The top Urban Dictionary entry for iykyk dates back to December of 2016, which was at the time defined as: “If You Know You Know. Last night’s party was crazy #iykyk.” Essentially, the phrase boils down to an inside joke or choice piece of information that only select individuals might be privy to. Advertisement.

If You Know You Know

Subsequently, What does Ifykyk mean?

If You Know, You Know

Also, What is LYK in texting?

LYK means “Let You know”.

What does Ifykyk mean in texting?

If You Know, You Know

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What does WTM mean sexually?

WTW is a textspeak acronym used to ask what’s the word, meaning what’s up. It can also mean what the what, kind of like what the fuck. Related words: bird is the word.

What does Iykyk mean?

If You Know, You Know

What is the hashtag Iykyk?

The abbreviation of IYKYK IS * if you know you know* basically it’s saying… either feel the same as I do, then you understand how important this experience or moment in time/possession/person/experience is to me.

What does LMR mean on Tiktok?

Like My Recent

What does LKY mean in texting?


Why do people say LMR?

LMR is an acronym frequently used in the incel community. Meaning last minute resistance, it is what they’ve named the moment a woman revokes her consent to sexual activity, usually just before the event.

What does Ifkyk stand for?

If You Know, You Know

What does Iyk stand for in texting?

IYK Inyokern, California USA Regional » Airport Codes Rate it:
— ————————————————- ——–
IYK If You Know Internet » Chat Rate it:
IYK Ivan Yordanov Kostov Community » Famous & Celebs Rate it:
IYK International Yamanote Kindergarten International Rate it:

What does SMY stand for in texting?

SMY Solar Maximum Year Academic & Science » Meteorology — and more… Rate it:
— —————————————————————— ——–
SMY Skim Milk Yogurt Miscellaneous » Unclassified Rate it:
SMY So Much Yes Internet » Chat Rate it:
SMY South Mountain Yachts Miscellaneous » Unclassified Rate it:
SMY Show Me You Internet » Chat Rate it:

What does WLT mean in Snapchat?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
———- ———————-
WLT Winning Lottery Ticket

What does Ikk mean?

Acronym Definition
——- ———————————————————————————————————
IKK Informationszentrum Kindesmisshandlung / Kindesvernachlässigung (German site for child abuse information)
IKK Indeks Kepercayaan Konsumen (Indonesian: consumer confidence index)
IKK Idaho Kendo Kai (martial arts)
IKK I Know Karate

What does if YK YK mean?

Aug 13, 2020, 2:06 pm* Internet Culture. Stacey Ritzen. Kids these days, with their TikTok videos and secret languages . it can be hard to keep up when the internet is moving at a positively frenetic pace. As one might say, “if you know, you know,” which is incidentally the subject of the latest internet slang: IYKYK.

What is Iykyk?

IYKYK – If You Know, You Know.

What does WTW mean sexually?

#WTW means in street With the wifey.

What does Iykyk mean on Tik Tok?

If You Know You Know

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