“Pencils down” means to stop working E.g: in school, “pencils down” means to stop writing because the time is up.

Besides, What does pencil in a meeting mean?

to arrange for something to happen or for someone to do something on a particular date or occasion, knowing that the arrangement might be changed later: We’ll pencil in the dates for the next two meetings and confirm them later. Planning, expecting and arranging.

Keeping this in mind, What does jotted down mean? transitive verb. : to write briefly or hurriedly : set down in the form of a note jot this down.

What does pencil booking mean?

Pencil Booking- A provisional booking, yet to be confirmed. This is more likely to happen but still NOT confirmed.

What does pencil mark mean?

verb. To mark with a pencil.

How do you use pencil in a sentence?

Pencil sentence example

  1. I got my pencil ready. …
  2. Fred left the room and returned with a pencil and pad. …
  3. Dean took a pencil and paper from the night stand and handed it to her. …
  4. She tucked the pencil in the spiral part of her tablet. …
  5. She began counting and then reached over to the end table for a pencil and paper.

What does clear your desk mean?

to get rid of everything from your desk because you are leaving your job, often because you have been asked to leave. She was told to clear her desk. Synonyms and related words.

Is jotted down a word?

To write down something briefly or hastily: The secretary jotted the message down. I jotted down the homework assignment.

Is jotted down correct?

to write or mark down quickly or briefly (usually followed by down): Jot down his license number.

What does the phrase jotting down ideas mean?

to write something quickly on a piece of paper so that you remember it: I carry a notebook so that I can jot down any ideas. Writing & typing. asemic.

What does a pencil mean in casting?

When a brief comes in, suitable artists will be sent enquiries to see if they are available for work. As soon as you respond to an enquiry to say that you are available for the given shoot day/s, you are on a PENCIL. You must then stay available for the given shoot date/s.

What does provisional booking mean?

if an arrangement is provisional, the people involved have not yet said that they definitely want to do it. We’ve made a provisional reservation for next week.

What is meaning of Pencilling?

penciled or pencilled; penciling or pencilling ˈpen(t)-​s(ə-​)liŋ Definition of pencil (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to paint, draw, write, or mark with a pencil. 2 : to plan or designate tentatively —used with in penciled him in as the nominee.

Why do pencils leave a mark on skin?

Pencils leave these marks when little bits of carbon or graphite get stuck within the dermis, the thick layer of skin that lies beneath our visible skin, the epidermis. Usually, this is harmless, but there are always precautions to take when the skin is punctured by any foreign body, dermatologist Dr.

What is the use of the pencil?

What is a pencil? A › pencil (also called: graphite pencil) is a writing utensil with a graphite lead embedded in a wooden shaft. It is mainly used for artistic sketching and drawing, for stenography or notes. Its benefits are the simple usage as well as being able to remove what you’ve drawn with an eraser.

How can I use make in a sentence?

Make sentence example

  • Drowning your sorrows in eggnog will only make you feel worse in the long run. …
  • That does make sense. …
  • You make a difference. …
  • Did you make any real progress? …
  • They didn’t make it to the restaurant. …
  • It shouldn’t make any difference if he’s adopted.

What is a sentence for school?

“I started school at five years old.” “She stayed in school until she was eighteen.” “Mark dropped out of school when he was seventeen.” “He teaches elementary school in Atlanta.”

What is clear desk and clear screen policy?

A clear desk and clear screen standard reduces the risks of unauthorized access, loss of and damage to information during and outside normal working hours. University Policy 97 Data Security and Stewardship requires the protection of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

What does clearing the deck mean?

Prepare for action, as in I’ve finished all these memos and cleared the decks for your project, or Clear the decks—here comes the coach. This expression originated in naval warfare, when it described preparing for battle by removing or fastening down all loose objects on the ship’s decks. [

What jotted mean?

verbWord forms: jots, jotting or jotted. 1. ( transitive; usually foll by down) to write a brief note of. noun.

What’s another word for jotting down?

What is another word for jot down?

set down report
note down mark
put in writing minute
inscribe transcribe

What is the past tense of jot down?

Jot verb forms

Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense


How do you use jot down?

— Grab a pencil and jot down this number for me. — Sure, you can see my notes but I only jotted down a few ideas since I prefer to just listen carefully during lectures. — While I was talking to the doctor, he was busy jotting something down which made me feel like he wasn’t listening very carefully to me.