1. the act or process of ceasing to function, or the resulting condition. 2. an often sudden collapse in health, physical or mental.

ĕk’ĭ-mō’sĭs. Filters. The passage of blood from ruptured blood vessels into subcutaneous tissue, marked by a purple discoloration of the skin.

Subsequently, What is the meaning of hemorrhages?

Hemorrhage: Bleeding or the abnormal flow of blood. A hemorrhage may be “external” and visible on the outside of the body or “internal,” where there is no sign of bleeding outside the body. Bleeding from a cut on the face is an external hemorrhage.

Also, What are the basic word parts of medical terminology?

There are three basic parts to medical terms: a word root (usually the middle of the word and its central meaning), a prefix (comes at the beginning and usually identifies some subdivision or part of the central meaning), and a suffix (comes at the end and modifies the central meaning as to what or who is interacting …

What is a haemorrhage mean?

Hemorrhage: Bleeding or the abnormal flow of blood. A hemorrhage may be “external” and visible on the outside of the body or “internal,” where there is no sign of bleeding outside the body. Bleeding from a cut on the face is an external hemorrhage. Bleeding into the spleen or liver are examples of internal hemorrhage.

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What is eponym in medical term?

Medical Definition of eponym 1 : the person for whom something (as a disease) is or is believed to be named. 2 : a name (as of a drug or a disease) based on or derived from the name of a person.

What is an eponym in anatomy?

Eponym: person after whom the anatomical entity is named e.g. Colles. Eponymous term: the anatomical entity which is named e.g. Colles fascia. Synonymy: multiple alternate names for a single entity.

What does Hematorrhea mean?

copious hemorrhage

What does ecchymosis mean in medical terms?

It could be ecchymosis. That’s the medical term for a type of bruise. This dark purple spot forms on your skin when blood leaks out of your blood vessels into the top layer of your skin. It’s usually from an injury, and it’s 1/2 inch long or bigger.

What is an example of an eponym?

Eponym is defined as the person for whom a discovery or other thing is defined as named. An example of an eponym is Walt Disney for whom Disneyland is named. A word or name derived from a proper noun. The words atlas, bowdlerize, denim, and Turing machine are eponyms.

What is an example of ecchymosis?

Ecchymosis: Nonraised skin discoloration caused by the escape of blood into the tissues from ruptured blood vessels. Ecchymoses can occur in mucous membranes (for example, in the mouth).

What is Rrhea in medical terminology?

What does -rrhea mean? The combining form -rrhea is used like a suffix meaning “flow” or “discharge.” It is often used in medical terms, especially in pathology. The form -rrhea comes from the Greek rhoía, meaning “a flow” (like a stream).

What hemorrhage means?

Bleeding, also called hemorrhage, is the name used to describe blood loss. It can refer to blood loss inside the body, called internal bleeding, or to blood loss outside of the body, called external bleeding. … Internal bleeding occurs when blood leaks out through a damaged blood vessel or organ.

What does Pepsia mean?

[L. fr Gr. pepsis, warming, cooking, digestion + -ia] Suffix meaning digestion.

What is Hydropyonephrosis?

n. The accumulation of purulent urine in the pelvis and calices of the kidneys, usually the result of bacterial infection following obstruction of the ureter.

What does ectasia mean in medical terms?

Ectasia (/ɛkˈteɪʒə/), also called ectasis (/ˈɛktəsɪs/), is dilation or distention of a tubular structure, either normal or pathophysiologic but usually the latter (except in atelectasis, where absence of ectasis is the problem).

What is the difference between bruise and ecchymosis?

Ecchymosis is the medical term for the common bruise. Most bruises form when blood vessels near the surface of the skin are damaged, usually by impact from an injury. The force of the impact causes your blood vessels to burst open and leak blood.

What does the medical term Rrhage mean?

-orrhagia. , -rrhagia , -rrhage. Combining forms meaning excessive flow.

What is the meaning of Libera?

“Libera” is the Latin singular imperative of “liberare,” meaning “to free.” Libera (mythology) Libera was a goddess of wine, fertility and freedom.

Is Rrhage a suffix?

Suffixes meaning rupture, profuse fluid discharge.

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