1 —used to say that one will not make a better offer than the offer one has made I’ll give you $500 for the camera, but that’s my final offer.

The best way to go about doing this in a polite way is to simple tell them “that’s all that I can do”. Using this method allows you to keep the negotiations going. If the other side uses this tactic on you, you can counter by asking them to explain why they can’t do any more.

Subsequently, Is take it or leave it rude?

Ran own consulting firm for 20 years. Is there a polite way of telling an employer or someone important to “take it or leave it” during a negotiation involving money? It’s not a matter of taking it or leaving it, even if you say it in more polite words. It’s a part of a process in which the applicant and employer.

Also, What is the meaning of just leave it?

: to not add or do anything more.

Can take it or leave it meaning?

convention. If you say to someone ‘take it or leave it,’ you are telling them that they can accept something or not accept it, but that you are not prepared to discuss any other alternatives.

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What is the meaning of just leave?

0. The definition of leave is to depart, or to let something alone, or to bequeath.

Can I take it meaning?

You can say ‘I take it’ to check with someone that what you believe to be the case or what you understand them to mean is in fact the case, or is in fact what they mean. I take it you’re a friend of the Kellings, Mr Burr.

What does let just leave it at that mean?

: to not add or do anything more Let’s just say that I got in a little trouble with the police, and leave it at that.

What is the meaning of just let it be?

(idiomatic) To leave something to follow its natural course. Let it be. The more you interfere, the worse it will get.

Can I take it back meaning?

to receive or accept something that you previously sold, offered, or gave away: If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll take it back and refund your money. If you take back something you have said, you admit that it was wrong: I said she was lying, but I take it back.

How do you use let it be?

let it/(one) be To not interact with or bother someone or interfere with something; to leave someone or something alone. I know you want to help, but he needs some space right now. Just let him be. I was going to try to fix the printer but I figured I would just let it be until you got here.

What are the two meanings of leave?

Definition of leave (Entry 2 of 3) 1a : permission to do something. b : authorized especially extended absence from duty or employment. 2 : an act of leaving : departure.

When to say it’s up to you?

Explanation: “Up to” is commonly used to indicate a decision. It is common to say, “up to her,” or “up to them,” or “up to me.” “It’s up to you, but I don’t think we should bother him.” “I don’t care what we do tonight, it’s up to you.”

Will take your leave Meaning?

phrase [VERB inflects] When you take your leave or take leave of someone, you say goodbye and go. [formal] He thanked them for the pleasure of their company and took his leave.

What is the meaning of this idiom Take it or leave it?

convention. If you say to someone ‘take it or leave it,’ you are telling them that they can accept something or not accept it, but that you are not prepared to discuss any other alternatives.

What is the meaning of leave and live?

Leave is to go away from something or somewhere Live is where you currently stay at ( your city, town)Mar 27, 2017

What does the expression you can’t take it with you mean?

(you) can’t take it with you (when you go) proverb A warning against materialism that alludes to the fact that you can’t keep your money or possessions when you die. It doesn’t matter how much money you make in your lifetime—you can’t take it with you when you go.

What does let it all out mean?

phrase [let inflects] If you let it all hang out, you relax completely and enjoy yourself without worrying about hiding your emotions or behaving politely.

Is let it be a religious song?

Despite what you might think, the Beatles’ song “Let It Be” is NOT religious. Not at all. That’s according to the man who wrote it, Paul McCartney. Speaking to television critics, he made it clear that, while the song sounds religious – and he’s OK if you take it that way – it has an entirely different meaning.

What is the meaning of let it go and let it be?

The two phrases basically mean the same. If you want a difference then you could say “Let it be” means to leave a situation how it is. ” Let it go” could mean to stop thinking about something that might be bothering you. You could use either interchangeably and it’s perfectly acceptable. See a translation.

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