FBI?

A 1982 Attorney General order directing a coordinated effort between the two agencies required the Administrator, DEA, to report through the Director, FBI, to the Attorney General. … This action is consistent with recommendations in our 1986 report on Justice’s management processes.

Who is higher than the FBI?

Comparison chart

Stands for Central Intelligence Agency
Introduction The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government, tasked with gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world.

What type of crimes does the DEA investigate?

The Drug Enforcement Agency is an arm of the Federal government that investigates and monitors drug trafficking and drug crimes. The DEA focuses both on the “Breaking Bad” kinds of criminal (major drug traffickers of street drugs) as well as doctors or pharmacies who illegally prescribe opiates.

Do DEA agents go undercover?

They get into drugs to make money fast. … The most shadowy characters in the drug world are not dealers or undercover agents, they are confidential informants. They are usually crooks who switch sides and work for the DEA or FBI. Some do it because they have been caught and are hoping to beat a rap by helping the feds.

How long is DEA training?

The DEA Basic Agent Training Program is an 18-week entry-level training program designed to prepare DEA Special Agents for field assignments nationwide.

How long does it take to be a DEA agent?

How long does it take to become a DEA agent? It can take up to 12 months to make it through the DEA hiring process and 18 weeks after that to complete basic agent training.

Does the DEA pay well?

DEA Special Agents are generally hired at the GS-7 or GS-9 level, depending on education and experience. … After four years of service, Special Agents are eligible to progress to the GS-13 level and can earn approximately $92,592 or more per year.

How much does a DEA agent make yearly?

DEA Agent Salary

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $141,500 $2,721
75th Percentile $105,500 $2,028
25th Percentile $37,500 $721

Do DEA agents move a lot?

Special Agents with the DEA should expect to move around quite a bit. As they write on their website, “Mobility is a condition of employment.”

What disqualifies you from being a DEA agent?

ILLEGAL DRUG USE: … Applicants who are found, through investigation or personal admission, to have experimented with or used narcotics or dangerous drugs, except those medically prescribed, may be disqualified for employment on a DEA contract.

How long does it take to become a DEA agent?

How long does it take to become a DEA agent? It can take up to 12 months to make it through the DEA hiring process and 18 weeks after that to complete basic agent training.

Is it harder to get into the CIA or FBI?

It is an assumption you have to be a law enforcement agent prior to applying to the FBI, but if you are able to meet these requirements, your application will be fairly considered. The CIA focuses more on academic aptitude more than any other branch.

Is DEA Federal or state?

The DEA was established in 1973 as the federal organization in charge of enforcing the controlled substances laws of the United States.

Who is in charge of DEA?

WASHINGTON – On June 28, Anne Milgram was sworn in as Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration by U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland following confirmation by the U.S. Senate June 24.

Is a DEA number Federal or state?

Although a DEA registration is a Federal registration, it does not allow you to prescribe controlled substances anywhere you wish to in the United States.

Who is No 1 Intelligence Agency in 2020?

Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI)

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan, operationally responsible for gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information.

Which agency has the most power?

These Are The World’s Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies

  • CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), USA – …
  • RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), India – …
  • Mossad, Israel – …
  • ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), Pakistan – …
  • MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service), UK – …
  • GRU (Main Intelligence Agency), Russia –

Who gets paid more CIA or FBI?

Salaries. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has 695 more total submitted salaries than CIA.