The Best Picnic Spots in Auckland

  1. Long Bay Regional Park. …
  2. Maukatia Bay, Muriwai. …
  3. Castor Bay Beach, Milford. …
  4. Point Erin Park, Westhaven. …
  5. Cornwall Park, One Tree Hill. …
  6. Bastion Point, Mission Bay. …
  7. Taurere/Mt Taylor, Glendowie. …
  8. Tahuna Torea, Wai O Taiki Bay.

Thereof Can you have a picnic in Auckland Domain? The Auckland Domain is home to the Auckland War Memorial Museum, an elegant backdrop to any picnic. A picnic in the city’s oldest park is always a gem, with over 10 hectares of lush fields to choose from.

How many regional parks are in Auckland? u200bu200bThere are 28 regional parks currently open to the public in the Auckland region.

Similarly, Can you have a picnic in St James park?


James’s Park is the picnic spot for you. A great spot to picnic at is towards the north end of the park. … If going early in the morning, one can also catch the changing of the guard procession from the park itself.

Can you drive up north head?

Visitors can also drive partially up the Mount with parking available. Throughout the reserve there are plenty of seating areas to take in the views. There are also paths that lead down onto secluded bays and Cheltenham Beach.

How long is Cornwallis Beach? You’ll find about 1.3 km of sandy beach to enjoy walking, fishing and swimming.

Who owns North Head?

North Head Quarantine Station
Owner Office of Environment and Heritage
Australian National Heritage List
Official name North Head – Sydney, North Head Scenic Dr, Manly, NSW, Australia
Type Historic

Are dogs allowed on North Head? It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

Dog walking at Maungauika / North Head.

Park areas
Image of dog sign All times
Image of dog sign on-leash On-leash All times

Can you walk up North Head?

Take a self-guided walk through tunnels and other features of the area’s military history.

Can you swim at Cornwallis? Cornwallis. Part of the Waitakere Ranges, Cornwallis is a popular, safe spot for family picnics and swimming. Visit the 200m long restored Cornwallis wharf, the last of the Manukau’s 16 ferry wharves.

Is Cornwallis open? There is pedestrian access 24 hours a day to Cornwallis Beach. During summer hours (daylight savings) the vehicle gates are open from 8am to 9pm. During winter (non-daylight savings) the gates are open from 8am to 7pm.

Are dogs allowed at Cornwallis Beach? Your four-legged friend will have plenty to enjoy at Cornwallis as the Beach is an off-leash zone between Sunrise and 9am. After that time, they can still enjoy the sights and smells, but will need to be on a leash from 9am-Sunrise.

What is the indigenous name for Manly?

Manly Aboriginal Heritage

The Gayemagal lived in the Manly area and thrived due to the abundance of food resources like fish, shellfish and animals. Evidence of these can be found in the middens all over the coastal area.

Did Australia have quarantine stations?

Australia’s first quarantine station dates back to the 1830s. The North Head Quarantine Station in Manly, Sydney, was established to protect the land from infectious diseases from newly-arrived immigrants.

When did Q close? After its closure as an operational maritime quarantine facility on 16th March 1984, ownership of the Quarantine Station was transferred from the Commonwealth to the State Government and it was reserved as part of Sydney Harbour National Park.

How many dogs are you allowed in Auckland? Keeping more than two dogs

If you live in an urban zone, you need a licence to keep more than two dogs for longer than 30 consecutive days. This rule applies even if you don’t legally own the dogs. If you are classified as urban residential, you will need a licence.

Are dogs allowed in Riverhead Forest?

Riverhead Forest Barlow Rd Deacon Rd Loop is a 2.8 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, nature trips, and mountain biking. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Are dogs allowed on Browns Bay beach? BeachWinter rules apply from 2 March to 30 November.

Dog walking at Browns Bay Beach Reserve.

On the playground
Image of dog sign All times
Image of dog sign prohibited Prohibited All times

When did North Head erupt?

Maungauika / North Head erupted about 90,000 years ago.

Can you see Course A from North Head? Course A – Visible from Milford Beach, Takapuna Beach and other North Shore vantage points. Course B – Visible from North Shore locations including Cheltenham Beach, Narrow Neck Beach and Maungauika North Head, which will be activated during Christmas racing.

Are the tunnels open at North Head?

The ferry from Auckland to Devonport wharf takes only 12 minutes, and then you can enjoy a 1.5 km walk along the waterfront to North Head historic reserve. It’s free to enter and open from 6 am to 10 pm, although the vehicle gates close at 8 pm.

Can you swim at Kawakawa Bay? “Kawakawa Bay is perfect for swimming, fishing and boating. It offers spectacular views of Hauraki Gulf Islands and is lined with Kawakawa trees.

Is Cheltenham beach safe to swim?

Cheltenham Beach is a great spot for a picnic with family and friends, and for playing ball sports on the beach at low tide. It’s a good place for a swim, but beware as the beach is not patrolled by surf lifeguards and there may be some currents; keep young children within arm’s reach.

Can you swim at Judges Bay? A perfect beach in the heart of Auckland, Judges Bay had a major makeover in 2011 and is now a great swimming spot with a small beach, pontoons to jump off, and picnic benches.

Is Kakamatua beach open?

Our parks and beaches are open. Drinking fountains are closed. Use the NZ COVID Tracer app to scan or check in manually.

How long is Cornwallis Wharf? The wharf at Cornwallis is 200m long and is accessible by a wheelchair. A great place to fish from.

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