• Got To Get You Into My Life. The Beatles. …
  • Come Together/Something. The Beatles. …
  • I Want To Hold Your Hand. The Beatles. …
  • She Loves You. The Beatles. …
  • Let It Be. The Beatles. …
  • Love Me Do. The Beatles. Peaked at #1 on 5.29.1964.
  • Help! The Beatles. Peaked at #1 on 9.3.1965.
  • A Hard Day’s Night. The Beatles. Peaked at #1 on 7.31.1964.

Besides, What was the Beatles first #1 hit in England?

The first Beatles song to chart in the UK was Love Me Do in 1962, but it was the following year when their third single, From Me To You, would give them their first Number 1 hit.

Keeping this in mind, What was the Beatles best selling record?
The Five Highest Selling Beatles Albums Ever

  1. Sgt.
  2. Revolver, 1966 – 27 million copies sold. …
  3. Rubber Soul, 1965 – 16.5 million copies sold. …
  4. The Beatles, 1968 – 16 million copies sold. …
  5. Abbey Road, 1969 – 10 million copies sold. …

Which Beatles single sold the most?

Between 1960 and 1969, fourteen singles sold more than one million copies in the UK, of which the biggest-selling was ”

She Loves You”

by the Beatles.


No. 1

She Loves You

Artist The Beatles
Record label Parlophone
Year 1963

How many #1 hits did the Beatles have?

The Beatles have the most No. 1 hits of all time: 20.

Which song made the Beatles the most money?

She Loves You
2 I Want To Hold Your Hand Beatles
3 Can’t Buy Me Love Beatles
4 I Feel Fine Beatles

27 août 2015

What is the biggest UK selling single of all time?

The best-selling single in the UK is “Something About the Way You Look Tonight”/”Candle in the Wind 1997″, a double A-side released by Elton John following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Since September 1997, the single has sold over 4.93 million copies in the UK.

What is the biggest selling album of all time in the world?

Michael Jackson’s Thriller, estimated to have sold 70 million copies worldwide, is the best-selling album.

What was the Beatles least popular song?

The least popular Beatles tracks

  • Honey Don’t. Ringo’s one song from the 1964 “Beatles For Sale” album, aimed at the Christmas market. …
  • Thank You Girl. B-side to the single A side “From Me To You” from 1963, The Beatles’ third single. …
  • I’ll Get You. …
  • Long Tall Sally. …
  • I Call Your Name. …
  • The Inner Light. …
  • Slow Down. …
  • Bad Boy.

What is the longest number 1 single in UK?

The longest unbroken run at number one is “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” by Bryan Adams, which spent 16 consecutive weeks in 1991.

What was the best selling single of the decade in the UK?

Best-selling songs of the 2010s based on combined sales

Position Song Artist

Shape of You”

Ed Sheeran
2 “Uptown Funk” Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
3 “Happy” Pharrell Williams
4 “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran

What is the biggest selling 12 inch single of all time?

On March 7th, 1983, New Order pioneered dance music with the release of the best selling 12 inch single of all time—Blue Monday, whose initial run sold over 700,000 copies. The song (now used to name the depressing 3rd Monday of January) is perhaps the most acclaimed and even influential synth-pop track of all time.

What’s the top 10 selling albums of all time?

The Top 10 Best-selling Albums in History

(at a glance)

  • 1. “ THRILLER” by Michael Jackson. …
  • 2. “ BACK IN BLACK” by AC/DC. …
  • 3. “ THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON” by Pink Floyd. …
  • 4. “ THE BODYGUARD” …
  • 5. “ BAD” …
  • 6. “ BAT OUT OF HELL” …
  • 7. “ THEIR GREATEST HITS (1971-1975)” …
  • 8. “ COME ON OVER”

What is the number one album of all time?

In 2018, The Eagles’ greatest hits album, released in 1976, surpassed Michael Jackson’s 1982 album “Thriller” to take the top spot on the Record Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) list of the top selling albums of all time in the US.

Who has the most #1 albums?

Most number-one albums

Albums Artist
The Beatles
14 Jay-Z
11 Barbra Streisand
Bruce Springsteen

What is take that biggest selling single?

Spending a month at the top, Back for Good sold over 250,000 copies in its first week on sale, and went on to become (spoiler) Take That’s first million-selling single. Its sales now stand at 1.12 million and is their biggest seller to date.

Are there any bad Beatles songs?

The 10 Worst Beatles Songs

  • 10) ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ Thanks Paul. …
  • 09) ‘Run For Your Life’ …
  • 08) ‘Birthday’ …
  • 07) ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ …
  • 06) ‘Within You Without You’ …
  • 05) ‘Yesterday’ …
  • 04) ‘Octopus’s Garden’ …
  • 03) ‘Wild Honey Pie’

When did the Beatles lose their virginity?

Oh my gosh, John Lennon lost his virginity at 15 a girl that was a friend (Not a girlfriend), George Harrison lost his virginity at 17 to a prostitute (with Paul, Pete & John in the room), Ringo Starr lost his at 16 (in a public park), and Paul McCartney lost his at 15 to a girlfriend!

Who was the most successful Beatle after the break up?

There’s no telling what he (or George) would have done in the coming decades had they survived. But, as things stand, Paul McCartney has been the most successful recording artist of any ex-Beatle since the group split up nearly 50 years ago.

What is the song that has been number 1 the longest?

“Old Town Road” just became Billboard’s longest-running No. 1 ever. After 17 weeks, Lil Nas X’s runaway hit is showing no signs of slowing down.

What songs have been number 1 the longest?

Most weeks at number one

Number of weeks Artist(s) Song
19 Lil Nas X (1 week solo, 18 weeks featuring Billy Ray Cyrus) “Old Town Road”
16 Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men “One Sweet Day”
Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber “Despacito”
14 Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”

What song has been in the UK charts the longest?

24 songs have spent 20 or more weeks in the Top 10 of the UK Charts. “I Believe” by Frankie Laine holds the record for the most weeks and the most consecutive weeks in the Top 10 with 35 weeks.

What was the biggest selling single of the 2010s?

See the Top 40 best-selling singles of the 2010s, featuring Mark Ronson, Pharrell, Avicii, Katy Perry, more. Pharrell Williams’ Happy is the biggest selling single of the decade to date, the Official Charts Company can confirm.

What was the biggest song of each decade?

Songs of the Decade Chart

# Artist Song Title
1 Rihanna & Calvin


We Found Love
2 Usher Yeah!
3 Bryan Adams (Everything I Do) I Do it For You
4 Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall (part 2)

What was the most popular song of the last decade?

About Billboard

  • Uptown Funk! Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars. …
  • Party Rock Anthem. LMFAO Featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock. …
  • Shape Of You. Ed Sheeran. …
  • Closer. The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey. …
  • Girls Like You. Maroon 5 Featuring Cardi B. …
  • We Found Love. Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris. …
  • Old Town Road. …
  • Somebody That I Used To Know.