Wellington is New Zealand’s safest large city. Older children regularly cross the city on public transport to get to school. And Wellington’s diversity means all expats can find their community.

Thereof Where should I not live in Auckland? Readers can explore their own neighbourhoods but some of the most dangerous spots in each centre include:

  • Auckland CBD – The area bordered by Victoria St West and Wellesley St West, Queen St and Elliot St (107 victimisations).
  • North Shore – The area around the Albany Westfield Mall (42).

What is the poorest city in New Zealand? Kawerau is New Zealand’s poorest town. It has the country’s lowest average income, its highest share of sole parents and beneficiaries, and has been dominated for 30 years by the Mongrel Mob.

Similarly, Where is the warmest place in New Zealand?

Where is the warmest place in New Zealand? Based on the average yearly high of 19.7 °C (67.6 °F), Whangarei is the warmest place in New Zealand. In summer, temperatures climb to the mid 20’s °C (mid 70’s °F) and occasionally reach above 30 °C (mid 80’s °F).

Where should you avoid in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s 7 Most Dangerous Places

  • Hot Water Beach.
  • Nelson Lakes National Park.
  • Rotorua bubbling mud pools & hot springs.
  • Auckland.
  • White Island.
  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
  • Mount Cook.

What is the poorest suburb in Auckland? Some of the suburbs in South Auckland contain predominantly state housing and are the poorest suburbs of Auckland. The area also contains the industrial heartland of Auckland (Mangere, Otahuhu, Manukau CBD, and the Port of Onehunga), with workshops, factories and warehouses providing work for many Aucklanders.

What city has the highest crime rate in NZ?

By City in New Zealand

Rank City Crime Index
1 Auckland 45.74
2 Hamilton 45.56
3 Christchurch 40.52
4 Wellington 29.48

Is it better to live in Auckland or Wellington? Auckland is more urban and has more population compared to Wellington. Auckland has better opportunities and definitely better prospects of life too.. On the other side Wellington is the creamier side of the Country. Rich in culture and heritage.

What is the wealthiest town in NZ?

The biggest city in New Zealand is also its most expensive. Auckland has some of the highest prices for goods, services, food, entertainment, and rent.


Rental One-bedroom flat Up to $2,414 per month
Shopping Personal care Up to $160 one-off
Clothes Up to $600 one-off

• Jun 30, 2021

Who makes NZ money? Printing. New Zealand’s new Series 7 banknotes are printed by Canadian Bank Note Company in Ottawa, Canada. Series 6 polymer banknotes were produced by Note Print Australia Limited in Melbourne. Both sets of notes have been printed on the same polymer substrate.

What is the nicest place to live in New Zealand? The best New Zealand cities to live in

  • Auckland. …
  • Wellington. …
  • Christchurch. …
  • Hamilton. …
  • Dunedin. …
  • Tauranga. …
  • Napier. …
  • Queenstown.

What is the nicest place in New Zealand? 10 Most Picturesque Places in New Zealand

  1. Bay of Islands. Photo: photo.eccles / Adobe Stock. …
  2. The Coromandel. Another beautiful beach area on the North Island is the Coromandel Peninsula. …
  3. Hobbiton. …
  4. Rotorua. …
  5. Tongariro National Park. …
  6. Wellington. …
  7. Mount Aspiring National Park. …
  8. Queenstown.

What is the cheapest place to live in New Zealand?

Whanganui. The North Island city of Whanganui is continuously touted as the most affordable place to live in New Zealand.

What are the negatives of living in New Zealand?

Everything is expensive, lack of job/career opportunities, far from everywhere. Houses are too expensive, renting an apartment almost take all your salary. As much as we would like to see NZ expanding its population, there’s a lack of job opportunities for locals and new migrants which is the main drawback.

Is NZ bigger than Germany? New Zealand is about 1.3 times smaller than Germany.

Germany is approximately 357,022 sq km, while New Zealand is approximately 268,838 sq km, making New Zealand 75.3% the size of Germany.

Which city in NZ has the highest crime rate? Analysis of New Zealand crime data has shown Rotorua has the highest crime rate in the country. Data analysis company Dot Loves Data has examined reported crime from the past five years.

Where do the rich live in New Zealand?

With over one hundred Auckland suburbs sitting on or around the average sales price of one million dollars, it’s not surprising that the Auckland region is the obvious leader in the luxury housing market in New Zealand.

Is Manukau a suburb? Manukau (/ˈmɑːnʊˌkaʊ/), or Manukau Central, is a suburb of South Auckland, New Zealand, centred on the Manukau City Centre business district. It is located 23 kilometres south of the Auckland Central Business District, west of the Southern Motorway, south of Papatoetoe, and north of Manurewa.

What is the wealthiest suburb in Auckland?

Auckland’s Herne Bay retained its spot as New Zealand’s most expensive suburb, with a median property value of $3.6 million, up 18.3 percent compared to December 2020. Of the 966 suburbs, 698 recorded a lift in property prices of at least 20 percent in 2021.

Is it cheaper to live in New Zealand or Australia? New Zealand has a lower cost of living than Australia. You’ll likely pay less for everything there. The cost of living in each country is an average set of data. It varies from city to city.

What is the most common crime in New Zealand?

The New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey (NZCASS) estimated that in 2014, the four major classes of crime incidents were assault (27.3%), threat of force (21.4%), burglary (10.8%) and sexual offences (9.9%). Most of these incidents (52.9%) were experienced by a victim that experienced five or more incidents of crime.

What is the best town in New Zealand? The Most Beautiful Towns in New Zealand

  • Queenstown. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Feilding. Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark. …
  • Whakatane. Historical Landmark. …
  • Russell. Natural Feature. …
  • Wanaka. Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark. …
  • Picton. Architectural Landmark, Natural Feature. …
  • Kaikoura. …
  • Mangawhai.

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