1 : to introduce into office with suitable ceremonies He was inaugurated as president. 2 : to celebrate the opening of The town inaugurated a new library. 3 : to bring about the beginning of The company will inaugurate a new plan.

An example of inauguration is when a restaurant tries a new menu for the very first time. An example of an inauguration is when the power is handed over to the new president of the United States. A formal beginning or introduction.

Subsequently, What does inaugurated as president mean?

A presidential inauguration is a ceremonial event centered on the formal transition of a new president into office, usually in democracies where this official has been elected. Frequently, this involves the swearing of an oath of office.

Also, How do you use inaugurate in a sentence?

– The warriors decided to inaugurate the king right there on the battlefield, despite the obvious danger of assassination. …
– They thought that the rise of a new government would inaugurate a new reign of peace, but we were doubtful of what seemed to be an overly optimistic view.

Does inaugural mean first?

This word has to do with ceremonies and firsts: an inaugural or inaugural address is the first speech made by a President at a ceremony also called the inauguration. This word is highly associated with Presidents, but it can apply to any kind of official first.

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What do you call the first of something?

original; primitive: first; anterior; relating to a precursor. such as protohuman, protolanguage, protohistory, protomartyr, prototype, etc. ur- primitive; original; earliest.

What is another word for at first?

initially originally
—————- ——————-
at the outset beforehand
incipiently in the beginning
primarily to start with
at the beginning in the early stages

What does it mean to be inaugurated?

to make a formal beginning of; initiate; commence; begin: The end of World War II inaugurated the era of nuclear power. to induct into office with formal ceremonies; install.

What word can I use instead of unfortunately?

– sadly.
– regrettably.
– disastrously.
– dismally.
– grievously.
– horribly.
– miserably.
– unhappily.

What does inaugurated mean in the Bible?

transitive verb. 1 : to induct into an office with suitable ceremonies. 2a : to dedicate ceremoniously : observe formally the beginning of inaugurate a new school. b : to bring about the beginning of.

How do you use three dots in a sentence?

When quoted material is presented as multiple sentences, four dots should be used for omissions between two or more original sentences; three dots should be used for omissions within a single original sentence.

What’s a better word for problem?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for problem, like: dilemma, enigma, intricacy, difficulty, predicament, issue, complication, trouble, quandary, obstacle and imbroglio.

Can you end a sentence with three dots?

Ellipsis at the End of a Sentence To form an ellipsis in MLA when the omitted material appears at the end of your sentence, type the ellipsis with three periods with space before each period and include the closing quotation marks immediately after the third period.

What is an antonym for unrequited?

unrequited. Antonyms: common, correlative, interchangeable, joint, mutual, reciprocal. Synonyms: detached, disconnected, dissociated, distinct, disunited, separate, separated, severed, sundered, unconnected, unreciprocated, unshared.

How do you use answer in a sentence?

– He put her answer down in his note book. …
– Alex didn’t answer and it went to his voice mail, so she left a message. …
– If she does not know the answer to a question, she guesses with mischievous assurance. …
– True, but her answer left Carmen’s stomach tied in a knot. …
– How will you answer him?

What’s a fancy word for problem?

hindrance dilemma
——— ———–
issue trouble
headache obstacle
setback adversity
pickle predicament

What is the noun form of inaugurate?

A close synonym of this sense of the word is install. The noun inauguration refers to the process of inaugurating or a ceremony in which a person or thing is inaugurated. … Inaugurate can also mean to introduce something into use with a formal ceremony.

Which does unrequited mean?

: not requited : not reciprocated or returned in kind unrequited love.

What does it mean to be involved in something?

1a : having a part in something : included in something unable to identify those who were involved She was involved in a lawsuit. b : actively participating in something an involved citizen active in local politics. c : having a romantic or sexual relationship warned her not to get romantically involved.

What is the inaugural speech?

The “inaugural address” is a speech given during this ceremony which informs the people of their intentions as a leader.

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