Banganga Tank is feature of the Walkeshwar Shiva Temple complex which was made in 1127 by the Silhara dynasty. Centuries later, the Portuguese invaders destroyed the temple, but it was renovated in 1715 along with the Banganga Tank. Ever since, this site has become a mini pilgrimage site for the devouts in the city.

Similarly, What is Pincode of walkeshwar?

Pin code of Walkeshwar, Mumbai- is 400006.

Additionally, What is the mythological name of banganga? Banganga in mythology

Lakshmana instantly shot an arrow into the ground, and water gushed forth from the ground, creating a tributary of the Ganges, which flows over a thousand miles away – hence its name, Banganga, ie the Ganga created by a baan (arrow).

In which cities of Maharashtra do we still find a tank?

Out of the list only the Banganga Tank and the Bandra Tank are still in existence today.

What is PIN code of Grant Road Mumbai?

Grant Road Pin Code

Office Grant Road
Taluk Mumbai
Division Mumbai West
District Mumbai

What is the pin code of Cuffe Parade?


Place Pin Code Taluk
Cuffe Parade

Where is the trust tank located?

Sundaresvara Tank is located in

the south of Sundaresvara Siva temple across the Sundaresvara road, Old Town, Bhubaneswar

, the capital of Orissa. It is now under the care and maintenance of Sri Sri Dadhivamana Sundaresvara Mahadeva Trust Board.

Sundaresvara Tank
State Orissa
Country India

Is Vihar Lake artificial?

History of Vihar lake at Mumbai (bombay)

In 1845 the wells that supplied the city proved insufficient and the British decided to create several artificial lakes to serve as reservoirs for the city in times of drought. Thus, between 1856 and 1860 were created the 3 lakes Vihar, Tulsi and Powai.

What is CP Tank?

Coordinates:18.954890°N 72.825636°E CP Tank or Cowasjee Patel Tank is a former water tank for supplying drinking water in Girgaon, South Mumbai. … The CP Tank was built by Cowasji Rustamjee Patel in 1776. The Framji Cowasji Tank bordered Esplanade was built by Framji Cowasji in 1831.

Which river is known as lifeline of Maharashtra?

Koyna River


Koyna River
Country India
State Maharashtra

What is the Pincode of Malad East?

Malad East Pin Code

Office Malad East
Taluk Malad East
Division Mumbai North West
District Mumbai

What is kamathipura famous for?

Kamathipura is an old and famously known red-light area located at Grant Road (East). The name was given due to ‘Kamathis’ (Workers) of Andhra Pradesh. Kamathipura was formerly called ‘Lal Bazar’ during the time of the British government for being the oldest prostitutes’ area in south Mumbai since 1795.

What train station is near Cuffe Parade?

Major Railway Stations near CUFFE PARADE Kalaghoda Maharashtra Mumbai

Station Train Frequency Distance

536 1.53 Kms
(DR)DADAR 562 10.06 Kms

Is Vihar Lake man made?


built in 1860

(construction started in 1856), it was considered as the largest lake in Mumbai in the Salsette group of islands. It is hemmed between the Tulsi Lake and the Powai Lake(shown in map).

Vihar Lake
Settlements Mumbai

Are there crocodiles in Vihar Lake?

Vihar Lake is the largest lake in Mumbai. It is located within Sanjay Gandhi National Park near Vihar village on the Mithi River. … A creepy fact about Vihar Lake is that it is indeed filled with a good number of freshwater crocodiles, also known as Mugger or Marsh crocodiles.

How was Powai Lake formed?

Powai Lake is an artificial lake, situated in the northern suburb of Mumbai. The lake was created in 1891 by constructing dam between two hillocks across Mithi River. Catchment area of the lake is about 600 hectors and water spread area at full supply level is 220 hectors.

What is lifeline of Maharashtra?

Which river is known as the lifeline of Maharashtra? Narmada.

Which river is known as lifeline of India?

River Ganges: The lifeline of India.

Which river is called lifeline of India?

The Ganges is the largest river in India with extraordinary religious significance. The river provides water to 40 per cent of India’s population in 11 states of India. In other words, Ganga is the lifeline of India.

What is Malad East District?

Malad East is located in Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. The Pin Code of Malad East is 400097. … Malad East is located in Mumbai district in Maharashtra. 400097 is the pincode (Postal code) of Malad East.

What is the taluka of Malad East?

Place : Malad East
District : Mumbai
Tehsil/ Taluka :
Malad East
State : Maharashtra
Latitude : 19.1878488

Where is pincode 400067?

Kandivali West pin code

Kandivali West
Pincode 400067
Taluk Kandivali West
Divison Mumbai North West
District Mumbai

What happens in Kamathipura?

It is a place of suffering where children and women are trafficked, sold, beaten and raped into prostitution. There are many major issues, including health, hygiene, exploitation, police, pimps, lack of creche facilities for children, etc.

Which is best red light area in Mumbai?


कामाटीपूरा Kamathipura

Lal bazaar
Red Light Area
कामाटीपूरा Kamathipura Location in Mumbai, India
Coordinates:18.96°N 72.82°ECoordinates:18.96°N 72.82°E
Country India

What is done in red light area?

A red-light district or pleasure district is a part of an urban area where a concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented businesses, such as sex shops, strip clubs, and adult theaters, are found. … The term red-light district originates from the red lights that were used as signs for brothels.