The cost of sending a parcel through the South African Post Office in 2019

Product New rate
Medium R9.10
Large R11.15
Cylinder/Rolled Items
Cylinder/Rolled Items (520mm x 70mm) R11.15

ā€¢ 28ā€/01ā€/2019

Thereof What items Cannot be couriered? Banned Commodities – All Services

  • Currency.
  • Indian Postal Articles.
  • Liquids & Semi-liquids * .
  • Philately Items.
  • Pornography.
  • Bullion.
  • Drugs and Narcotics (Illegal).
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition.

How do I send a parcel through the post office? Sending a parcel

  1. Choose the service – Ordinary mail, Registered mail, Speed Services Couriers, EMS.
  2. Ensure that the destination address is correct, current and complete.
  3. Check the spelling of surnames, street names and towns.
  4. Ensure the address is written in black ink.
  5. Write clearly.
  6. Always use the correct postal code.

Similarly, How do I send a parcel with pep?

How to send a parcel?

  1. PAXI POINT. Choose a PAXI Point.
  2. BUY A BAG. Buy a PAXI bag. size and service type.
  3. DROP A PARCEL. Buy and drop your PAXI bag.
  4. IDENTIFICATION. Ensure you have your ID and. receiver’s cell phone number.
  5. TRACK IT. Track your parcel on our website. or WhatsApp on 060 072 2492. Copyright PEP Ā© 2022.

How does post office courier work?

In South Africa, mail items must be collected at the destination post office within 60 days from the date of arrival at the destination post office. Items not collected within 60 days will be send back to the sender with cost.

Is it illegal to courier money? Sending money by post

Indeed, internationally sending cash by post and couriers is forbidden. However, in some countries, you can still send some cash in the mail overseas or domestically to a certain amount. We recommend you check with your local post office if this postal service is available in your country.

Can cash be sent through courier?

As per law, it is illegal to send currency notes and coins by mail or courier service. Courier services such as DTDC, DHL, FedEx etc will check for the presence of money in their packages. If found, they won’t allow it to be shipped and will ask the sender to remove such items.

What is the process of courier? The process of courier delivery depends on the company, contract, location and a variety of other factors. Either a company provides its own fulfilment to a local depot, which is then picked up by the courier and dispersed to customers, or couriers pick up packages directly from the seller.

How much does it cost to send a 5kg parcel?

Flat rate postage using your packaging

Weight tier Parcel Post postage Express Post postage
500g to 1kg Parcel Post postage $12.70 Express Post postage $16.20
1kg to 3kg Parcel Post postage $15.95 Express Post postage $19.95
3kg to 5kg Parcel Post postage $19.20 Express Post postage $26.20

How much is it to send a 10kg parcel? 1st and 2nd Class prices

Format and max measurements Max Weight 1st Class
Medium parcel 61cm long 46cm wide 46cm thick 2kg Ā£9.02
5kg Ā£15.85
10kg Ā£21.90
20kg Ā£33.40

Which is cheaper speed post or courier? Courier services are usually costlier than postal services. However, the expanding market has enabled companies to provide services at much cheaper rates. A majority of online shopping services rely on courier services for their consignments.

How much does it cost to send package? Compare Mail Services

Service Starting Price
Priority MailĀ® $8.70 (at Post Office & Online) $7.37 (Commercial) 6
First-Class MailĀ® $0.58 (at Post Office & Online) $0.426 (Commercial) 6
First-Class Package ServiceĀ® $4.50 (at Post Office) $3.37 (Commercial 6 )
USPS Retail GroundĀ® $8.50 (at Post Office)

How many days does PEP Courier take?

Parcel delivery options are from three to seven days. The average parcel delivery time is 4.8 days, with approximately 4 000 parcels being delivered daily.

How big is a PAXI bag?

PAXI offers a flat rate between any two PAXI Points. The price is dependent on the bag size and the speed of service you choose. Bags come in 2 sizes, SMALL (450mm x 370mm, max weight 5kg) and LARGE (640mm x 510mm, max weight 10kg) and 2 service types: delivery within 3-5 Business Days, or 7-9 Business Days.

How much does Fast mail Cost? The price for a standard Fastmail letter will increase from R8. 00 to R8. 70 . To send a medium letter via Fastmail will cost R20.

New price for sending a letter in South Africa.

SA Post Office Pricing
Ordinary mail
Small maxi R8.00 R8.70
Medium (B5) R18.90 R20.60

ā€¢ Feb 5, 2021

How do I courier a parcel with Aramex? Store-to-Door courier

  1. Buy an Aramex sleeve for R99. 99 at Pick n Pay.
  2. Complete a digital waybill by scanning the QR code on the sleeve, or by visiting …
  3. Place your parcel in the sleeve and drop it in the Aramex Drop Box in-store before 3pm Monday to Friday.
  4. Relax!

Can you courier to a private bag?

You can send to P.O. Boxes/Private Bags and Waiheke Island addresses and some rural addresses at no extra cost. CourierPost has products which make shipping simple. You can select one of their 5 satchel sizes or send using your own packaging.

What are cash couriers? Among these illicit money transfer systems, the practice known as ā€œcash couriersā€ or ā€œmoney remittersā€, in other words individuals transporting ready cash, remains problematic and topical.

Does DHL do cash on delivery?

DHL e-commerce’s new cash-on-delivery service, which allows consumers to pay for international online purchases with cash as a part of the company’s ā€œparcel international directā€ channel.

Can I post money? Sending valuables, money & jewellery in the UK

If you’re sending valuables, money or jewellery in the post, you can only use Royal Mail Special Delivery GuaranteedĀ®. Money should be packaged securely and shouldn’t be visible from the outside. Don’t indicate anywhere on the packaging that money is enclosed.

Which courier service is the fastest?

7 Fastest Courier Services Companies in India

  • 1.1 BlueDart.
  • 1.2 Delhivery.
  • 1.3 Shiprocket.
  • 1.4 DHL.
  • 1.5 FedEx.
  • 1.6 DotZot.
  • 1.7 Ecom Express.

How do I hide money on a package?

How do I courier a cheque?


  1. Make sure you are not sending an open cheque i.e, any blank cheque which is signed.
  2. A blank cheque that is not signed can be sent.
  3. If in case you want to send cheque specifying to whom it should be sent, then make sure you cross the cheque before sending i.e. mention account payee.

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