Shares of several Chinese companies are trading lower as the sector continues recent weakness amid ongoing regulatory concerns. The gaming, education and technology sectors have been under regulatory pressure this year, which has driven volatility in the overall Chinese market.

Similarly, Is Alibaba safe to buy from?

Is Alibaba safe? … Alibaba is a perfectly safe online platform to find products to sell online, providing that you know which suppliers and manufacturers to trust, and which you should avoid.

Additionally, How can I avoid being scammed on Alibaba?
How to Avoid an Alibaba Scam

  1. Consider Alibaba’s Business Model. …
  2. Avoid Free Account Members. …
  3. Avoid Big Brands, Especially Electronics. …
  4. Know What ‘Alibaba Gold Member’ Actually Means. …
  5. Look at The Age Of an Account. …
  6. Do Some Basic Research Online. …
  7. Check Fraud and Scam Listings For an Alibaba Scam.

Does Alibaba sell fake products?

Some Alibaba suppliers claim they are the original manufacturers for branded products, which they offer for substantially lower prices. It is highly unlikely they are the OEM, and the products are almost certainly fake. The same is true for licensed products, such as sports team logos and Disney characters.

How do I know if Alibaba seller is legit?

To qualify as a Verified Supplier, a supplier’s company profile, production capabilities, products and process controls have to be inspected, assessed and verified by independent third party institutions to assure reputable and consistent expertise on

Is it safe to use my credit card on Alibaba?

So yes, you can pay with credit cards on Alibaba. Truthfully, you’re 100% protected just by making sure the payment terms are protected until the products are in your home. If you never receive the products Alibaba will credit you back your money. Then they’ll open a dispute with the supplier on your behalf.

Are all companies on Alibaba legit?

Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce portals in China — and perhaps the world — so it’s definitely legitimate. The suppliers who sell through it, though, are another story. While the majority of them are there to do business honestly, there have been some cases of them scamming their customers.

How do I know if a Chinese company is legitimate?

10 ways to find & verify Chinese suppliers you can trust

  1. Use search engines & Chinese suppliers’ directories. …
  2. Make a phone call. …
  3. Check business licenses. …
  4. Ask for references. …
  5. Get a sample. …
  6. Money matters. …
  7. Conduct factory audits (or at least pretend to) …
  8. Make good use of databases.

What is the best way to pay on Alibaba?


Alipay secure payment

is good for paying pre-approved Alibaba suppliers.

For small volume importers the most commonly used payment methods are:

  1. Paypal.
  2. Escrow “Alibaba Secure Payment”
  3. Bank wire transfer or “T/T” – but be sure to negotiate the right payment terms.

Why cant I use my credit card on Alibaba?

Failure reason:This transaction was rejected for some security concern by Alibaba. Alibaba runs regular routine check on the payments of all members on If your payment is covered at random and detected unsafe, you might be rejected to pay. … This card no longer allowed to pay for this order.

How do I make a secure payment on Alibaba?

There are two ways to place a Secure Payment order on

  1. a. Ask the supplier to draft one for you;
  2. b. Simply click Buy Now on product details Page and complete the Secure Payment contract.

How can I verify a company is legitimate?

Make sure the company has a legitimate physical address, phone number, and website. Check out the company’s address, phone number, and website to make sure they look legitimate. Be aware, though, that it’s pretty easy for a company to get a fake address, phone number, and website.

How do I check if a company is genuine?

Look for specific things on the company’s website that may give away whether or not they are truly legitimate.

  1. Check spelling and grammar. …
  2. Check for a business address and landline number. …
  3. Check for a Privacy Policy. …
  4. Check for a company number. …
  5. Check the WHOIS database.

How do I find information on a Chinese company?

Information on every company registered in China is publicly available and can be accessed via the electronic database of each local Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC).

What forms of payment does Alibaba accept?

The Alibaba secure payment allows payments via credit card and debit cards, issued by Visa and MasterCard. However, keep in mind that there is a maximum transaction amount, paid via credit card, of US$50,000. In addition, the credit card companies charge a higher transaction fee, as compared to T/T payments.

Can I use PayPal to pay on Alibaba?

Alibaba Group, the biggest e-commerce company in China, is accepting payments made using PayPal on one of its e-commerce sites, even though the company runs its own competing payment platform called AliPay. … Payments can be made using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or bank transfer.

Is TT payment safe on Alibaba?

If the name of the beneficiary isn’t typed in properly, the money will be withheld by the Chinese bank. This method of payment is still considered quite risky, and therefore can only be used if the supplier has worked well with you more than once.

How do I add credit card to Alibaba?

Go to ‘Manage Order’ in My Alibaba and find the order. 2. Click on ‘Send initial payment’ and pay on the checkout page after selecting a credit/debit card payment method. If you have never paid via credit card, click’ Add a new credit card to pay‘ to bind a new card.

Can you use visa on Alibaba?

Alibaba accepts all major cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. However, this isn’t the cheapest option. Pay using your debit or credit card and you’ll pay a 2.95% transaction fee², and then there are potential foreign transaction or currency conversion fees charged by your bank.

Why is Alibaba shipping so expensive?

The heavier the goods, the more Alibaba will charge for shipping. Therefore, the long shipping distances and the weight of the packages are most likely why Alibaba is charging you higher shipping charges than you are used to on other platforms. These shipping fees are quite high.

Is it safe to make payment on Alibaba?

Yes, It is safe to pay on Alibaba. Honestly, you are completely protected until the products are in your home. In case, you do not get the order Alibaba will pay back your money.

Is my payment protected on Alibaba?

Pay through’s secure payment platform

Make sure you pay online via’s secure payment platform. … It is only enforced when you pay online via If there’s an issue with your order, request a refund within 30 days of product delivery.

Can you pay with debit card on Alibaba?

The Alibaba secure payment allows payments via credit card and debit cards, issued by Visa and MasterCard. … In addition, the credit card companies charge a higher transaction fee, as compared to T/T payments.