the plural for octopus is octopuses. As the Merriam-Webster dictionary points out

noun. Save Word. platy·​pus | ˈpla-ti-pəs , -ˌpu̇s plural platypuses also platypi ˈpla-​ti-​ˌpī , -​ˌpē “,Let us finally resolve the octopuses v. … Grammatically speaking

Subsequently, What is a group of platypuses called?

people use three different terms

Also, How do you say multiple platypus?

however: octopi

What is a group of giraffes called?


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What is a group of sloths called?

and octopodes. While “octopi” has become popular in modern usage

What is a group of wombats called?

it’s wrong.”

What is the collective noun for sloths?


What is a group of echidnas called?

But, according to the Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary, the accepted plural is “platypuses” or (particularly in scientific and conservation contexts) “platypus”. The term “platypi” – commonly used in the past – is clearly incorrect, being derived from a Latin plural form.

What do you call a group of sloths?


What is a group of jellyfish called?


What is a group of crocodiles called?

A group of wombats is called a ‘wisdom of wombats’ a ‘mob of wombats’ or a ‘colony of wombats’. The name wombat comes from the Darug language, spoken by the Traditional Owners of Sydney. 8. Wombats closest relatives are koalas – if you check out their noses you’ll see they are pretty similar.

How do you say more than one platypus?

Animal Collective Noun In It’s Written Context
——- ————— ———————–
Bears sloth a sloth of bears
Beavers family a family of beavers
Beavers colony a colony of beavers
Bees bike a bike of bees

What is the plural of squid?


What is a large group of Platypus called?

A group of sloths, by the way? They’re called a bed.

What is a large group of sloths called?


What is the plural of moose?


What is a group of baby platypus called?

The plural of platypus has been long-established in the English speaking world as platypuses. The plural form platypi is accepted by Latinists, scientists and fans of quirky words.

What is a mass of jellyfish floating together called?

Usually, the word squid is used as the plural for squid. However, if you are referring to several different species of squid, then it would make sense to use the word squids.

What’s the plural of rhinoceros?

A group of platypuses is a called a paddle. … However, a platypus actually uses its webbed feet as…

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