For U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals, a copy of your birth certificate, passport, or certificate of naturalization or citizenship. For lawful permanent residents, a copy of both sides of your Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card.

Secondly, How much is the affidavit of support fee? Affidavit of Support Fee

The AOS fee has to be covered by the petitioner unless the petitioner asks the visa beneficiary to cover the cost. The Affidavit of Support fee is $120.

When should I submit affidavit of support?

When should I file Form I-864? Form I-864 should be completed when the person who is applying for their green card has either been scheduled for an immigrant visa interview at a consular office outside the U.S., or is inside the U.S. already and they are ready to submit Form I-485 (Adjustment of Status).

Similarly, How long are you financially responsible for someone you sponsor? The sponsor’s responsibility lasts until the immigrant becomes a U.S. citizen, has earned 40 work quarters credited toward Social Security (a work quarter is about three months, so this means about ten years of work), dies, or permanently leaves the United States.

What is proof of relationship between sponsor and Household Member?

Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member, is an attachment to Form I-864, Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA. A separate Form I-864A must be used for each household member whose income and/or assets are being used by a sponsor to qualify.

Can I file affidavit of support online? Can I file Form I-864 online? If you received Form I-864 through the National Visa Center (NVC), you can submit it online through the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC).

How long it takes after submitting affidavit of support? The process of filing for an Affidavit of Support has many steps, each with its own processing time. After you submit your Form I-864, it takes about one-two months of processing time before you are scheduled for an interview.

How long does it take NVC to process affidavit of support? The NVC should send all the scanned documents it has, including the affidavit of support, to the consulate, but you will need to bring the originals to the interview. It frequently takes the NVC at least two months to review one’s documents.

What happens after submitting affidavit of support?

Once the NVC receives your correct and complete affidavit of support form(s), they will be sent to the appropriate U.S. embassy or consulate, along with the immigrant visa petition. When you send the affidavit of support form to the NVC, make sure to send a copy to your alien relative to carry it to the interview.

How do I write a affidavit of support letter? Every I-751 affidavit should cover these basic points:

  1. Full name and address of affiant.
  2. Date and place of birth.
  3. Relationship to I-751 applicant and spouse.
  4. An account of your relationship explaining: How you met the couple. …
  5. Details explaining how the person acquired this knowledge (i.e. friends)
  6. Date and signature.

How many affidavit of support can I file?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances. Two joint sponsors can be used per family unit applying to immigrate under the same petition. If two joint sponsors are used, each joint sponsor is responsible only for the intending immigrant(s) listed on the joint sponsor’s Form I-864.

What are affidavit of Support Documents & financial evidence? An Affidavit of Support, also called the Form I-864, is a document an individual signs to accept financial responsibility for the applicant who is coming to live in the United States.

Can I withdraw my sponsorship of an immigrant?

To withdraw the sponsorship, the sponsor must send a letter to the USCIS office, where the application is being processed, informing the office of the decision to withdraw. They must be sure to include a copy of their receipt notice when sending the letter. This helps in tracing their file quickly.

What is affidavit of support?

An Affidavit of Support, also called the Form I-864, is a document an individual signs to accept financial responsibility for the applicant who is coming to live in the United States.

What is I 864A affidavit of support? Most family-based immigrants and some employment-based immigrants use this form to show they have adequate means of financial support and are not likely to rely on the U.S. government for financial support.

What if my joint sponsor is married? Married Joint Sponsors

If the joint sponsor is married, he or she may also include the income from his or her spouse. A joint sponsor’s spouse would count as his or her household member. Therefore, this sponsor would include an additional Form I-864A with the household member’s (spouse’s) information.

What if the petitioner has no income?

What happens if the petitioner doesn’t have enough income? Petitioners who cannot meet this level have two choices: 1) find a “joint sponsor” who will agree to also financially support the visa applicant, or 2) use the income of a household member to meet the Poverty Guidelines.

What documents are required for joint sponsor? As part of the financial support form (Form I-864), the joint sponsor needs to include the same supporting documents as the sponsoring spouse, namely federal income tax returns, pay stubs, and a proof of employment letter.

What happens after paying affidavit of Support fee?

After paying the fees, you will need to wait for NVC to process them, which typically takes up to one week. When the payments have been processed, you will be able to access and submit Form DS-260, the online immigrant visa application. Check out detailed instructions for how to do so.

Do I have to pay for affidavit of support? You must pay the Affidavit of Support fee for each case unless you are petitioning for your spouse and/or child(ren) and submit your Affidavit of Support for each case to the NVC at the same time.

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