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Similarly, Who owns InterCity NZ?

InterCity is a passenger transport and tourism company in New Zealand. Parent company Entrada Travel Group operates the country’s only long distance bus network, and ferries and cruises in the Bay of Islands.

Additionally, What is InterCity NZ? InterCity operates one of New Zealand’s lowest cost transport networks. Over 100 services connect more than 600 towns, cities and communities nationwide. With our fleet of modern and comfortable air-conditioned buses, InterCity operates scheduled daily departures to main destinations across the North and South Islands.

Who owns Ritchies Transport?

KKR to acquire New Zealand bus company Ritchies Transport at value of $347M. Global investment firm KKR has plans to acquire a New Zealand bus and coach company with an 86-year heritage, Ritchies Transport.

Who owns great sights?

Leading tourism operator Explore Group has purchased Fullers Great Sights operation in the Bay of Islands as the first part of a wider expansion plan for the business including growth in Auckland and Australia.

What InterCity means?

: occurring in or extending or operating between two or more cities intercity travel.

What is intra city?

: being, occurring, or operating within a particular city intracity buses.

What is the name of the loyalty club for InterCity?

Yes – join InterCity Rewards (formerly known as Club Freeway) today and every booking you make can help earn you free travel.

Is Ritchies Coachlines for sale?

One of the country’s oldest and largest transport operators, Ritchies, is to be sold a New York-based investment giant, KKR. Ritchies Coachlines. … “Buses account for 75 percent of total public transport trips made in the country and play a critical role in connecting people to places.

Who operates the largest coach transportation network in New Zealand?

From small beginnings. Over our 80 year history Ritchies Transport has grown into one of New Zealand’s largest and most successful bus companies.

What is another word for intercity?

Intercity Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for intercity?


coach line
Pullman sleeper
tube waggon


railway train

Is it intercity or inner city?

As adjectives the difference between intercity and innercity

is that intercity is that connects cities with other cities while innercity is .

What is the sentence of intercity?

Intercity sentence example

That summer, Fred had the honor of driving the first passenger-carrying intercity 125 train down to Poole. The newer intercity (IC) trains are modern, have air conditioning and make only limited stops.

What is inter city and intra city?

Intracityadjective. Within a city. Intercitynoun. Something that runs between cities, such as a railroad. Intercityadjective.

What is urban transit system?

(c) Urban transit, mass transit or public transportation includes systems that are available for use by all persons who pay the established fare. These modes, which operate on fixed routes and with fixed schedules, include bus, light rail transit, metro, regional rail and several other systems.

What is the meaning of the word intricate *?

1 : having many complexly interrelating parts or elements : complicated intricate machinery an intricate plot. 2 : difficult to resolve or analyze.

Who owns Wellington busses?

The Greater Wellington Regional Council

is responsible for planning and subsidising public transport, and pays around NZ$30 million for bus and train services each year.

Public transport in the Wellington Region.


bus on Lambton Quay
Fuel type Diesel, electricity
Operator Tranzurban, Uzabus, Mana Coach Services, NZ Bus

Who makes buses in New Zealand?

NZ Bus

Formerly Stagecoach New Zealand
Founded October 1992
Founder Stagecoach Group
Headquarters Wellington, New Zealand
Next Capital

Who owns buses in Auckland?

Auckland Transport

Type Council-controlled organisation
Revenue $1.36 billion (as of 2010)
Auckland Council
Number of employees 1700+ (2019)

What is the opposite of intercity?

Adjective. Opposite of between cities. intracity. local.

Is inner city one or two words?

Guardian style guide on Twitter: “inner city – noun two words, adjective hyphenated: inner-city blues made Marvin Gaye wanna holler.

Is Intercity hyphenated?

Inter- and intra- can both be attached to common nouns without a hyphen. For example, you could write interstellar and intercity with or without a hyphen.

What is inter city travel?

Unlike a transit bus service, which has frequent stops throughout a city or town, an intercity bus service generally has a single stop at one location in or near a city, and travels long distances without stopping at all.