Currently, only dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and selected species of birds from approved countries may be imported as pets. No other vertebrate animals are approved for import into Australia as pets.

Besides, Can you own venomous snakes in Australia?

All venomous snakes that are native to South Australia are protected and cannot be kept in captivity without the appropriate permit(s) issued by DEWNR.

Keeping this in mind, What small pets are allowed in Australia?
Read on to find out more about how to care for some of the most popular species kept as pets in Australia.

  • Guinea Pigs (Cavies) Guinea Pigs are interesting and fun little characters. …
  • Rabbits. Domestic rabbits are inquisitive, fun-loving and make very appealing pets. …
  • Ferrets. …
  • Mice and rats. …
  • Birds.

Can you legally own a monkey in Australia?

Can exotic animals be kept as pets in Australia? … Exotic animals such as monkeys, lions and tigers can only be held by licensed persons and usually only for exhibition or conservation purposes – they cannot be sold for commercial purposes or kept as pets by private owners.

Can I own a fox in Australia?

Foxes are permitted to be kept at homes as a pet only in NSW in Australia. Although they are termed as a ‘pest’, they are often loved by people for their energetic zeal. Many own them as pets. There are fox-rescue organizations that rehome foxes so that they can be rehabilitated.

What venomous snakes can you keep in Australia?

Dangerous snake categories

  • Demansia papuensis (greater black whipsnake)
  • Demansia vestigiata (lesser black whipsnake)
  • Hoplocephalus spp. ( broad-headed snakes)
  • Acanthophis spp. ( death adders)
  • Austrelaps spp. ( copperheads)
  • Cryptophis nigrescens (eastern small-eyed snake)
  • Notechis spp. ( tiger snakes)
  • Pseudechis spp. (

Can you have a pet snake in Australia?

You can keep some native dragons, geckos, lizards, snakes and turtles as pets. … This helps protect Australia’s reptile species and their ecosystems, as well as keeping you and your pet safe. You can find a full list of native companion reptiles by clicking here.

Are you allowed to have venomous snakes as pets?

According to the California Code of Regulations (CCR) 671, pet ownership of the following animals is also illegal without a special permit: Raccoons, skunks, alligators, lemurs, zebras, certain venomous reptiles, prairie dogs, wolf hybrids (wolf-dogs), big cats such as bobcats, servals, and cheetahs.

What native animals can be kept as pets in Australia?

Here are 10 of the most popular choices:

  • Spinifex hopping-mouse. A spinifex hopping-mouse might be the ideal choice for first-time native pet parents. …
  • Central bearded dragon. …
  • Common barking gecko. …
  • Cockatiel. …
  • Shingleback lizard. …
  • Eastern blue-tongue lizard. …
  • Macquarie river turtle. …
  • Rainbow lorikeet.

Are hamsters illegal in Australia 2021?

Are hamsters allowed in Australia? Under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 it is illegal to import or possess a hamster as a pet in Australia.

What is the easiest pet to look after in Australia?

No sir — we have five awesome options for low-maintenance, easy-to-care for pets to suit every household.

  1. Budgerigar. Unlike parrots and other birds, budgies are fairly quiet and don’t need too much space. …
  2. Guinea pigs. …
  3. Betta fish. …
  4. Cats. …
  5. Sea monkeys.

How can I legally own a monkey?

In California, monkeys and other primates can only be possessed by qualified people issued a permit for a specific legal purpose – such as training monkeys to perform in film and television productions or for use in medical research.

What states is it legal to have a pet monkey?

Pet Monkeys Allowed

Currently, Washington state, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina have no restrictions on keeping monkeys as pets.

How much does a monkey cost?

Pet monkeys typically cost between $4,000 and $8,000 each. However, this will depend on the monkey’s age, rarity and temperament. Younger, more rare and friendlier monkeys tend to cost more.

What state can you legally own a fox?

Arkansas is among the pet fox legal states and allows all species of foxes, but the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission offers some restrictions on imported foxes. Arkansas residents can even catch a wild fox and keep it as a pet.

Can you legally keep a fox as a pet?

Unlike dogs, no foxes in the US have been domesticated. … This means that, in the US, the answer to whether you can own a fox is more than likely “no.” Only 15 states allow private individuals to own foxes as pets. Even in the states where foxes are legal, not all species of fox will be permitted.

Is owning a fox legal?

Is it legal to own a fox? Foxes are illegal to own in most states — and animal rights activists are fighting to make this the law in all 50 states soon. In the states where it’s still legal to own a fox, owners need to acquire a permit.

Can you keep a taipan as a pet?

It’s amazing he’s still alive, the poison of a inland taipan has the ability to kill an adult in less than 45 minutes. … It is legal to privately own an inland taipan in Australia, as long as the owner has the highest venomous class reptile licence.

Are kingsnakes legal in Australia?

Legislation. The California kingsnake has been bred for the pet industry and is now kept both legally and illegally in captivity around the world. … For these reasons the California kingsnake is prohibited from importation to Australia.

Can you keep a brown snake as a pet?

The Best Small Snake Pet? Suprise! The Brown Snake. … Brown Snakes are ideal candidates for naturalistic terrariums stocked with live plants, and when kept so they will exhibit a wider range of natural behaviors than can be expected from large snakes – it’s just far easier to provide them with all that they need.

How many snakes can you legally own?

Native Animal Keeper Licence, R1 Basic Reptile

With this licence you can keep more than one reptile as a pet. You can also add another class of animal if you want to keep a bird or other kind of native animal as a pet.

How do I own a snake in Qld?

Before you rush out and buy a snake though you will need to obtain a permit for holding non-venomous reptiles in QLD. These cost around $70 dollars and can be applied for online through the QLD governments web page.

Do you need a licence for a snakes in Victoria?

You must obtain a licence from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (136 186 Customer Service Centre) to keep most species of reptile in captivity. … They require an owner dedicated to regular cleaning and maintenance of housing to ensure the reptile and their environment are kept healthy.