Queensland Raceway is a FIA Grade 3 circuit.

Queensland Raceway.

Owner Tony Quinn
Opened 1999
Major events V8 Supercar
National Circuit (1999-present)
Length 3.126 km (1.95 mi)

Thereof Who bought Queensland Raceway? Key Points. Tony Quinn is many things – a racer, a businessman, a team and circuit owner and most importantly, a fan of all things motoring. The Scotsman has recently acquired Queensland Raceway for $12 million from John Tetley after months of back-and-forth, negotiation breakdowns and compromises.

How much is Queensland Raceway worth? Motorsports Queensland has obtained a valuation of their track and buildings on the 54 hectares of land, which has been seen by Fairfax Media, showing the asset is worth $20.5 million.

Similarly, How long is the Qld Raceway?

The full 3.12km National Circuit was designed primarily for the top level classes in Australian motorsport and features four straights of varying lengths to provide a balanced opportunity for passing on each lap.

What race tracks does Tony Quinn own?

Quinn already owns Hampton Down Motorsport Park, and Highlands Motorsport Park, as well as putting in an offer to buy Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, which is set to be put to shareholders in the coming weeks.

Who owns Lakeside Raceway? Lakeside International Raceway

Location Kurwongbah, Queensland
Owner Moreton Bay Regional Council
Operator Queensland Raceways
Opened 1961 Reopened: 5 April 2008
Former names Lakeside International Raceway Lakeside Raceway

Has Queensland Raceway been sold?

Following months of negotiations Tony Quinn and John Tetley have reached an agreement for the sale of Queensland Raceway.

When was Queensland Raceway built? Affectionately known as QR, the track has become the hub for the development and future of motorsport in Australia. Constructed in 1999 and has hosted national championship events, including the Supercars Championship and the Australian Superbike Championship.

When was Willowbank Raceway built?


That first event, on the weekend of September 28 and 29, 1985, came after a construction period of almost four years by a group of racers.

Who built Highlands Motorsport Park? Highlands Motorsport Park boss Tony Quinn hopes to build a world-class golf course and residential development on 58 hectares of forest down the back of the Cromwell racetrack.

What nationality is Tony Quinn? Manuel Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca (21 April 1915 – 3 June 2001), known professionally as Anthony Quinn, was a Mexican-born American actor, painter, writer, and film director.

Anthony Quinn
Citizenship United States
Occupation Actor painter writer film director
Years active 1936–2001

When did Lakeside Speedway close? The track originally opened on April 17, 1955, at 92nd and Leavenworth Road. However, three deaths during the 1956 racing season forced its closure.

When was Lakeside Raceway built?

Lakeside International Raceway opened for business on Sunday March 19, 1961. The first event was a fairly modest affair, played out in front of a crowd of around 2,000 spectators.

How long is the Lakeside Park?

Lakeside Park is a 3.2 mile (7,500-step) route located near Oakland, California, USA.

When did Willowbank Raceway open? The raceway officially opened in 1985, Surfers Paradise Raceway continued until 1987 when it closed the gates for the last time and moved all the major events to Willowbank Raceway including the Tin Top Titles, the New Year’s Drag Racing series and what is now known as the biggest drag racing event outside of North …

How long is Willowbank drag strip? This change relates only to Top Fuel racing with all other classes still to compete over the traditional 1,320 feet (one-quarter mile).

Who built Willowbank?

Willowbank was designed and built by John Latshaw, an architect who was born in Niagara Falls. Hamilton worked closely with Latshaw. As the building progressed, he would add new touches. Construction began in 1834 and took two years to complete.

How long is Highlands track? Opened in March 2013, the facility features a 4.100 km (2.548 mi) circuit, designed by drawing inspiration from some of the world’s most famous race tracks.

Highlands Motorsport Park.

Owner Tony Quinn
Opened 30 March 2013
Major events Highlands 101 Toyota Racing Series V8SuperTourer
Current Circuit
Length 4.100 km (2.548 mi)

Who built Hampton Downs?

The motorsport park is an ambitious privately funded enterprise by two motorsport friends, Tony Roberts and Chris Watson. Roberts and Watson purchased two dairy farms from Envirowaste in December 2003 and began the long task of getting resource consent to build the Motorsport Park.

Who is Tony Quinn NZ? Tony Quinn is a Scottish-born entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. He lives between Queensland, Australia, and Queenstown, New Zealand.

Is Anthony Quinn Mexican?

Anthony Quinn, in full Anthony Rudolph Oaxaca Quinn, (born April 21, 1915, Chihuahua, Mexico—died June 3, 2001, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.), Mexican-born American actor who appeared in more than 150 films but was universally identified with one role especially—the earthy, full-of-life title character in Zorba the …

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