To be selected by a battalion to join the scout sniper platoon, a Marine must earn the rank of Lance Corporal and complete the 79-day scout sniper course at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. The course includes how to care for gear, field craft, stealth, concealment, and shooting accuracy.

– You must be at the rank from a Lance Corporal (E-3) to Captain (O-3).
– Infantry MOS or MOS 0203 (Ground Intelligence Officer).
– Vision correctable to 20/20 in both eyes. …
– Serving in or designated for assignment to a Scout Sniper billet.

Subsequently, How long does it take to become a Recon Marine?

The Basic RECON Course is nine weeks long and has three phases that challenge Marines to their fullest, both physically and tactically.

Also, Is it hard to become a Marine sniper?

Without prior training, it is difficult for Marines to successfully complete sniper school, he said. … Without any career progression in their community, the only way scout snipers can keep doing their jobs is by becoming reconnaissance Marines, he said.

How long is basic reconnaissance course?

12 week

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Are Marine snipers Special Forces?

Marine Scout Snipers They’re not super elite in that the military will use them for raids, but their expertise at recon and shooting high-valued targets in the face puts them squarely into the realm of special operations.

Are Marines considered special forces?

First, the Marine Corps has two primary special operations forces: The Marine Raiders and the Force RECON units. … Force RECON units are run by the Marine Expeditionary Force Commander, and their primary goal is information gathering in dangerous territory.

Is it hard to become a Recon Marine?

Why do so many candidates fail to become Reconnaissance Marines? With an attrition rate of over 50 percent, the Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) is one of the more difficult Special Operations selection programs in the U.S. military.

Can you go straight into Marine recon?

Marine Force RECON: Duties, qualifications and training Force RECON is overseen directly by the Marine Corps. … Enlisted Marines and new recruits can qualify to become a Recon Marine candidate if they: Are a U.S. citizen. Score a 105 or higher on your ASVAB’s General Technical section.

Do Navy SEALs go to Marine sniper school?

The Scout Sniper School has integrated Marines from the entire 3rd Marine Division as well as soldiers from the Army’s 25th Infantry Division aboard Schofield Barracks, and Navy Seals from Navy Seal Delivery Team 1 located at Ford Island.

Do Navy SEALs have snipers?

Navy SEAL snipers are considered the elite among the elite. Sniper is among the most challenging specialties in the SEALs. Only a small percentage of SEALs qualify for the demanding training regimen – and even fewer complete the program.

Who is the most elite US military unit?


Which branch of the military has the best snipers?

the Marine Corps

How long is Force Recon training?


What branch of military are snipers?

United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper

How long is Marsoc training?

about 11 months

What rank is a sniper in the Army?

Would-be Army Snipers must be classified as Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 11B (Infantry soldier), 19D (Calvary Scout) or 18 series (Special Forces) in the rank of E3 through E6. Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) B4 (Sniper) can only be given to those soldiers who have attained MOS 11B.

How long are Force Recon deployments?

Then they sail on a six-month deployment. This long deployment is known as the ‘Deployment Phases’ to Force Recon, they sail from either three locations, off the east or west coast, or Okinawa.

How do I join Recon?

– Possess a 1st class swimmer qualification.
– Obtain a first class score on the PFT.
– Have 20/200 near visual acuity or visual acuity not to exceed 20/400 with a completed PRK eye surgery. …
– Complete Marine Rifleman Course.

What are snipers called in the Marines?

These highly-trained Marines are key to combat operations The U.S. Marines Scout Sniper (0317) is a secondary military occupational specialty (MOS) open to Marines with certain qualifications.

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