– 1 Swipe up from the home screen to access your apps.
– 2 Tap Clock.
– 3 Tap Alarm.
– 4 Tap the alarm you want to change or tap the add icon to set a new one.
– 5 Tap Alarm sound.
– 6 Move the volume slider to adjust the volume.
– 7 Tap the back icon.
– 8 Tap Save.

Tap the alarm icon at the bottom of your screen to edit your alarm sound. 3. Tap Edit at the top right of your screen, then tap the alarm you want to edit.

Subsequently, How do I put custom ringtones on my Galaxy s5?

– From the Home screen, touch Apps .
– Touch Settings .
– Touch Sounds and notifications .
– Scroll down to and touch Ringtones, and then touch ADD at the bottom of the screen.
– Quickly double-touch Sound picker, if necessary, and select the music file you want to use.

Also, How do I add a custom ringtone to a contact?

Open the Contacts app and tap on the contact you want to set a custom text tone for. Then, tap Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Next, tap Text Tone and tap on the tone you’d like to use for this contact. You’ll know a tone has been selected when a small, blue checkmark appears to its left.

Can I set different ringtones for different contacts?

Touch another contact you want to assign another specific ringtone. Then, touch EDIT. … By default, your contact’s ringtone is set to Default ringtone, which is the same for all contacts. To modify this parameter, touch Ringtone.

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How do I change the alarm sound on Galaxy s5?

Alarm tone: Choose the tone played when the alarm sounds. Volume: Drag the slider to adjust the alarm volume. . Touch Snooze to adjust the Interval (3, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes) and choose if you want the alarm to Repeat (1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 times).

How do I change the song on my alarm clock?

On the alarm you want, tap the Down arrow . Tap the current sound’s name. Next to “Sounds,” tap YouTube Music, Pandora, or Spotify. Find a song you want to use, then tap it.

How can I download music to my Samsung Galaxy S5?

Watch the video on YouTube

How do I download ringtones to my Samsung?

– Copy the MP3 files to your phone. …
– Go to Settings > Sound > Device ringtone. …
– Tap the Add button to launch the media manager app. …
– You will see a list of music files stored on your phone. …
– Your selected MP3 track will now be your custom ringtone.

How do I change my alarm tone on 5s?

Open the Clock app, tap the Alarm tab, then tap Edit. Tap the alarm, then tap Sound and choose a Sound.

Which volume is for alarm Samsung?

Check your alarm volume There are actually three volume sliders on your Android device; the alarm volume is at the bottom.

Does phone volume affect alarm?

Because your alarm volume is tied to your ringer volume, you could be inadvertently muting your alarm by changing it before you go to sleep.

Where is the ringtone folder in Android?

Default ringtones are usually stored in /system/media/audio/ringtones . You might be able to access this location using a file manager.

How do I add custom ringtones to my android?

– Open Settings.
– Tap the Sounds section. …
– Tap Phone ringtone. …
– If you get an “Open with” or “Complete action using” prompt, select the system’s Sound Picker app instead of a file manager or Zedge.
– Tap the custom ringtone you added to the ringtones folder.
– Tap Save or OK.

Where can I download free ringtones for my Samsung?

– But before we share these sites. You’ll want to know how to put the tones on your smartphone. …
– Mobile9. Mobile9 is a site that provides ringtones, themes, apps, stickers and wallpapers for iPhones and Androids. …
– Zedge. …
– iTunemachine. …
– Mobiles24. …
– Tones7. …
– Ringtone Maker. …
– Notification Sounds.

How do I get my ringtones back on my Android?

On Android Oreo, tap “See all apps” followed by three dots present at top right corner and then select “Show system”. Then tap “Android System”. Under Android System settings, tap “Open by default” and hit “Clear defaults” button if available. Go back and set the notification or ringtone of your choice.

Can you set a specific ringtone for a specific person?

Open your Contacts list. Select the name of the contact to customize. Touch the Edit button. Scroll down and select ringtone.

How do I put custom ringtones on my Samsung?

– 1 Tap “Settings”, then tap “Sounds and vibration”.
– 2 Tap “Ringtone”.
– 3 Tap “SIM 1” or “SIM 2”.
– 4 All the ringtones on your device will be displayed on-screen. …
– 5 Select the music file. …
– 6 Tap “Done”.

Will my Samsung alarm go off on silent?

Q: Can the alarm ring even if the device is on mute or silent mode? A: Yes but you have to make sure that you set the alarm volume loud enough to be heard by you (see section above). An Alarm has its own volume control that is totally independent from the other settings of the device.

Can you set a specific ringtone for a specific person Iphone?

Assign a different ringtone to a contact Open the Contacts app . Select a contact, tap Edit, tap Ringtone, then choose a ringtone.

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