There was a pesky 34-mile gap left over between Kansas and Texas. For 40 years, it was a landlocked island without a government. As a result, the panhandle spent the next four decades as a question mark on the map, not part of any state or territorial jurisdiction as late as 1890.

Similarly, Why is the Texas Panhandle?

The 25,610-square-mile Panhandle of Texas was shaped by the Compromise of 1850, which resolved the state’s controverted territorial claims. It is bounded on the east by the 100th meridian, on the north by parallel 36°30′, and on the west by the 103rd meridian.

Additionally, Why do some states have panhandles? The Mississippi River alone forms part of the boundaries for 10 states. The Ohio River is part of the boundaries of five states. But then there are those appendages that stick out from the side of states. They’re called panhandles because they tend to look like, well, the handle on a pan.

What part of Texas is considered the Panhandle?

The Texas Panhandle is a region of the U.S. state of Texas consisting of

the northernmost 26 counties in the state

. The panhandle is a rectangular area bordered by New Mexico to the west and Oklahoma to the north and east.

Texas Panhandle
State Texas
High Plains
• Total 67,046 km


(25,887 sq mi)

How did Oklahoma get its southern border?

In 1923, the Supreme Court established the river’s south bank as the Oklahoma-Texas border. Oklahoma enacted the Red River Boundary Compact in 1999, a federally-approved agreement with Texas that further defined the border as “the visually identifiable, continuous line of vegetation” along the river’s south bank.

Why is Texas shaped like that?

The smaller shape of today’s Texas was defined with the Compromise of 1850, in which Texas gave up its claims to vast tracts of western land in exchange for transferring its crushing public debt to the United States. This debt/land exchange resulted in the modern day shape of the State of Texas.

What is considered Texas Panhandle?

The Texas Panhandle is a region of the U.S. state of Texas consisting

of the northernmost 26 counties in the state

. The panhandle is a rectangular area bordered by New Mexico to the west and Oklahoma to the north and east.

Texas Panhandle
State Texas
Region High Plains
• Total 67,046 km


(25,887 sq mi)

What is the Texas Panhandle famous for?

The geography of the Panhandle Plains affords tourists the opportunity to partake in several great outdoor recreational activities. The region is also home to several of Texas’ most iconic towns like Abilene, the “Official Storybook Capital of America,” and landmarks such as the art installation Cadillac Ranch.

Why does West Virginia have a panhandle?

The border between Pennsylvania and Virginia would extend that same line a bit farther, to five degrees west of the Delaware River. From there, they drew a line north to the Ohio River. Both sides approved the new border in 1780. … Virginia’s western border became the Ohio River and this created the odd panhandle.

What is the only US state with two panhandles?

Out of all 50 states, West Virginia has the most distinct shape, with two panhandles extending to the north and east.

Why does Maryland have a pan handle?

Maryland is about 250 miles long and about 100 miles wide at its greatest extremities. However, at one point it narrows to less than two miles where it forms its western panhandle. This is due to one natural geographic feature and one artificial line determined by men.

What cities are in the northern panhandle of Texas?

Major cities in Texas Panhandle

  • Amarillo.
  • Borger.
  • Canyon.
  • Dumas.
  • Hereford.
  • Pampa.

Is Lubbock West Texas or panhandle?

Another part of West Texas is the Llano Estacado, a vast region of high, level plains extending into Eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle.


Region rank 2
City Lubbock
Census 2013 population estimate 258,862
State ranked 11
County Lubbock County

What towns are in North West Texas?

The Northwest region encompasses the northern portion of Texas including the major cities of Amarillo, Lubbock, and Abilene.

How were the boundaries of Oklahoma determined?

Oklahoma’s western boundary, based on the 100th Meridian, originally ran east of Fort Sill. … Oklahoma’s southern boundary, the south bank of the Red River, was not officially settled until 2000 with the signing of the Red River Boundary Compact. “Oklahoma profited from the beginning on all four sides.

Why did Texas give the Red River to Oklahoma?

The Red River Bridge War was a boundary conflict between the U.S. states of Oklahoma and Texas over an existing toll bridge and a new free bridge crossing the Red River. … Murray issued this order on the grounds that the land on both sides of the river belonged to Oklahoma, per the Adams–Onís Treaty of 1819.

Does Oklahoma own the Red River?

Land between the south bank and the meridian line of the river belongs to the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache tribes and is held in trust by the federal government. The riverbed north of the meridian line belongs to the state of Oklahoma.

How did Texas get so big?

Texas claimed borders including parts of current New Mexico as far west as Santa Fe, making it even larger than today. The issue of slavery reared its ugly head after the U.S. acquired significant territory in the Mexican-American War.

How do states get their shapes?

According to Stein, the most important influences that determined the shapes of the states were the American Revolution, the construction of railroads, the proposal for the Erie Canal, and the issue of slavery. The American Revolution helped to define the shapes of the original 13 colonies.

What is the only natural lake in Texas?

A lot of Texans consider it common knowledge that there’s only one natural lake in the state. It’s Caddo Lake in East Texas, and it straddles the Texas/Louisiana state line.

What cities are in the Panhandle Plains?

The Big Cities in the Panhandle are Amarillo, Abilene, Wichita Falls, San Angelo and Lubbock. You can drive a stretch of Route 66 through the Texas Panhandle, including passing through Amarillo.

What is there to do in the Texas Panhandle?

Eight things to see, eat, drink and do in the Texas Panhandle

  • Eat at the Big Texan. …
  • Drive Route 66. …
  • Marvel at the Cadillac Ranch. …
  • Watch some rodeo — with real cowboys. …
  • Explore the “Grand Canyon of Texas” …
  • Sip and swirl some Texas wine. …
  • Savour the BBQ at Evie Mae’s. …
  • Pay your respects to a music great.

Is the Texas Panhandle a good place to live?

Panhandle is in Carson County and is one of the best places to live in Texas. Living in Panhandle offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. Many young professionals live in Panhandle and residents tend to be conservative. The public schools in Panhandle are highly rated.

Who found the Texas Panhandle?

Francisco Coronado was the first European to see the vast open spaces of what would one day be the Texas Panhandle – nearly 80 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.