a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation: There is no need to go there. 2. a lack of something wanted or deemed necessary: the needs of the poor. 3. urgent want, as of something requisite: They have need of your charity.

Examples of need in a Sentence We find that there is still a need for further discussion. There is a great need for change. Our experienced staff will go out of their way to meet your every need. He has trouble expressing his emotional needs.

Subsequently, What is need and example?

A need is something you have to have, something you can’t do without. A good example is food. … Many people have gone days without eating, but they eventually ate a lot of food. You might not need a whole lot of food, but you do need to eat. A want is something you would like to have.

Also, What is the difference between need and want with example?

In economics, a need is something needed to survive while a want is something that people desire to have, that they may, or may not, be able to obtain. The terms wants and needs are used in today’s economy, and not always accurately.

What is this word need?

noun. a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation: There is no need for you to go there. a lack of something wanted or deemed necessary: to fulfill the needs of the assignment.

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What is need in economics definition?

In economics, a need is something needed to survive while a want is something that people desire to have, that they may, or may not, be able to obtain.

What is need and want in economics?

In economics, a want is something that is desired. … Wants are often distinguished from needs. A need is something that is necessary for survival (such as food and shelter), whereas a want is simply something that a person would like to have.

Is needed a real word?

adjective. necessary, required, or wanted (usually used in combination): a much-needed vacation.

What need or needs?

The pronoun “he” is singular and the word “needs” is used whereas we use the word “need” when we speak about a plural subject as in: Ex: They “need” to improve their skills. The skills is the secondary part i.e object over here and does not determine the tense of the verb here.

What is the synonym of necessity?

SYNONYMS. essential requirement, prerequisite, indispensable item, indispensable thing, essential, requisite, necessary, fundamental, basic. sine qua non, desideratum.

Why do we need definition?

But why is a definition so important? Because definitions enable us to have a common understanding of a word or subject; they allow us to all be on the same page when discussing or reading about an issue.

What are the example of wants?

Examples include food, water, and shelter. A want is something unnecessary but desired or items which increase the quality of living. Examples include a car stereo, CD’s, car, and designer clothes. Depending upon what a person defines as a need or a want will influence his/her financial decisions.

How does needs and wants affect the economy?

Businesses make money by satisfying the wants and needs of consumers and other businesses. In this way, wants and needs drive the economy. Wants and needs determine what products and services businesses provide. Businesses provide goods and services to satisfy the wants and needs of businesses and consumers.

What is a need vs want?

Want — have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for. Need — require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable.

How do you use need in a sentence?

– He did not need anything of that kind. 614. …
– There was no need to rush. 318. …
– You will need a sitter for the party anyway. 219. …
– Still, a person didn’t need to say it to feel it. 179. …
– I am sorry, for I need you. …
– “I know,” Alex said, “but you need to go home and get some rest.” …
– Come if you need anything. …
– He didn’t need proof.

What is need with example?

The definition of a need is a desire or requirement. An example of a need is the desire for a fast Internet connection. An example of a need is food and water for survival. noun.

How do you use needs?

– I need some coffee. (The word “coffee” is an object.)
– She needs a ride. (The word “ride” is an object.)
– We need to go home. (“To go” is an infinitive.)

What is a need example?

Many wants may seem like needs. Needs are a special kind of want, and refer to things we must have to survive, such as food, water, and shelter. Give examples of some age-appropriate wants and needs (a pet dog, a skateboard, clothing items, lunch, hairbrush) and ask children if they want or need each one.

What is the purpose of a definition?

The purpose of a definition is to explain the meaning of a term which may be obscure or difficult, by the use of terms that are commonly understood and whose meaning is clear. The violation of this rule is known by the Latin term obscurum per obscurius.

Why do humans need to find meaning?

That finding meaning in life is considered a fundamental motivation by some means that human beings must perceive a sufficient amount of meaning in their lives. In other words, feeling that one’s life is significant, comprehensible, or purposeful may be necessary for human psychological functioning.

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