Chopped and screwed
Stylistic origins
Cultural origins
Derivative forms
Regional scenes

To hit on or attempt to attract someone of the opposite sex.

Subsequently, What does chop it up in slang mean?

To Talk

Also, What’s a chop shop slang?

a place where people keep stolen cars and fix them up and then re-sell them. also know as a Chop Shop.

What is chop it up in slang?

CHOP IT UP means “To Talk”.

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What does it mean when someone is chopped?

A term that describes the state of being high and drunk at the same time. The term can also be used to describe a person who is only drunk or only high. It is mainly used by kids in high school and college.

Does chopped mean high?

(slang) High on drugs.

What does chopped mean in slang?

For instance, for an entire generation of Torontonians, “chopped” has a specific meaning: to hit on someone in the romantic sense. For Jazz’s generation, its definition has broadened significantly. “A person can be chopped, a situation can be chopped, an object can be chopped,” Jazz explained.

What is a chop in slang?

an idiot. You’re a chop.

What is nearest meaning of chop?


What does the name Chop mean?

The name Chop arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. … The name, however, is a reference to the area of Campe or Campes, Normandy, where the family lived prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. The derivation of this location is from the Old French word camp, which means field.

What does bet it up mean?

Filters. (gambling) To make one’s bet. verb.

What does having the chops mean?

If you want to be great at something, you’ve got to have the chops. No, we’re not talking about the length of your sideburns. If you want to achieve fame and glory by being amazing at something, you have to have great skill—or chops. Chops is slang for the jaws or mouth.

What does chop it up mean in slang?

To Talk

What does chops mean in music?

The word “chops” is used to describe a musician’s level of technique in terms of the ability to execute music physically on a particular musical instrument (and to negotiate chord changes). An example would be the lightning-fast technique of a guitar player.

What does it mean when someone says bet that up?

Filters. (gambling) To make one’s bet.

What does chop top mean?

“Chopping the top” goes back to the early days of hot rodding and is an attempt to reduce the frontal profile of a car and increase its speed potential. To chop a roof, the pillars and windows are cut down, lowering the overall roofline. … This sort of bodywork is also popular on custom cars, kustoms, and leadsleds.

What is the synonym of the word chop?

In this page you can discover 78 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for chop, like: dice, barter, chop-up, cut up, mince, cube, cut, chip, axe, carve and change.

What are antonyms for chop?

leave disregard
—— ———
ignore omit
pass exclude

What is the synonym of chop?

SYNONYMS. chop up, cut up, cut into pieces, hew, split, cleave. 3’all four fingers of his left hand were chopped off’ SYNONYMS. sever, cut off, hack off, slice off, lop off, saw off, shear off.

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