Whangarei is largely underestimated and worth a visit. When one considers the beauty of the location and the beautiful walks, it seems inconceivable that Whangarei can be overlooked by most of foreign tourists.

Thereof What shops are in Whangarei? Shopping

  • InnoNative Market.
  • Marsden Cove Market.
  • Ngunguru Sunday Market.
  • Onerahi Hotel Carpark Market.
  • The Canopy Night Market – Whangarei.
  • Tikipunga Market.
  • Tutukaka Markets.
  • Whangarei Growers Market.

How long is the Abbey Caves walk? Abbey Caves Walk is a 1 mile loop trail located near Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand that features a cave and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Similarly, Is Whangarei close to Auckland?

Whangarei is located just 3 hours’ drive north of Auckland and is New Zealand’s northernmost city.

What is the population of Whangarei New Zealand?

The official population of Whangarei District Council as of the 30th June 2020, is 98,300. Populations are counted and estimated in various ways. The most comprehensive count of the New Zealand population is derived from the Census of Populations and Dwellings conducted by Statistics New Zealand every 5 years.

Is Abbey Caves dog friendly? Dogs are allowed which is nice, and the cars are watched over by volunteers. Worth the walk!

How long does it take to climb Mt Manaia?

A climb right to the very top is a great sense of achievement! You must return the same way and expect the hike to take around 1.5 hours. Mount Manaia is a sacred place for Ngātiwai and the many hapū (sub-tribes) of the Whangarei area – please respect the area and keep to the marked tracks.

How do I get to Abbey Caves? Abbey Caves Walkway

Access is over a steep wooden stile and down a series of box steps onto a circular walkway of mown grass. The three caves are signposted and lie just off this walkway. Only experienced cavers should enter the underground caves, as there are risks from rapidly rising water and roof falls.

Is Whangarei a town or city?

Whangārei city is Northland’s only city and largest commercial centre, around two and a half hours drive from Auckland, the bustling economic and urban hub of New Zealand.

Why is it called Whangarei? Whangarei is a rock (Castle Rock) opposite Marsden Point, where sentries kept watch over the harbour. This version of the name means to lie in wait.

What is there to do between Auckland and Whangarei? Activities Between Auckland and Whangarei

  • Sculptureum – stunning private sculpture gardens, art gallery and restaurant near Warkworth. …
  • Puhoi Valley Shop & Cafe – watch the cheese makers at work, tastings, shop and basic cafe. …
  • Ransom Wines – cellar door tastings & fantastic platters which are served all day. …
  • Matakana.

What’s it like to live in Whangarei? It offers unspoiled white sand beaches, native bush and scenery galore, spectacular fishing and more in a warm, sub-tropical climate that enables outdoor living year-round. Whangarei itself is a bustling town offering a choice of family homes, town-houses and apartments.

How many steps is Mount Manaia?

1000 steps – Mount Manaia Track.

How long is Mt Manaia walk?

Mt Manaia is one of a cluster of jagged, bush covered peaks towering 420m above sea level.

3Mount Manaia.

Length 1.5 hours return
Features Spectacular views of harbour and ocean

What is the meaning of Manaia? Manaia. The Manaia is a mythological creature in Māori culture, and is a common motif in Māori carving and jewellery. … The Manaia is traditionally believed to be the messenger between the earthly world of mortals and the domain of the spirits, and its symbol is used as a guardian against evil.

What is Whangarei in Māori? Whangārei (Māori: [faŋaːˈɾɛi]) is the northernmost city in New Zealand and the regional capital of Northland Region.

Does Whangarei have an airport?

Whangarei has a busy regional airport with comfortable passenger facilities.

Is motutapu island a volcano? The island called Motutapu is very old and sits majestically in the centre of Auckland’s inner gulf islands. The newest gulf island, the now dormant volcano, Rangitoto, nudges up against it.

Is Whangarei a big city?

Whangarei (59,000 People)

What are the best suburbs in Whangarei?

  • • Raumanga. This area has been largely overlooked because of a few bad streets and the occasional riot! …
  • Morningside. This area has been largely picked over as it is so close to town. …
  • Avenues. The proximity to town has to see this area move in price. …
  • Onerahi. …
  • Riverside.

Why are people moving out of Auckland?

“There’s people leaving Auckland in bigger numbers than ever because of the house prices. It will undermine the city’s competitiveness. People doing lower paid jobs, particularly in the service and construction sectors, need to be able to afford to live in the city,” Johnson said.

Where is the best place to live in Whangarei? Onerahi is the closest suburb to a beach on Whangarei harbour. A little further towards the Heads is Parua Bay with a great school and easy commuting distance to the city itself. All the best with your proposed move. I lived in Whangarei for about 7 years when my children were small and it was a nice place.

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