Impromptu sentence example. Dean explained to his stepfather Cynthia’s impromptu trip to the shore after receiving Atherton’s letter. Even Quinn seemed to have forgotten his desire to go public in the tension of our impromptu to act. It was followed by the Careme impromptu , the Lutrin vivant and Les Ombres.

without preparation. Examples of Impromptu in a sentence. 1. I’m not sure how many people will be able to attend the impromptu party.

Subsequently, What is an example of impromptu?

Examples of impromptu speaking You get called into a meeting to tell them the latest on an issue. You are asked an unexpected question while on a panel of speakers. You receive unexpected pushback on your ideas at a company meeting. You are asked on the spot to give a goodbye speech to a departing employee.

Also, How do you use probing in a sentence?

– The police were probing into her personal life.
– He didn’t like the media probing into his past.
– He skillfully parried all the interviewer’s most probing questions.
– They squared up and began to engage a probing attack.
– The journalist was probing into several financial scandals.

What is a probe used for?

​Probe. A probe is a single-stranded sequence of DNA or RNA used to search for its complementary sequence in a sample genome. The probe is placed into contact with the sample under conditions that allow the probe sequence to hybridize with its complementary sequence.

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What is an example of extemporaneous?

The definition of extemporaneous is something done or spoken with little or no preparation. An example of extemporaneous is “extemporaneous acting,” when an actor practices their lines only once before a performance. Prepared in advance but delivered without notes or text.

How do you use probing?

– His face was sober, the blue eyes probing her mind again. …
– He nodded, the topaz eyes probing hers suspiciously. …
– She met his gaze, her stomach tense as she steeled herself against the response to her next probing question.

How do you use probe in a sentence?

– We are therefore forced to pause awhile, and probe beneath the surface. …
– (I) Animal removed from its shell, a probe g passed into the sub-pallial chamber through the excurrent siphonal notch.

What is a probe in legal terms?

Probe means a binding component which binds preferentially to one or more targets with an affinity sufficient to permit discrimination of Labelled Probe bound to a target from non-specifically bound Labelled Probe (i.e., background).

What does probed me mean?

1 : to search into and explore very thoroughly : subject to a penetrating investigation. 2 : to examine with a probe uncrewed vehicles probed space. intransitive verb. : to make a searching exploratory investigation.

How do you use the word probe in a sentence?

– We are therefore forced to pause awhile, and probe beneath the surface. …
– (I) Animal removed from its shell, a probe g passed into the sub-pallial chamber through the excurrent siphonal notch.

What does it mean to be probed?

probed, prob•ing, n. 1. to search into or examine thoroughly: to probe one’s conscience. 2. to explore with a probe. 3. to examine or explore with or as if with a probe.

What does probing someone mean?

: to ask a lot of questions in order to find secret or hidden information about someone or something. : to touch or reach into (something) by using your finger, a long tool, etc., in order to see or find something. : to look into or examine (something) carefully.

What impromptu speech means?

Impromptu speaking is a speech that a person delivers without predetermination or preparation.

How do you prepare for an impromptu speech?

– Anticipate situations where you may be called upon to speak. …
– Wrap your response around a simple template, or framework. …
– Turn your impromptu session into a Q&A session. …
– Use personal stories. …
– Avoid the tendency to go on, and on, and on. …
– Go easy on yourself.

What are some examples of probing questions?

– Why do you think that is?
– What sort of impact do you think this will have?
– What would need to change in order for you to accomplish this?
– Do you feel that that is right?
– When have you done something like this before?
– What does this remind you of?

What do you call the performance created without preparation?

Extemporaneous, extempore, impromptu, improvised are used of expression given without preparation or only partial preparation. Extemporaneous and impromptu may both refer to speeches given without any preparation: an extemporaneous (impromptu) speech.

What does or mean in legal terms?

own recognizance

What is another word for unplanned?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unplanned, like: accidental, impromptu, desultory, hit-or-miss, adventitious, planned, random, spontaneous, undesigned, unexpected and unintentional.

What are the uses of probe?

Probe: 1: In surgery, a probe is a slender flexible rod with a blunt end used to explore, for example, an opening to see where it goes. 2: In molecular genetics, a probe is a labeled bit of DNA or RNA used to find its complementary sequence or locate a particular clone.

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