The message conveyed through the poem Wind is that we should never give up when there are obstacles and hardships in life. We should face those obstacles with strong will power like poet befriends the wind so that it could not harm the poet in any way.

Similarly, What is the message Shelley want to convey through his phrase if winter comes can spring be far behind?

In this poem, Shelley is talking about how he would like his poetry to be important for long after he is dead. … He is hoping that his poems can be like the leaves and such that the wind blows. He hopes that they will land (on people’s minds) and help to nurture new growth.

Additionally, What message is the poet trying to convey in the poem? What message is the poet trying to convey in the poem? How does he succeed in carrying out his task? The message that the poet tries to give is that discriminatory attitude and hatred that humans have against one another on the basis of race, class and religion is futile.

What message is the poet trying to give through the poem wind How does the wind treat the weaklings 100 120 words?

The poet says that the wind pokes fun at weaklings. It brings down frail houses, crumbling doors, rafters, and even weak hearth. The wind crushes everything that is weak. The poet advises us to be strong.

What is the message that is conveyed through the poem?

The message conveyed through this poem is that if one wants to live a peaceful life without tensions, enemies, and problems, he should spend his life in nature, wherein he would be happy and relaxed. He should forget all his desires and rejoice in the glory of nature like a free bird.

What might be meant by winter and spring?

Winter is considered the time of death. … After a time of death comes a time of rebirth and renewal. Spring is the time for this rebirth of life, with young ones being born and plant life budding.

What is referred to as winter and spring in the poem Ode to the West Wind?

Simply put, in the timeline of life, winter comes before spring. As soon as winter is finished, that means that spring is coming next, not far behind. For the entire poem, Shelley has been talking about the west wind, and all that it does.

Who says if winter comes can spring be far behind?

“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind” – Percy Bysshe Shelley. Taken from Ode to the West Wind.

Why and how does the wind blows out weak Fires who roar and flourish?

Answer: The wind disturbs only those people who are not determined. The self confident people overcome the obstacles put before them by the wind. The wind does not have the knack to disturb the peace of mind of such people. The wind blows out weak fires and makes strong fires roar and flourish.

What does the winter season symbolize?

The winter season signals the end of the year and the death of summer. So, writers and artists tend to use winter to represent some of life’s painful experiences, like solitude, death, grief, and depression. However, because winter ushers in spring, it can also bring messages of rebirth and hope.

What does spring symbolize in literature?

Spring has traditionally been the symbol of love, joy, spirituality, youth and melancholy and most importantly beginning of a new life for a person after suffering at the hands of the ‘cold world of autumn’.

What does winter symbolize in literature?

Winter Despair and Hope

References to winter in literature may refer to death, old age, pain, loneliness, despair or an end. The season provides the setting for painful messages, as well as messages of renewal, rebirth and hope, according to Annie Fitch in an article on the Poetry Foundation website.

When winter is here Spring is not far away?

“O, Wind. If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” – Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822) | Quote of the week, Positive quotes, Quotations.

When winter comes spring is not far behind poem?

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? This is the last line of the famous poem “Ode to the West Wind” written by renowned romantic poet P.B. Shelley. Shelley was an optimist and despite his depiction of the prevailing gloom, he believed in the final triumph of a glorious future for mankind.

What season does the poet associate with the west wind?

Summary. The speaker invokes the “wild West Wind” of autumn, which scatters the dead leaves and spreads seeds so that they may be nurtured by the spring, and asks that the wind, a “destroyer and preserver,” hear him.

Can spring be far behind quotes?

“O, Wind. If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” – Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822) | Quote of the week, Positive quotes, Quotations.

What is the poets prayer to the West Wind?

The speaker prays to the west wind to make him its lyre.

A lyre is an ancient musical instrument, kind of like a small U-shaped harp. … Shelley yearns for the west wind, his poetic faculty, to play him in order to create great poetry, just as the wind plays the lyre to make sweet music.

Who wrote Ode to the West Wind?

“Ode to the West Wind” is an ode, written by Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1819 in Cascine wood near Florence, Italy. It was originally published in 1820 by Charles in London as part of the collection Prometheus Unbound, A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts, With Other Poems.

What does the wind do to the weak fires and the strong fires?

Answer: The wind extinguishes the weak fires and makes the strong fires to develop more.

How does it make strong fires roar and flourish?

The poet explains how the wind helps the strong ones and teases the weaklings. A strong wind makes the strong fires roar and flourish. It becomes bigger and more powerful.

What makes the fire roar and flourish?

The wind blows out weak fires! The wind makes the strong fire blaze higher and more intensely. … He makes strong fires roar and flourish. Thus if you are strong, the wind can be your friend.

What is a spiritual winter season?

If your soul is in the spiritual season of winter, these may be some indicators: A frenetic season of work, ministry or family life has come to a close and you crave stillness. You continue to push forward with a task that used to give you joy but now feels only exhausting.

What do the 4 seasons symbolize?

There is a close corrrespondence between the seasons and the stages of life from birth to death. In this sense, Spring represents birth while summer represents youth, autumn adulthood and winter old age and death.

What is winter associated with?

Winter, the coldest season of the year, comes between autumn and spring. It is associated with plunging temperatures and icy weather, but its impact and timing change according to location. The farther an area lies from the equator, the colder temperatures it experiences.