When moving a PopSocket to a new position or different phone, do it within fifteen minutes of removing the PopSocket so that the adhesive gel doesn’t dry out. While the gel is sticky, move the PopSocket to another device or move it to a different spot on the current device.

– Decide where to attach your popsocket. Decide beforehand where you want it positioned based on how you intend to use it. …
– Peel off the sticker on the adhesive surface. When you are ready to attach the popsocket, carefully peel off the sticker on the back. …
– Stick the popsocket to your phone.

Subsequently, Can I move my PopSocket?

It is totally safe to frequently move your PopSockets to different positions, cases, or to another phone entirely. Be careful with your PopSocket to make sure it lasts as long as you want it to!Feb 3, 2021

Also, How do you pop a PopSocket back in place?

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How do you put a PopSocket back on?

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How do you detach and reattach a PopSocket?

– Collapse your PopSocket so that it’s flat against your device.
– Pry the PopSocket away from the device. …
– Carefully pull the PopSocket away from the device until it releases. …
– While the gel is sticky, move the PopSocket to another device or move it to a different spot on the current device.

Where should I position my PopSocket?

To find the best place to put the PopSockets Grip, I held my phone like I normally would and stuck it between my ring and middle fingers. There’s no right or wrong place to put it, and you can take it off and adjust its positioning later.

How do you separate a PopSocket?

Carefully smooth away any air bubbles. Remove the film from the PopGrip and mount it on the center of the disk. All done! Enjoy the PopSockets life.

Can you pop a PopSocket back in?

Popsocket caps are replaceable, so any cap you have will fit over the funnel you’re using. If you’re feeling like trying a new style, you can easily pop off the existing cap at any time.

Is it bad to put a PopSocket directly on your phone?

Can you put it on your actual phone? Yes- Phone, Tablet, basically anything. The sticky part on the PopSocket does not damage the device nor does it leave any residue. You can remove and re-position whenever you would like.

Where do you position your PopSocket?

The best PopSocket position for using your phone one-handed is on the bottom. When using your phone one-handed, you naturally grip the bottom half of your phone so, the PopSocket supports it in your hand.

How do you remove the top of a PopSocket?

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Can you put PopSockets on your phone without a case?

PopSockets are designed to stick to the back of your smartphone or case. … You can even stick a PopSocket directly on to the back of your phone without a case.

Can I unstick my PopSocket?

If your PopSocket ever loses its stickiness, you can bring it back to life by rinsing the gel under water, letting it dry, and sticking it back on your phone. Be sure to never leave your PopSocket unattached to a surface for longer than an hour.

What happens if you put a PopSocket on your phone?

A popsocket grip is an attachment that can be added to the back of your phone. It will allow you to hold your phone comfortably, especially when taking selfies. You can also use it to do things like store your headphones and prop up your phone.

Can you replace the sticky part on a PopSocket?

If it’s no longer stuck to your phone, press your old base to something like a wall or a table, and then close the PopGrip flat, press down, and give it a 90º twist. The PopTop should click right out and you can swap it into your newly installed, stickier-than-ever base.

Do PopSockets lose their stickiness?

Some of us have moved ours hundreds of times without the PopSockets losing their stickiness. If a PopSocket ever does lose its stickiness, you can rise the base with water and let it air-dry for an hour or two and stickiness will be restored.

Why wont my PopSocket stay on?

Step 1: Give your PopSockets gel a quick rinse. Step 2: Let it air dry for 10 minutes. Do not leave it out for any longer, this will cause the adhesive gel to dry out entirely. Step 3: Stick your PopSockets product back onto your phone, and let it set for a few hours before engaging it again.

How do you save a PopSocket?

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How do you remove PopSocket adhesive?

Too Sticky: If your PopSockets product is too sticky, and you’re experiencing issues with removing it from your device, you can use dental floss, a credit card, or a kitchen utensil to remove your PopGrip. Gently slide any of these items underneath the base of your PopGrip.

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